Robo Knuckles (Sega)



Name: Robo Knuckles
Nicknames: RK, Rocky
Species: Echidna modeled Metallix
Gender: Technically none, but he’s modelled on a male.
Age: 8
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 3’6’’
Residence: Eggmanland
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Eggman Empire soldier and self proclaimed Ass kicker
Likes: RK loves video games, mainly FPS’s but he also has a few fighters. He’s always looking for a fight with anyone he meets and will go out of his way to make an excuse to get them to have a game with him. Another (sort of) hobby he has is looking at food. He loves to find different food and is fascinated by how different meals look. It always ends the same, however; with him smearing the food over his faceplate in a futile attempt to eat it.
Some of his favourite things are Cartoons, Food in general, Metal, Eggman, Bokkun, upbeat dance and techno music, video games and fighting.
Dislikes: Knuckles (at times), Sonic, people who are too serious or try to stop him having fun, being told to grow up. Eggman or Metal being angry with him (when he can actually tell they’re angry with him)
Played By: Val
Theme: TBD


RK acts purely on impulse and has very little understanding of emotions or what is considered right or wrong by most people, he just does whatever he wants. He follows Metal around a lot, constantly calling him his “Big bro.” 90% of the time he’s very active and happy even when those around him are annoyed by it. He enjoys fighting, but only when he’s winning. He loves to see explosions and gunfights but views them with a childlike innocence. He also gets jealous very easily, if someone has something he doesn’t.

Being built initially to race and to win, RK is very competitive and is always the first to rush into a fight, never really putting any thought into a strategy; the only plan he ever has is to run up to the enemy and punch it til it stops moving. However even if he’s not conscious of it, he’s a very skilled fighter, utilising the combat data copied from the real Knuckles. However while he’s always up for a fight with just about anyone he almost never holds a grudge and to him it’s always in good fun. However should anyone insult him, Metal or Eggman, or try to hurt any of them he will become uncharacteristically enraged and fight until the opponent is dead.

To sum RK up as simply as possible; he’s the mind of a 15 year old in the body of a mechanical killing machine.


Extremely strong, easily capable of punching through solid rock and bending steel. A built in jet engine similar to Metal Sonic’s. Retractable claws.
RK has learned how to pilot several small vehicles built by Eggman. He’s a decent shot with a gun and is a very skilled gamer and loves to win.


He is heavier and as such, significantly slower then Metal Sonic at most reaching similar speeds slightly above the real Knuckles, with his jet engine. Like most robots he’s weak against electrical attacks.

RK could be described as having a child’s mind. While he is considered to be of slightly above average intelligence he acts completely on impulse and rarely shows any real sign of the smart quick thinker he could be. Since he acts on impulse he’s also very random and hyperactive, usually shouting out any thought that pops into his head. He’s very curious, gullible, naïve and if he ever goes outside Eggmanland he seems totally oblivious to the fact that he’s officially a terrorist in the eyes of the public.

He also has trouble understanding other people’s emotions, mainly when someone is annoyed by him. Even if someone is clearly angry at him he won’t necessarily react, unless directly insulted or physically attacked.

Emerald Abilities

If he acquires a Chaos Emerald RK can charge himself up with it’s power but this grants him no unique powers, only enhanced stamina, strength and speed for a short period of time.

Pre-RP History

Built as nothing more then a way to tip the chances of winning the World Grand Prix, and there by winning the Chaos Emeralds (Sonic R) in Dr Eggman’s favour. Robo Knuckles was built in much the same way Metal Sonic was, however not necessarily as carefully. After failing once again to defeat Sonic, Eggman simply shut down Robo Knuckles and buried him with his other failed experiments, rather then use him to defeat Knuckles as he had planned to do after the races. Most likely this decision was because Eggman had planned to already possess the Chaos Emeralds by then and have beaten Sonic, and instead wanted to continue to focus on Sonic as his primary threat before dealing with Knuckles.

RK was reactivated when Dr Eggman grew tired of Metal escaping to spend time in the city, he was programmed to keep an eye on Metal and keep him out of trouble, which didn‘t last very long since Metal was persistent and RK was easily distracted. However RK found he was just as curious about the wider world as Metal was, only a million times less subtle in how he tries to learn. He still follows Metal around, but more then anything else, it’s out of respect and a brotherly love for Metal.

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