The R-Series are a group of sentient androids created by Professor Resson. Most of them are modeled after dog breeds with a few exceptions.

The R-Series are different from other robots in several ways. Firstly, they are completely self aware and self motivated. Secondly, they're programmed in a language of Resson's own design and as such are difficult, if not impossible to reprogram or hack. They also have defense against many other typical robot weaknesses, such as EMP.

The R-Series can also refer to the unnamed group formed by Resson and his creations. Their goal is to overthrow modern society by eliminating the military, and establish a new world order with robots at the head of civilization. However, this isn't because of a thirst for power; rather Resson sees modern society as flawed, and he wishes to save humanity from causing their own demise. Though this may seem a noble cause, he's willing to do anything to achieve it. As such, his group can be seen as dark aligned.

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