Robert O'Hedge (SatAM)

"And I suppose if Robotnik had been a hedgehog you would despise yourself for it. And me as well."


Name: Robert Doyle O'Hedge
Nicknames: Rob, Robin
Species: Western European hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Alignment: Lawful Good
Height: 3'5''
Residence: Meadowood
Occupation: Leader of the Meadowood Freedom Fighters, hunter & gatherer
Likes: Archery of course, wood carving, playing the flute or guitar, night time, warm sunny days, cloud watching, star gazing, woodlands, gardens, rain, reading, peaceful and/or soothing music, apples, cheese, peace and quiet, harmony.
Dislikes: Dark cloudy days, loud obnoxious music, disorganization, tomfoolery, unfinished work, cold weather, direct sunlight, dry weather, seeing others distressed, large crowds, being out of his element, large cities.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Knight of the Wind" - Crush 40
"I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way" - Aaron Tippin


Charismatic and a naturally apt leader, Rob has a very strong sense of morals and follows them with utmost diligence. He believes in chivalry and honor, and to this end is extremely dependable, faithful and brave. He has very well formed ideas of how he thinks things should be and has no problems expressing them, believing his ways are right without question, which can sometimes make him overbearing. He believes strongly in fairness, and while he most often respects rules and tradition, he may be willing to overlook certain rules if he feels the cause is noble.

He radiates a sense of fellowship, and despite his role as Meadowood's leader, is very humble and modest. A warm and idealistic person, he's generous and places the needs and wants of others above his own. He's good at reading and understanding others and is often the person to turn to for help, advice or simply a listening ear. He often acts as a mediator and a voice of reason among quarreling parties and is very committed to his goals, striving for peace and harmony.

A traditionalist, he's very much set in his ways and isn't comfortable with things he isn't used to, often making it hard for him to adapt to change. He likes and demands a structured and organized environment and dislikes the idea of horseplay, seeing it as a useless waste of time. He's typically outgoing and fairly laid back; he likes to feel secure and is content to simply relax and enjoy the simple things in life when there's no work to be done. Responsible and sensible, he's very cunning, quick witted and has an excellent ability to improvise.

Rob takes his sense of duty and integrity very seriously. To him, his honor is everything, and he'll become fierce when it or his views are called into question. While he may be annoyed or agitated easily, he's good at keeping his temper in check and is typically slow to anger. He typically goes out of his way to be respectful and courteous, even to his enemies, but in spite of this he has a dry and cheeky sense of humor.

In contrast, while he generally tries to look at things in an optimistic way, he's prone toward pessimistic doubts and fears. He doesn't like conflict or criticism and puts out his effort to try to solve whatever problems might arise. He needs to feel as though his presence and work are appreciated to feel good about himself and may become dejected and self-berating if not.


Like any hedgehog, Rob can curl himself up into a tight prickly ball, is naturally good a digging, and has a high resistance to most poisons and toxins. He has excellent vision and very keen sense of hearing and smell. His reflexes are sharp and he's very agile, light on his feet and excellent at climbing. His arms and upper body are pure muscle, giving him well above average strength for a thrope due to his work with a longbow, meaning he's capable of throwing some hard, fast punches and has an incredibly powerful grip. For short distances can sprint very quickly, his agility making him capable of tight dodges and turns, however he can only keep himself up to full tilt for a very short time before he'll peter out. Finally, he seems to have a natural and unintentional inclination toward stealth, as with as light on his feet as he is he often finds himself accidentally sneaking up on people.

He's an excellent swimmer and can hold his breath for an average length of time. He's extremely resourceful and has well honed survival skills, especially when it comes to hunting and tracking, and for the most part tends to be very aware of his environment. As Meadowood's leader he's naturally developed diplomatic and organizational skills, and is a jack of all trades when it comes to most domestic activities.

Having trained for as long as he can remember, Rob has mastered the art of archery using a longbow. He's developed a fantastic sense of marksmanship and a keen eye that can allow him excellent accuracy from even over long distances. On average he can shoot as many as twenty arrows a minute, and at his disposal are a variety of different arrows which he can use depending on what the situation calls for (normal, exploding, suction cups, etc), though when a situation becomes dire enough he's even been known to substitute by plucking out his own quills. In fact, many of his arrows are crafted from shed quills.


Despite the muscle in his arms, Rob lacks a lot of strength in the rest of his body. So while he has a vice-like grip and can throw a hell of a punch, he lacks the ability to lift or throw objects and opponents much heavier than himself. As a hedgehog, cold weather slows him down, and if exposed for too long causes him to become lethargic. He's also lactose intolerant. Without his cloak, his speed in archery becomes hampered as its meant to serve in protecting him from accidentally stabbing himself on his own quills when reaching for his quiver.

He's both prone to tunnel vision when focused on a task and has a tendency to shoulder the problems of everyone around him. Despite his better judgment, he'll often consume dairy despite his lactose intolerance (he's a sucker for both cheese and ice cream). Due to his responsibilities as Meadowood's leader he's often under a great deal of stress and can frequently push himself to his limit feeling as though he's the only one holding everything together. He has an underlying fear of failure and letting everyone down.

Pre-RP History

Unlike many of those in Meadowood Village, Rob never actually lived directly in Mercia. Growing up, he lived in an old fashioned home settled in the more rural areas around the city, and as a result became accustomed to the old ways now considered outdated by modern standards. Before he could even walk, he had displayed a strong interest in archery, and as he grew learned the trade from his father, as well as other skills such as hunting, tracking and how to work around a farm. When not working or doing chores he would spend much of his free time camping, exploring the neighboring Oak Forest and practicing his favorite activity.

It was during one of these pastime trips that Rob would be shocked to return to find his home ravaged. Robotnik's troops from the area had evidently moved on toward the city, and as any confused and frightened boy would he frantically began to search the house for any sign of his parents. When he found no trace he eventually settled for sulking in his parents' room while studying the two belongings that reminded him of them most - his father's quiver and his mother's heirloom flute. He was later disturbed by a patrol unit coming to inspect the house again; terrified, Rob slipped out a window and vanished toward the forest. The next few weeks were spent merely surviving and avoiding detection. Eventually, however, he came across a group of refugees. Combining their efforts, they sought a safe location where they would begin constructing Meadowood, and eventually, form the Meadowood Freedom Fighters.

Post-RP History

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Crossover History

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Other Info

Rob speaks with a British accent (because I absolutely refuse to write that much Middle English) and his most prized possessions are his mother's flute and his father's quiver. This version of Rob isn't related in any way to Amy Rose and, as you probably noticed, I'm not very interested in strictly keeping up his image as a Robin Hood expy to the letter.


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