Professor Pickle (Sega)

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Name: Professor Herschel Pickle
Nicknames: Prof
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 5'8"
Residence: Westopolis
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Archaeologist
Likes: Pickle enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, and is absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of discovering clues to ancient civilizations and cultures.

He enjoys cooking as well, and considers himself something of a culinary buff. Cucumbers are his favorite food, and he likes coming up with a variety of recipes for them.

He likes receiving souvenirs and gifts, though he tries not to appear expectant of them.
Dislikes: Pickle dislikes being hindered from his work, and considers it a dreadful inconvenience.

He's a bit of a food critic, and has no tolerance for a poorly-prepared meal.

He doesn't really like sand, which he sees all too much of in his expeditions.
Played By: Dr. Mechano
Theme: Eccentric - Phoenix Wright: Justice for All


Professor Pickle is a fairly upbeat, positive fellow most of the time. He can get very excited about his research and findings, and enjoys prattling on about his vast repository of knowledge to others.

He's usually humble about his brilliance, and tries not to be a show-off. However, he does think quite highly of himself and his achievements, and enjoys the praise and attention he receives quite a bit.

He can be a bit scatterbrained, and is prone to going off on irrelevant tangents in conversation. Sometimes he needs a friendly push in the right direction in order to get back on topic.

Though helpful, he can get a bit grumpy when he's displeased or disappointed with the results of others. He tries not to come across as condescending, however.

Professor Pickle is a reliable ally, and despite his shortcomings, he always puts forth his best effort to lend a hand in whatever way he can.


Professor Pickle is a genius, and one of the world's leading authorities on archaeology. He's quite knowledgeable about ancient cultures and civilizations, and has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of age-old artifacts.

He shows tremendous resolve, and isn't easily fazed even when he's in terrible danger. Despite being little- if any- physical threat, Pickle's not easily rattled, and is good at remaining stable under pressure.

Due to his knowledge of ancient artifacts, he's able to easily replicate them. If one were to need a decoy or counterfeit item crafted, he could whip one up in a breeze. Of course, this knowledge also allows him to easily differentiate and identify fakes as well.


He's a frail old man! In a bout of strength, Pickle can't really hold his own. This makes him quite easy for villains to knock aside, kidnap, or simply ignore as they go about their evil business.

He can be a bit absentminded at times. Though a certified genius, Pickle is terribly forgetful and a tad disorganized. His train of thought is easily derailed, and he's prone to rambling and getting off topic.

He's also quite slow thanks to his age. In a footrace, expect Pickle to place last.

He can't swim very well either.

Emerald Abilities

The Professor is fairly knowledgeable about the Emeralds, but cannot use their powers himself.

Pre-RP History

Herschel was born and raised in Spagonia, and since his childhood was fascinated by science and ancient history. He devoted his youth to studying, and became quite proficient in his field.

After completing his schooling, he earned a doctorate in archaeology, and began teaching at Spagonia University while working in their research department.

Though the Professor loved his tenure at the University, he soon became fascinated with the undiscovered relics of the Mystic Ruins, and decided to move to Westside Island to follow his dreams of exploring them. Now residing in Westopolis, Pickle is continuing his research locally.

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