Patches The Stray (SatAM)

"An owner? Who needs 'em? Not me…"


Name: Patches
Nicknames: Patches, Whatever the humans at the house she's mooching off of call her.
Species: Carrit
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Alignment: Neutral
Stats: Physical: 07 | Mental: 08 | Luck: 06
Height: 3' 2"
Build: Slim, almost underweight
Residence: Eden's Streets
Occupation: Stray/Scavenger
Likes: Being fed and taken care of, WITHOUT being expected to stay around; her personal space. NO. PETTING; As much as she acts otherwise, she likes having someone to talk to… hiding on the streets gets lonely; Strawberries, or at least the flavor; Also… board games. Her old owner used to play them with her, and she has good memories about them.
Dislikes: Rotten food, but who doesn't?; Beastcatchers, the Pound, or anything associated with them; mean humans who try to hurt her; People she doesn't know, beast or otherwise; going hungry, although she's used to it.
Hobbies/Talents: Survival, mostly. But she DOES enjoy outsmarting the "Beastcatchers"… and she tends to hum songs she's heard to herself when distracted (usually commercial jingles and the like).
Played By: Vize


Patches is an INCREDIBLY cautious person, and in fact, will usually have watched someone for DAYS before allowing them to know of her presence. At first, she's very quiet towards overlanders, but as she opens up, she also will begin to relax her guard… but she'll NEVER let it down, and it can snap back into place at a moment's notice. But while she may be in your presence, eat food offered to her, or even talk to you… Never expect her to trust you. Her trust was broken once, and she won't allow it to happen again.

As a result, she has… well, very few friends, and has become a very lonely person, seeking out others she can be around, yet still feel that she's in control of the situation, and can leave at any time… it can best be described that she doesn't want to be tied down… because that would imply she trusted someone not to abandon her… and she… can't do that.

Around other beasts, she's more likely to be open, since there's little to no risk of them trying to take her in, and get her to trust them more than the little she's willing to give.



Due to her… unique pedigree, Patches is remarkably flexible, quick and agile, but she doesn't match a "purebred" of an of her ancestors in any of these areas, with the possible exception of her flexibility. She's also in possession of a nasty set of retractable claws, which aren't supernaturally sharp, but sharp enough to make clean cuts in flesh. And her legs, which are like a cross between a ferret's and a rabbit's, can kick with enough force to knock a grown man backwards… Or let her jump approximately a head higher than she is tall (not including her ears). Her feet also have retractable claws (usually sheathed) that aren't as sharp as those on her hands, but are sharp enough to help her climb.


Patches doesn't have what would be considered real schooling, but make no mistake, she's fairly intelligent. In the time since she was abandoned (see history), she learned rather quickly the safest, quickest routes through Eden's streets and alleys. She's also learned quite a bit about stealth and thievery, considering they are how she gets any food, and DOESN'T get caught, and taken away to the Pound. She seems literate, but in truth has learned to recognize signs and such by shape and color, or perhaps any picture she might associate with something. This has also resulted in her knowing most of the LAYOUT of the city, to some degree, even if she has to jog her memory now and then.

Her greatest skills lie in "urban survival". In a city, she's almost uncatchable, from years of practice, and can actually tail someone unnoticed (or something) for hours… In no small part due to a sort of 'sixth sense' she's developed that can alert her to threats to herself and others around her, just by picking up subtle cues from her surroundings. Not to mention she's learned how to pick locks.

But a much older skill she learned, when she was still only a kit… was playing board games. Her old owner taught her how to play them, since she didn't have anyone to play them with.



Besides her size, due to a lack in proper nutrition, Patches is kind of fragile, and easy to knock around… if you can catch her. Being a stray, she doesn't exactly have access to the best medical attention, so sometimes ends up getting sick from an injury she couldn't clean properly, and in essence, is much more frail than she lets on.

Her GREATEST weakness, however, is her left eye, which is now blind after she accidentally got into a trash can she shouldn't have… and found out cleaning chemicals BURN. As a result, she's now completely blind on her left side, and in fact can't stand it if someone comes up on her left side and she doesn't hear them coming.


She also is afraid of cars, or an kind of vehicle, really, and being transported in one… since every time she has, she was abandoned, or ended up in the Pound.

However, she also has major trust issues, so is usually by herself… not a good thing if she ends up in a situation where she'd need help.

Pre-RP History

Patches was born an alley-carrit, from a stray mother (also a carrit), who, along with her, was picked up and taken to the pound, where SHE was cleaned up, and prepared for adoption by whichever kind family decided to take her in… she never saw her mother again, not that that was important at the time. She was quickly adopted by a family who's little five year old girl simply fell in LOVE with the little mutt of a Mobian, and took her home. The two of them quickly became fast friends, and Patches, as she'd been dubbed by her owner, went with her almost EVERYWHERE… But, as any pet does, she got older… and the innocent cuteness she'd had slowly disappeared as she matured… And her owner, who had seemed so endeared to her… abandoned her in a park that she'd never been to before.

After the seemingly required panic, Patches began trying to find her way home… and ended up in the Pound. It was a horrifying ordeal for the poor girl, and when she got the chance, she managed to escape, and took to the streets, finding her owner now a lost cause… All that mattered was hiding. Being safe…

And she was. For six years. During that time, she accidently got cleaning chemicals in her left eye, permanently blinding her, but she adjusted quickly, using her hearing to allow her to find her way around with only one eye. Her life had been fairly uneventful, except for a few chases by Beastcatchers… but things might change for the little mutt… It all depends on who she finds next.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Dr. Luke Giatros The vet taking care of her. Possibly one of the VERY few Overlanders she'll trust to any degree.
Venice Corona The thrope who's been the nicest to her in the shortest amount of time, she seems to enjoy his company, rare as it would be.
Debar the Stoat She's… almost babysitting this disturbed thrope, but she really does worry about his well-being. Even if she won't admit it.

Misc. Info

Patches keeps a set of homemade lockpicks tucked in her hair. They aren't professional quality, but they work well enough… They haven't BROKEN yet, at least.


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