Orbot The Badnik (Sega)

"The last laugh? How is laughing last so special? Isn't that like being the slowest one to get the joke?"


Name: SA-55
Nicknames: Orbot
Species: Robot
Gender: No physical gender but generally is referred to by male pronouns.
Age: 2 years
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 2’10”
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Personal assistant to Dr Eggman
Likes: “Sleeping.” Playing chess. Building scale models. Feeling valued in his job. Cubot. Metal Sonic.
Dislikes: Eggman’s posturing and short sighted oversights. Cubot. (on occasion) Being mistreated or ignored. Being ordered to do…pretty much anything.
Played By: Val
Theme: TBD


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