A recurring player since roughly 2003-2004. Artist and decently experienced roleplayer, Riyami is a self proclaimed master of shenanigans and the run on sentence. While Riyami has a habit of procrastination and hesitation, she still strives to improve her writing ability and be a contributing member of the roleplay. ((Taking particular amusement in contributing in part to the, albeit archaic, in-joke of Naked Blueprints ))

SegaStH Characters SatAMStH Characters Outdated / Legacy Characters

SegaStH Characters

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Isis the Jackal

isisicon.png An exiled tribal warrior and early member of The Dark Legion. Isis is as cold as she is efficient, and tends to be quiet and aloof. She's sworn an oath of loyalty to The Dark Legion's leader, Dr. Finitevus. (currently under revision)

Joule the Android

joule_sthicon.png A human Gynoid that was put into stasis before being fully completed. Curious, Logical and slightly socially awkward, Joule now searches for her intended purpose, or to create her own.

Recks the Ratel

recks_sth_icon.png Urban Explorer, Salvager and street punk. Recks has a tough attitude and even tougher skull. When he isn't getting into trouble, he's taking up odd jobs or salvaging urban ruins to make a quick ring.

Berkan Muteson

berkan_icon_sth.png Insert a brief description.

SatAMStH Characters

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Isis the Jackal

[[image]] Insert cool thing here.

Loki the Liger

[[image]] Insert cool thing here.

Glow the Firefly

[[image]] Insert cool thing here.

Outdated/Legacy Characters

lokiicon.png sonyaicon.png greyicon.png glowicon.png eveicon.png

Loki the Liger

lokiicon.png (SEGA) A mischievous liger with the ability to manipulate her own shadow. Had a penchant for playing childish pranks and tricks on others for her own amusement.

Sonya the Cheetah

sonyaicon.png (SEGA) Standard Action Girl with a tough military vibe.

Grey Pridemane

greyicon.png (SEGA) Musclebound ex-military turned professional wrestler. Was jovial, honorable and rich as hell. Once hosted a dinner party.

Glow the Firefly

glowicon.png (SEGA) An energetic young engineer with a specialty in light, hologram and lasers. Ran a dance club.

Project EVE

eveicon.png (SEGA) An advanced combat Gynoid with an underdeveloped AI personality. (Later revised into Joule the Android )
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