Religion can be an extremely important underlying aspect to a character's development, helping to add extra layers of depth to their persona. It can help in shaping the way they think, the way they behave, how they react, how they interact with others, and even effect their goals. It also helps to provide rich cultural aspects, suggesting rituals they might partake in, how they might dress or items or worship they might carry. Even if a character isn't religious, their lack of faith impacts how they think and behave, and they may be prone to their cultural roots.

That said, religion generally tends to vary depending on species and tribe. The most universally friendly is Celestism, but others, like Quartalism, is generally limited to one species. This isn't to say outsider species can't worship a particular religion, but they may be frowned upon. Beliefs can also vary depending on individual tribes, and may be subject to influence by outside religions.


The oldest and most widely spread religion in Mobius, and the most universally acceptable to all species. Its influence has been traced back well beyond recorded history - many thousands of years - and its worship is shared among a large number tribes, as well as most multi-species communities. Many differing tribal religions have roots tying back to it, whether from its origin story, to variations of their goddess, Aurora. The only race whom this religion is not generally open to are humans, largely due to the implications of specist individuals.

There are several different versions of Celestism, but most carry the same theme. For example, in each version, it is agreed that Aurora had created Mobius, the plants, animals (for these she created for her children), and gave birth to the thropes, mythropes, and even the humans (for they are her children, able of thought).

For the lore of Celestism and its true history, please refer to the main article.


Primarily only seen in echidna tribes, it contains distant ties to Celestism in that its goddess, Antowas, is a variation of the Celest goddess Aurora. It is a pacifistic religion that worships gemstones, especially power stones, as fragments of Antowas' power. Indoles are believed to be blessed by the goddess and destined to serve as priests/priestesses. Priests and priestesses usually wear beads on their dreadlocks and other jewelry.

The most precious relic to the religion is the Chaos Emerald, believed to contain the demi-goddess Lidah's soul within it. It is kept on the Miracle Planet, believed to be sacred ground, and guarded by who is believed to the reincarnation of the demi-god Astal.

For the lore of Quartalism and its true history, please refer to the main article.


Worshiped by hyena tribes, particularly the Leucrocotta, and to a lesser extent the Nasty Hyenas. Its high goddess is Crocotta, a hyena spirit with four arms whom is believed to have devoured her partner, merging with his essence and gaining the strengths of both man and woman. The religion centers largely around sacrifice and cannibalism. Non-thropic animals are often sacrificed for blessings of good fortune, wealth and other benefits, while cannibalism is practiced to become part of the deceased, as they believe you merge with the essence of what you eat.


The dominant religion of Eden, worshipped by both its human population and thrope population. Their god is known as Pateras, depicted as a human male whose skin is so brilliantly white he glows with unseen features. It is believed that Edonion humans are the holy children of this god, blessed with superior intellect in a savage world. It is believed that the thropes they have "tamed" were created as their servants, and indeed much of the native thrope population worship and serve them.

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