Power Rings


Gold Rings

In SegaStH, golden rings are commonly used as currency and sometimes stored in blue rings. Their value is determined not by their precious metal, but rather by the fact they're often (but not always) used as a form of protection. Having strange healing properties to them, a ring can heal anything from a scratch, to saving a person from a potentially fatal demise, so long as the individual has enough rings to do so. The greater the wound, the more rings are required to fully heal it - hence their value. They are most effective on fresh injuries - the older the injury, the less effective the ring will be, assuming it works at all, and can only be used by a conscious individual. They are not effective against genetic illnesses, disease, and they cannot be used to regenerate lost limbs (unless the individual is of a species capable of regeneration), nor can they be used to resurrect the dead.

Only a handful of characters seem to regularly use rings for their intended purpose, while most seem to prefer taking or dealing with an injury over losing their savings - after all, if someone dropped their rings over every single injury, they would be living in poverty. Also we would end up shooting everyone for godmodding

"o" is used for their currency symbol. Example: o100

It is unknown what causes rings to form, as they are a naturally occurring phenomenon, and no means of creating them artificially have yet to be discovered. It is speculated they may be some form of emerald by-product, though there is recent skepticism over this as rings from either Gaia or Terra have been found to have no ill effects over indoles from opposite worlds who use them, unlike other Emerald by-products, as well as the Emeralds themselves.

Blue Rings

Blue rings act as a sort of hammerspace wallet, able to hold an infinite number of gold rings inside it. When a person does spill rings from being injured, they only lose the single blue ring, which is far easier to retrieve versus trying to gather a billion all at once. However, this also makes stealing all of a person's savings far easier. Blue rings are most often used by the wealthy.



Generated by a machine invented by Uncle Chuck, power rings are a physical manifestation of excess energy given off by power stones. The machine is located under a pond in Knothole and takes about 24 hours to gather enough energy to form a single ring. The pond is kept under constant surveillance by the village's local freedom fighter group.

Indoles, such as Sonic the Hedgehog are able to use their power to temporarily enhance their natural indolistic abilities similarly to Power Stones, but on a weaker scale. It has also been shown that Power Rings can be used in machinery, as Dr. Robotnik once used a ring to power a device that could sense indolistic individuals when using their power. Another curious effect they seem to have is the ability to temporarily restore a robian's free will when placed into their possession, regardless of whether or not they are indolistic. It is currently unknown what other uses they may be capable of and what their full potential may be.


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