Orbot The Badnik (Sega)

"The last laugh? How is laughing last so special? Isn't that like being the slowest one to get the joke?"


Name: SA-55
Nicknames: Orbot
Species: Robot
Gender: No physical gender but generally is referred to by male pronouns.
Age: 2 years
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 2’10”
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Personal assistant to Dr Eggman
Likes: “Sleeping.” Playing chess. Building scale models. Feeling valued in his job. Cubot. Metal Sonic.
Dislikes: Eggman’s posturing and short sighted oversights. Cubot. (on occasion) Being mistreated or ignored. Being ordered to do…pretty much anything.
Played By: Val
Theme: TBD


Orbot is easily one of the most articulate robots ever created by Dr Eggman, displaying his high intellect, vocabulary and forethought. His dry manner of speaking and seemingly more common sense than his creator at times often make him the victim of some of Eggman’s outbursts yet Orbot seems incapable of losing his temper or really shifting much beyond a very calm and observant demeanor. That said he can and regularly does find great amusement in his maker’s failings though not so much out of any resentment as he is completely loyal to the Doctor but rather he gets a sense of schadenfreude from seeing Eggman’s own missteps in planning coming back to bite him.

While Orbot is generally called upon to perform many of the menial tasks of managing the Empire, he tends to perform them with as little enthusiasm as possible. Orbot comes across as incredibly lazy, half-assing almost every job and not seeming to care whether Eggman succeeds in his plans or not. He simply has what he sees as, better things to do with his time than float around making sure the latest “Take over the world” plot is on schedule so Sonic can trash it and begin the cycle all over again.

When Orbot does take action he is very efficient in doing so, preferring to not waste any time or resources especially on theatrics, which makes him an odd fit for his partner Cubot. He generally behaves and speaks in a rather sophisticated manner, intercut with heaping amounts of sass and obnoxious opinionating.


Intelligence and a master of multitasking…when he can be bothered.
Able to fly.
Extremely straightforward and rational analyst for any scenario.
Has terabytes of information on all known creations of the Eggman empire as well as a database on Sonic and his associates.
Able to type 100 words a minute.


His limbs are very thin and flimsy, not designed for combat of any kind.
Being quite small and lightweight, he’s easily held down if grabbed.
As a robot he is vulnerable to EMP and electrical attacks.
Generally very lazy in his work.
A terrible shot with a blaster.

Emerald Abilities


Pre-RP History

Created only a few weeks before Eggman’s plan to unleash Dark Gaia, Orbot was designed to carry out his maker’s every petty need, from helping organize his vast army of robots to prepare for this newest scheme to…fetching him his lunch.

Partly due to this extremely low grade work post, Orbot took to mocking his creator any chance he got for any oversight. Eventually sometime after the Dark Gaia plan failed Eggman made a partner for Orbot in Cubot and the two have been close at hand for every attempted world conquering plan ever since.

Post-RP History

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Other Info

Orbot is able to retract into a spherical mode, usually when powered down. In this mode he’s still able to move around as normal by rolling.


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