Ray the Flying Squirrel (SatAM)

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Name: Ray
Nicknames: None
Species: Flying Squirrel
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Stats: Physical: 3 | Mental: 5 | Luck: 13
Height: 1'5''
Build: Tiny
Residence: Knothole
Occupation: N/A
Likes: Darkness (or at least dimness), elevated spaces, being held (by someone he trusts, anyway), drawing.
Dislikes: Deep water, machinery, open spaces, large groups, fleas (or insects in general, but especially fleas), being alone for too long, surprises, raised voices
Hobbies/Talents: Ray is rather adept at art, but only so far as mimicking what he sees
Played By: Leda
Theme: "Tears and Rain" (ending theme of Green Legend Ran)


For the first five years of his life, Ray's unstable environment moulded him into a co-dependent individual. He was taught daily that no one other than his mother and father could be trusted, to never go with (or even speak to) a stranger, to never wander away from their camp, and to never investigate anything he didn't recognize. This rhetoric of distrust led to Ray's fear of practically anything he hasn't been authorized to experience.

Upon being separated from his parents shortly after his fifth birthday, Ray's insecurities multiplied exponentially; he lives in a perpetual state of fear, as he's constantly confronted by strange environments and people he doesn't know. When he does manage to form a bond with someone (usually a person that reminds him of one of his parents), Ray becomes clingy and dependent on that individual by pure instinct.

As his new situation has forced him to break the core rules that have been ingrained in him since birth, Ray frequently wrestles with the guilt of disobeying his parents in their absence — as well as the gut-wrenching fear that they'll never find him. Ray tends to spend a lot of time crying, and for the most part seems to just want to hide away and wait.



Given that he's basically still a toddler, Ray doesn't have that much under his belt yet, but he IS naturally able to curl up into the typical Sega-style ball. As a squirrel, he's also naturally adept at climbing and has a great sense of hearing. Specifically, he's a flying squirrel, which allows him to jump long distances (but without much height). His small size also gives him a slight advantage in stealth.


Between the facts that he's not only a toddler, but that he's also a toddler that's been coddled all his life, Ray's learned skills are few and far between. However, over the course of his short life, Ray has developed a great sense of darkness navigation — a sort of accidental self-taught variant of echolocation, for lack of a better description.

Additionally, his small size and fear of the unknown have led to Ray having an amazing ability to find places to hide, even in seemingly impossible locations. Whether or not he's able to make use of these places, however, depends on whether or not crying, hiccuping, or wetting himself gives him away.



Unfortunately for Ray, having lived in fear his entire life, and having had everything done for him, he's not able to take care of himself pretty much at all. Given his young age, he's physically weak, slow, and extremely clumsy. Ray was never taught to glide, and also suffers from chronic headaches brought on by the fact that he spends so much time crying.

Also, uh, Ray seems to have a bit of a bladder control problem, particularly in high-anxiety situations. … Which doesn't really narrow it down much.


Ray is massively undereducated, even for a small child. He can't swim, read, write, has no survival skills, and will basically suffer a complete meltdown if left to his own devices. He's afraid of basically everyone and everything unfamiliar, and takes an extensive amount of time to gain familiarity — and even then he's not always 100% at ease once he gets it.

He is also particularly afraid of robots, and to some extent, machinery in general, largely due to his family having been attacked by them his entire life.

Pre-RP History

Ray wasn't born until well into Robotnik's rule, so he's never actually known peace. From his birth until just after turning five, Ray lived a nomadic life with his parents, settling in an area briefly and then moving on when Robotnik's forces were getting too close for comfort. The family traveled in a hovercar they managed to keep ahold of during the coup, which they occasionally had to steal or salvage new batteries for. On occasion the family would be discovered, and when this happened, Ray was left somewhere safe (usually among foliage) while his parents drew off and defeated the bots — his father driving, his mother shooting. The idea was that if anything happened to them, Ray would not be captured, and hopefully would be taken in by someone that found him.

The last time this happened, Ray was tucked away in a tree on the outskirts of the Great Forest, but in this instance, his parents never returned for him. Ray waited for them for three days, and likely would've continued waiting until death had he not been discovered and taken in by Mighty.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Bunnie Rabbot Also known as "Oth'Mama". Ray seems to have imprinted on her as a secondary mother.
Tails the Fox The first child Ray ever befriended. Ray clings to him as sort of a big brother.
Antoine D'Coolette A very, very scary man.

Misc. Info

While he hasn't done it yet, Ray would be very likely to bite anyone he wasn't familiar with that tried to handle him.


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