Robo Fetus

The result of yet another one of Leda's really bad ideas. During the course of a discussion about roboticization, Leda suddenly proposed the question of what would happen if the process were done to a pregnant woman. This quickly led to the suggestion that the resulting robian would have a roboticized fetus encased in its abdomen. Soon this spiraled out of control into the idea of robofetuses (and roboticized babies) being used as sentry units and back-up generators, and eventually resulted in the singular entity of Robo Fetus: A phantom-like roboticized fetus with powers not too unlike those of Tails Doll.

As Robo Fetus is assumed to be ever-watching, it has since been compared to Ceiling Cat, and has acquired the phrase, "ROBO FETUS IS WATCHING YOU COPULATE."

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