Known Robians

To put it simply, robians were once normal mobians who had been subjected to the roboticization process. Now 100% mechanical, they're completely stripped of everything that had made them a living creature. They have no sense of touch, can't smell or taste, don't breathe, sleep and never succumb to fatigue. They are capable of "eating", due to their unique internal structure (all of their organs remain intact in a mechanical form and preform similar functions), but gain no sustenance from it. With only extremely rare exceptions, they're also stripped of their voluntary mobility, their bodies controlled entirely by programming installed during the transformation.

In the ranks of Robotropolis, robians are considered to be the very lowest of the low. Treated as menial task slaves, they're forced to work tirelessly in construction factories and as maintenance workers. They're only considered as valuable as their ability to preform their assigned tasks and are basically seen as expendable.

Robians are many times stronger than they were when they were organic as part of their job as construction workers. Their bodies are surprisingly lightweight and waterproofed, and some may have additional abilities pertaining to their species (rabbits, for example, have spring-loaded legs for leaping long distances). As a standard trait they usually have a set of screwdrivers they can pop out from the tips of their fingers. Weaknesses robians have include being able to be restrained by strong magnets, having their software hacked or be given viruses, being 'knocked out' by EMP blasts, or other electronic or machinery related weaknesses.

From their outward appearance they seem lifeless and mindless, but this is far from true. Robians are completely conscious and aware of their surroundings at all times. Though the mind may be fully active, it has absolutely no control over its body. It's speculated that due to this severely cruel and inhumane form of torture that should their voluntary mobility be restored, either through mind restoration or deroboticization, that a host of mental illnesses may become prevalent in the refugee population. Post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, neurosis, delirium and stockholm syndrome would probably be among the most common.

Though extremely unlikely, the potential for a robian's free will to be restored does exist. This could be through the use of a catalyst such as a power stone, or in EXCEPTIONALLY rare cases if an individual is able to exert a strong enough willpower to short out that area of their hard drive. However, the latter option is tricky and unlikely to work, and only one person, Uncle Chuck, has ever been known to successfully pull it off. A third possibility also exists, in that the body's programming can be altered by an outside force. However, due to the high amount of risks involved in this its very rarely attempted. While the programming is in control a robian's eyes are uniformally red. However, when free will is restored it switches to their original eye color.

Contrary to popular belief a robian's memories or personality cannot be accessed, altered or deleted, and doing so often results in frying the hard drive. This is quite possibly the only thing that has kept Robotnik from discovering the locations of the various refuges.

Term Origin

The word "robian" originated from issue #55 of the American comic book produced by Archie Inc. in a story called "Rise of the Robians". It's a play on words as well as an abbreviation of the term "roboticized mobian" and was used as a derogatory term by organic mobians. However, due to its shortness and easiness to remember, it's become common usage among the Sonic fan community as a non-derogatory way to describe individuals with this condition.

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