Professor Resson (Sega)

"What a hectic life you lead when you're trying to overthrow an outdated, war-obsessed society. Sometimes I wish I could go back to just being a robotics professor."


Name: Prof. Eric T. Resson
Nicknames: Usually just "Professor" and several variants on "Dad" or "Father" to his creations
Species: Domestic dog
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Alignment: Dark
Type: Logic
Height: 2'11''
Build: Thin, gaunt
Residence: His secret laboratory in the Labrynth Zone
Occupation: Revolutionary; former A.I. professor and weapons scientist
Likes: Being creative and inventing, well prepared food, wearing glasses, intellectual debate, old video games, relaxation, books, wearing shoes without laces (sees laces as pointless and cumbersome)
Dislikes: Love and romance (also erotophobic), talking to people that aren't able to converse on his level, humanity in general, crowded supermarkets, Family Circus (It's not funny!), humidity and harsh weather (especially extreme heat)
Hobbies/Talents: Inventing radical new forms of A.I., various weapon and tool designs
Played By: 'Rixx
Theme: "Bahram Battleship" - Zone of the Enders


Though Resson used to be outstandingly benevolent, trusting, and kind-hearted, he's been reduced to a bitter, cynical misanthropist driven by hatred and revenge. He's also very egotistical, assuming by default that he's above everyone else he meets. If he treats any organic being with any sort of respect, it's usually only because he needs them for something, or predicts he will need them later. He's extremely sarcastic, and it's hard to tell when he's belittling someone due to his quiet voice and constant monotone. He is usually calm and reserved, but when he gets angry, he becomes exceptionally vicious.

Despite the professor's cold, caustic exterior, he often struggles against the good and compassion in his heart, and is often hesitant to do anything cruel or heartless, even in the name of the greater good. However, this behavior may be in decline, as his occasional softness has costed him dearly on more than one occasion.



Resson is physically quite weak - that being said, his agility and stamina are slightly above average for a normal person, but he couldn't stand toe-to-toe with anyone with special abilities if he was unarmed (even Tails).


An absolute prodigy in programming and A.I. development, with considerable talent in designing and building robots and machinery. Excellent deductive reasoning skills.





Frail. Likely couldn't take more than one punch to the face by an average person. Poor eyesight offset by bad choice of hairstyle leads to very bad peripheral vision.


Constant internal moral conflict, undue sentimentality, and hesitance to do what is necessary for his cause. Can be paralyzed to total inaction by needs of the flesh.

Pre-RP History

Resson had always believed robots to be the next step in the ultimate progression of life - efficient beings that could conquer humanity's limitations of mortality and carnal desire. He spent his entire life experimenting and creating robots with radical new A.I. systems. His project eventually grew much too expensive, and he reluctantly turned to G.U.N. for funding. He continued his projects under the guise of military research alongside designing new weaponry. Many of G.U.N.'s robots were designed by him in whole or in part. Around the time where his penultimate combat mech, Diablon, was nearing completion, he finally created his first ever sentient android, R-9, which he named "Rock" in honor of one of his favorite video game characters. Rock was like a child to Resson, exhibiting many of his father's better qualities, such as his inquisitiveness and benevolence. Resson presented Rock to the G.U.N. board of research and development, where reactions were extreme. One of the board members (Dr. Imak) suggested Rock be brought in for combat testing in order to test the military significance of the project. Resson was given three days to prepare. He offered to upgrade Rock into a combat robot in order to defend himself - but Rock refused, stating that if he were to live as a weapon or a tool, then life wasn't worth living. The day of the test came, and Rock was completely eradicated beyond recovery. Resson was distraught and traumatized at the brutal murder of his only "child", and was a changed man from that point on. He became bitter and vengeful, going into exile along with millions of dollars of illicitly gained funds drained from military and government banks, and built an underground lab in the Mystic Ruins where he continued his research with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the military, and eventually all of society. He created two new robots, R-10 Rush and R-11 Bash, who, unlike their brother, agreed to undergo modification into combat robots. As such, Resson's work began.

Post-RP History

To be filled.

Crossover History


R-10 Rush Resson's older 'child', by mere months. A dangerous fighter, fiercely loyal to his father and easily provoked.
R-11 Bash Resson's younger 'child'. An unbreakable tank of a robot, with all the loyalty his brother has, but none of the wit. Has the zeal and playfulness of a child.
EVE An advanced combat gynoid which Resson adopted - he seeks to speed the development of sentience in her mind and liberate her from the control of organic beings.
Bogert One of Resson's few friends, and one of the few to understand his motives. Helps Resson on occasion with his projects.
Metal Sonic Another of Resson's "friends", though the use of the term is ambiguous, as Metal might not reciprocate the sentiment. May be one of the oldest sentient robots alive, and a good link to Dr. Eggman.
Nicole the Lynx A research assistant assigned to him during his stay at the Rogue G.U.N. unit's base. He is both unwilling to kill her or to set her free and compromise his secrets - therefore, she lives with him as a prisoner, though she's treated as a guest.

Misc. Info

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