Rouge The Bat (SatAM)

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Name: Rosalyn Marie Notte
Nicknames: Rouge
Species: Great White Bat
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 8 | Mental: 8 | Luck: 5
Residence: Meadowood
Occupation: Freedom Fighter
Likes: Rain, fruit, history, clouds, stars, reading, music, things that sparkle.
Dislikes: Bad manners/rudeness/immaturity, excessive noise, cold weather, spicy food, being the center of attention.
Hobbies/Talents: Collecting pretty or unusual stones, going for walks, art, playing her harp, singing (if no one's around), sewing.
Played By: Leda
Theme: "Wake Me Up When September Ends" — Green Day
"Her Morning Elegance" — Oren Lavie


Quiet, reclusive, and soft-spoken, Rouge is constantly torn between a torrent of unbearably strong emotion and feeling nothing at all. With survivor's guilt forever hovering over her like a dark cloud, she closes herself away from the people around her, mostly out of fear of getting too close to someone just to suffer loss again. Though she does vaguely hope for the best for situations, she never really expects things to go well — even to the extent that she doesn't think they can win the war against Robotnik.

None of the residents of Meadowood really quite know or understand her because Rouge keeps her communication to a bare minimum, relying somewhat on body language to fill in the conversational gaps. She's often seen as cold and uncaring by those that don't pick up on her subtle cues. She rarely smiles more than a crack, and never seems to get too excited one way or the other about anything. Overall, Rouge appears devoid of external emotion, save for the sad atmosphere she carries. She's also very quiet, both in terms of not speaking much, and not speaking loudly when she does.



Being a bat, Rouge has a plethora of natural skills at her disposal. The most significant would easily be flight, allowing her a much greater degree of ease of mobility than anyone else in Meadowood. Accompanying this are the abilities of climbing and dangling; through either the use of her claws, or special grips embedded on the toes of her boots, Rouge can scale and dangle from most surfaces. Having done this for so long, she has an excellent sense of balance.

In addition, Rouge is able to use sonar when combining the forces of her powerful screeches and sensitive ears. By listening to the echos around her, Rouge can gauge anything from terrain, to the size of a nearby body, to the direction of motion.


For the most part, Rouge's talents lay in more domestic venues as taught by her mother: cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, etc. She has an organized school system education through grade 3, and from there, has continued her studies in whatever minor formats she's been able post-coup.

If the coup itserlf taught her anything, it was how to survive. Rouge managed to live on her own during a journey from Mobotropolis to Mercia, over the course of which she honed the few skills passed down by her father: how to effectively forage, maintain stealth, and make use of her surroundings for tools and shelter.

Upon becoming a Freedom Fighter, her skill set did improve a bit; she has some minor skill with computers, (although she is by no means a hacker) and is able to drive simple vehicles.



While sensitive ears are a blessing, they're also quite the curse under the right circumstances. When overpowered by sound, Rouge's system nearly shuts down, to the point that she may need to be escorted or even carried until she recovers (which could take quite a while, depending on the blast). She has very little physical strength, and doesn't weigh very much, which would make her easy to overpower when restrained. Rouge isn't really the best swimmer, either; she can tread water, but only for a few minutes at the most.


Mentally speaking, there are a lot of skeletons in her closet. Her near-constant survivor's guilt causes a lot of doubt, fear, and despair to plague her mind, ranging from anxiety over anyone finding out "what she did" to questioning whether or not she should just allow herself to be roboticized. Her confidence is delicate at best, and despite her habit of keeping people at arm's length, she's incredibly lonely.

Pre-RP History

Once a very energetic and outgoing child, Rouge lived in a happy household with her mother and father in Mobotropolis. As her father was the breadwinner, and therefor tended to be out at work, she had an extremely close relationship with her mother, who was a homemaker. Rouge's mother taught her numerous domestic skills (sewing, cooking, etc), and additionally, taught her to the art of music. Though she learned several strings instruments, Rouge favored the harp most of all. Her relationship with her father, however, was a bit more distant; as Rouge was somewhat sensitive, and her father very gruff and direct, the two frequently had difficulty connecting.

