A religion Primarily only seen in echidna tribes, it contains distant ties to Celestism in that its goddess, Antowas, is a variation of the Celest goddess Aurora. It is a pacifistic religion that worships gemstones, especially power stones, as fragments of Antowas' power. Indoles are believed to be blessed by the goddess and destined to serve as priests/priestesses. Priests and priestesses usually wear beads on their dreadlocks and other jewelry.

The most precious relic to the religion is the Chaos Emerald, believed to contain the demi-goddess Lidah's soul within it. It is kept on the Miracle Planet, believed to be sacred ground, and guarded by who is believed to the reincarnation of the demi-god Astal.

Important Figures

Antowas: The goddess responsible for creating Mobius from precious gemstones. After creating her world she created Lidah and charged her with the responsibility of populating it with life, then created Astal as her protector. Having spent her energy she fell into a deep sleep.

Lidah: Created from a green gemstone, Lidah was granted the power to create life and charged with the responsibility of being the world's caretaker. She is seen as gentle and pacifistic.

Astal: Astal was created from a red gemstone and was charged with the sole duty of protecting Lidah. He is single-minded, overprotective and extremely aggressive and violent toward anyone who comes near her. To aid in his task he was given immeasurable strength. He wears Lidah's gemstone around his neck. He is depicted with large but broken gold chains around his wrists and often shown with a bird companion.

Gerado: Basically the "devil" of the religion. He's a destructive and ruthless demon who's single goal is to corrupt the land and drain it of its energy, enslaving its inhabitants and molding the world in his own vision.

Geist: Gerado's servant. He is seen as cunning and seeks to steal the Chaos Emerald for Gerado's goal. Legend has it that he was created from a blue gemstone by Gerado and can fly as well as generate lightening from his fingertips.


Long ago it's believed that the goddess, Antowas, created Mobius from precious gemstones. From two of these gemstones, one red and one green, she created the first echidnas. Lidah, a gentle and compassionate soul, was given the power to create life; it was her duty to populate Mobius, while Astal, gifted with enormous strength, was to serve as her protector. But Astal was hotheaded and overprotective. He brought much shame and sorrow to Lidah with his reckless behavior, but in spite of this, she loved him dearly.

There were threats that lay beyond the world Antowas created. Once having created her world Antowas fell into a deep sleep, leaving it in the care of Lidah and Astal. All had been peaceful, but then Gerado came. Deciding to take Mobius for himself and remodel it in his own image, he created his own servant, a bat named Geist, and sent him to capture Lidah and exploit her power. Astal pursued Geist fiercely. In those times it's believed the land was all one solid mass. As Astal chased after Geist he tore it asunder to create the continents and islands, ruining Antowas' work. Finally he found them, and in his desperation hurled a large mass of land into the sky where it would later become known as the Miracle Planet.

He had freed Lidah, but his commotion awoke Antowas. When she saw the mess Astal had made of her world she punished him, banishing him to the moon. But Lidah took pity on him, giving him the green jewel that contained her soul.

Antowas then turned her wrath to Gerado and defated him. Once reducing him to little more than scattered energy she fell back into her sleep. But she had missed Geist, and once Antowas and Astal's threats were gone he once again kidnapped Lidah. Witnessing this, Astal, consumed with his need to protect her, broke his chains and fell back to the planet. But he came to a world transformed. No longer were Mobius' inhabitants friendly toward him. The only creature who didn't seem hostile was a colorful bird. This bird became his traveling companion and aid. Astal protested at first; Lidah had been the only thing Astal had never felt love for, but as time went on, he found himself more and more beginning to love this bird as well. Astal began to realize all of the terrible things he had done, how he had hurt Lidah, and he cried in sorrow. But in his sorrow compassion rose; he was determined he would find Lidah and make everything right. Together he and the bird followed Geist's trail, battling the changed inhabitants and strange demonic beasts. Finally they caught up with Geist, and he and Astal battled each other.

It seemed Geist would win the struggle, but he eventually he succumbed to Astal's might. Before Astal could lay the final blow Geist revealed something terrible… All of those demons Astal has fought through his journey were each a piece of Gerado's shattered remains, and in destroying them allowed Geist to gather and resurrect the great demon himself.

Gerado rose up, taking Geist's jewel and shattering it, killing him. Gerado turned to Astal, snatching his bird companion and proclaiming that he would destroy Mobius and begin building anew. He attempted to destroy Astal, but Astal defied Gerado and found the strength to combat him. Falling to Astal's hands the once mighty demon sank into the planet, defeated once and for all. It was then that the bird rose into the air… The spell over it broken, Lidah was transformed back into herself, and the two were finally reunited. Antowas came to them then, praising Astal for having finally found the compassion he needed to find strength and overcome Gerado. Giving him the power of creation as Lidah held, Antowas then left Mobius in their care with her final command to make the world happy…

Lidah and Astal worked to restore the damage to Mobius after that, then chose to take what became known as the Miracle Planet as their home where they could watch over everyone.

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