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Name: SA-55
Nicknames: Orbot, Ergo, Buddy (by Cubot)
Species: Robot
Gender: Genderless, Male Oriented
Age: Only a few months old, a year tops.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 1' 6'' Fully Standing, 0' 6'' Fully Compacted
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Eggman
Likes: Ordering Cubot around; Insulting Eggman; Seeing Eggman succeed; Slacking off; The fact that he's actually smart compared to some of Eggman's other "assistants"; Someone actually taking him seriously
Dislikes: Eggman ordering him around; Eggman not listening to him; Having to explain obvious jokes to Cubot; Cubot's stupidity in general; Being compared to Scratch and/or Grounder
Played By: Smee
Theme: N/A


Orbot was originally programmed by Eggman to be a personal assistant on the strategic side of things, offering input and critique on his plans as well as performing duties that are not suited for the more combat-oriented robots. What he got instead, thanks to his advanced AI, was a top-of-the-line Snarky Servant Bot (tm).

Orbot's personal experience with Eggman in the short time he's known him has made the robot rather jaded and cynical. Despite his original goal of providing counterpoints and advice on Eggman's schemes, the mad doctor would often ignore him, as people with egos like his are wont to do. Because of this, Orbot has given up trying to actively educate his master, but will nonetheless continue to give his two-cents on any given matter… in a deadpan, snark-filled, insulting way. Orbot's passive-agressive skills are second to none, but nonetheless, his critcism is almost always justified and constructive, he just recognizes that no one ever listens to him.

Orbot's attitude stays with him even when he not in direct contact with the Doctor (or his fist). During the rare cases he's "out in the field", he continues to follow Eggman's orders, but often without much effort put into them, and most certainly without any personal zeal. For him, working for Eggman is just a punch-clock job, and heck if he's going to give him anything more than the minimum requirements. He tends to give others - both enemy and ally - the same kind of lip he gives Eggman, but it's usually far less personal and more just another venting source for his frustations. The fact that he's often teamed up with the considerably dumber Cubot for these kinds of things doesn't help matters.

This isn't to say that Orbot isn't capable of being legitimately happy, though. He does support Eggman on his legitimate successes and, despite his disapproval of Cubot's intelligence (or lack thereof), he does share something of a brotherly bond with him. And nothing causes Orbot to open up more than someone actually listening to him. He'll still be full of sarcasam and snark, but it's clear that nothing puts him in a better mood than being able to hold an honest-to-goodness conversation with someone else.


Orbot is a master at management, strategy, and analysis. He is able to easily grasp a vast multitude of concepts and can quickly digest any plans or concepts brought his way. He has a knack for approaching things from multiple angles and can point out errors or weaknesses with ease. If there is behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done, such as managing resources or funds, keeping tabs on mantainance, or ordering lunch, he's the bot to do it.

Being a robot, he's able to interface with the vast majority of Eggman's machines easily, and having fully functional hands allows him to handle tools that require a more physical touch, as well. While he is hardly ever a master at any given device sent his way, it is always safe to assume he can handle it with an acceptable amount of proficiency.

Also, he's able to mock Eggman and (usually) get away with it. That's gotta count for something.


Despite his talent, putting up with Eggman has given Orbot a pretty lousy work ethic. He will often do only barely passable work on any task given to him, if he even gives it a shot at all. He is fully capable of aquiring greater success if he wants to, but without proper motivation (Eggman threats do not count), it just isn't happening. Furthermore, it's safe to say that, while he can get away with quite a lot of sass, his mouth has sometimes gotten him into trouble.

Orbot's great weakness, however, is physical: He's just a Assistant Robot. He has no weapons or armor, and he weighs only about as much as a decent-sized laptop. In other words, in any kind of physical confrontation, he's going down in seconds. Along with that, he has all the standard robot weaknesses: Magnets aren't kind to him, he's not waterproof, EMPs can temporarily put him out of commission, and he is fully susceptible to hacking attempts (though, at the very least, he's got an Eggman-grade firewall protecting him in that case).

Emerald Abilities

None. He'd just hand 'em off to Eggman

Pre-RP History

One of the youngest entities in Eggman's line of robots, Orbot's story is rather brief. Upon the creation of Eggmanland, the doc realized he needed some help running the city, so Orbot (and his "brother", Cubot) was created as a personal assistant of sorts to Eggman, helping out with the affairs that didn't require combat-ready robots to resolve. As Orbot's AI developed, however, he quickly realized something: Despite the fact that Eggman persumably made him to help out with running things, he was doing a fantastic job of ignoring all his advice and criticism.

The end result of this is what you see today: A small, snarky robot who helps to run Eggmanland like it's a dead-end job and desperately wishing someone would finally give him the respect he deserves. In the meantime, there isn't much else for him to do other than follow Eggman's orders… and spite him every step of the way.

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Other Info

Orbot's capable of travel via either hovering in his "standing" form or by compacting into a ball and rolling around. The latter allows him to get into small areas like vents and pipes so he can make repairs or pretend he's Samus Aran.


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