Her bright and sunny demeanor changed drastically the day Robotnik's hand swept over Mobotropolis, when she was just eight years old. Rouge and her mother had hidden themselves in a closet that blended in with the wall design when Swatbots had come to arrest them right out of their own home. It looked like they would go by unnoticed, as the Swatbots had given up and started to clear out. However, Rouge leapt to the conclusion that they were gone, and opened the door too early. One Swatbot remained in the home, which quickly discovered them and summoned the others back.

Later, in what was now Robotropolis, Rouge and her mother waited in line to be roboticized. She continually eyed the control panel, which was abnormally close to the line, but found herself too afraid to make any attempt to disable the machine. Eventually their turn came up, and Rouge's mother pushed herself forward to be roboticized first. Rouge watched the transformation of her mother with absolute horror, and no matter what she later tried, the scene was permanently burned into her mind. Just as it was her own turn to be roboticized, someone farther back in the line made a break for the controls and scrambled the machine.

In the ensuing chaos, many mobians made a break for it, and the roboticizer's power seemed to come and go as several wills fought for control over it. Rouge was somewhat frozen in the moment, trapped between urges to attempt helping her mother and instincts to flee. Before she could form a clear thought, a ferret that had gotten an arm caught in the beam himself latched hold of her, and pulled her along to safety with his group. Unfortunately, the two were separated before they could completely reach safety. Rouge found herself all alone in what was very much not her home anymore, badly traumatized by what she'd witnessed, and without the slightest inklings of what had become of her father. Before she could bring herself to imagine the same ordeal happening to him, the tiny bat put her wings to use and escaped the city by air.

As her father had originally been from Mercia, Rouge began heading north, hoping to find someone, perhaps friends or distant relatives, that may have known her father and could help her. The journey was slow, as her young body couldn't cover much ground at a time, and she went very far out of her way to avoid anything she remotely perceived as danger. Eventually, after a long, difficult journey, Rouge finally made it to Mercia. Though it was a huge relief to again be in civilization, it was also very bittersweet, as the modern surroundings made her haunting memories of the coup even more potent. Unfortunately, things would get even worse, as Robotnik's shadow spread to Mercia not long after her arrival. Rouge found herself practically reliving the dreadful events that had taken place in Mobotropolis, but to her credit, she fled before Swatbots could capture her a second time.

By the time Rouge was taken in by the group that would eventually become the Meadowood group in Oak Forest, her trauma was so severe that she would not even speak for over a year. However, Rouge gradually began finding her voice and other social skills inch by inch, though she never regained her old personality. Nowadays, Rouge gets along well enough with her neighbors, but hasn't really bonded with any of them. She still has not recovered from her past, and acts as though she's just waiting for this place to be taken over as well.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Robert Hedge Leader of the Meadowood Freedom Fighters, whom Rouge has a lot of respect for. …And perhaps a mild crush.
Manic the Hedgehog A particularly noisy neighbor. Rouge tends not to feel very comfortable interacting with him.
Espio the Chameleon One of Rouge's neighbors. Probably keeps her cooking more than any other individual.
Melinda Mouser Neighbor and resident mechanic. Rouge occasionally acts as her assistant.
Dr Cyril Forrester Meadowood's resident physician, whom had a hand in raising her.
Sue Danta Another neighbor, whom Rouge gets along with better than most others.
General Itzal Robotnik's general in Mercia. Currently the Meadowood Freedom Fighters' primary target.

Misc. Info

The nickname "Rouge" was given to her by her father shortly after she was born. As with most mammals, her body was very red upon birth, and stayed that way well into toddlerhood. In most cases, the redness is eventually overpowered by the thickening of the fur; however, Rouge's fur was such a pure shade of white that it couldn't fully overpower the deeper colour of her skin. As a result, she appeared to have a pinkish hue to her fur until she was 3 or 4 years old. It was because of this pink appearance that her father began to affectionately call her "Rouge".

On the missions into Mercia, Rouge's roll is somewhat akin to Sonic's in that she's usually the diversion that allows the rest of her team to sneak into enemy territory. While she's not exceptionally skilled in any comparable way to Sonic, her ability to fly combined with her sense of stealth is usually enough to both keep the enemy busy and keep herself from getting caught. …. Usually. Consequently, this has made her the Priority 1 target for Itzal.

The first thing she said after her mute period was, "The soup's gone cold," one day during lunch when she was thirteen. She wasn't actually saying it TO anyone, but it was hugely significant that she'd said it out loud, since she hadn't spoken in at least a year.


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