Rouge the Bat (Sega) (Legacy)

"My offense is usually my brains. … Or my breasts."


Name: Rouge
Nicknames: Bat-Girl (Knuckles)
Species: Great White Bat
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Alignment: Neutral
Type: Flight
Height: Average
Build: Full, but athletic
Residence: Metal City
Occupation: Thief and treasure hunter; occasional freelance G.U.N. agent
Likes: Gems and precious stones, hot baths and bath oils, fruit (especially oranges), hot chocolate and cappuccino, exercise, flirting, shopping, twinkies (loooves twinkies; they're like the food version of a jewel for her)
Dislikes: Frogs, cold weather, fire/flames, incompetence, crying (or even worse, getting caught in the act), being dirty, things being untidy
Hobbies/Talents: Yoga, extreme gear, surfing the internet, figure skating
Played By: Leda
Theme: "What It Feels Like For A Girl," by Madonna
"The Right Kind of Wrong," by Leann Rimes (theme of Rouge and Knuckles)


A girl that's more than capable of taking care of herself, Rouge's allegiance tends to vary depending on the situation — or the price. Sometimes she'll align with G.U.N., sometimes with Eggman, sometimes with no one at all. Though she does care for others, and she does what she's able to help, Rouge's first priority is always her own skin. Highly skilled in a variety of abilities, she's a bat that can manage most situations considerably well if left to her own devices. Her main downfall is her relentless desire for jewels; if someone has the right stone — such as a Chaos Emerald — Rouge could potentially be manipulated by her avarice.

Rouge's reputation varies depending on who you're talking to; to some, she's incredibly kind and generous, while to others she's cold-hearted and volatile. Others still think lowly of her because of her methods of manipulation, while oppositely some respect her skills and intellect. While there are a LOT of rumors about Rouge's use of her body to get what she wants, most of them are highly exaggerated; Rouge is a master of seduction, and little more, as she has a very strict "Look but don't touch" policy. Those that violate that rule suffer the wrath of her powerful kicks.

For the most part, Rouge regards herself as a loner, having spent much her of her life with no one to rely on but herself. While she does form friendships and alliances, her instinct remains to keep them at arm's length, never allowing anyone to get too close. In fact, the idea of allowing anyone within her barrier invokes a fight-or-flight response in her. Rouge fears the vulnerability of becoming too attached. In the face of intimacy, she'll latch onto any excuse she can think of to escape the situation. Ironically enough, Rouge frequently finds herself feeling lonely, despite the great lengths she goes through to prevent others from filling the void.



As a bat, Rouge has a variety of natural skills that work to her advantage. Being able to fly is by far her most convenient ability, both in dangerous situations and simply getting from point A to point B; she also has a form she refers to as "night flight", in which she covers a long distance with only minimal consciousness, allowing her to not stop for camping purposes.

On the ground, she still has an obscene number of advantageous skills at her disposal. Rouge's ears are large and extremely sensitive. When she's paying attention to the sounds around her, Rouge can determine the size, placement, speed, and other related factoids about any given person or object within her vicinity. This also allows her to "see" in the dark, via her own sonar. Her claws allow her to grapple and climb most surfaces, as well as dig efficiently (she's even been known to dig straight through one side of a rockwall to another if the need arose). Rouge has claws on her feet to match her hands, which allow her to dangle upside down in the even that she's barefoot, but this is rarely the case; however, she has modified her boots to have special grips which can perform similarly, albeit still not as well as her own feet.

Rouge's physique is more athletic than it appears. While she is strong enough to lift someone roughly her own size, she can only get them a few inches off the ground without enlisting the use of her wings to help. Her arms have only average strength, but her wings are almost pure muscle, and allow her to carry a couple times her own weight. However, the strongest part of her body is easily her legs, which are powerful enough to kick so hard she's made Knuckles loopy. She's also got above average flexibility, thanks largely to her daily yoga exercises.


Rouge's intellectual skills arose throughout her life mostly on a basis of necessity. While she learned to swim during the years she did have a roof over her head, things like stealth, slight of hand, charm, and eventually sex appeal came about through trial-and-error as Rouge struggled to get by. As her body developed, Rouge quickly discovered that men were easily manipulated to her advantage. By now, it's almost a second nature.

Despite her destitute childhood, Rouge has managed to acquire a rather thorough intellect in her more recent years. Once money became a regular element of her life, Rouge was able to educate herself in the quiet seclusion of her home or through G.U.N.'s available facilities. She especially took an interest in electronics, leading to her extensive specialties with computers and databases. She was also able to refine her knowledge of driving, combat, and swimming. In fact, Rouge is a natural free-diver; unless she's aiming for some especially treacherous depths, she usually will dive with nothing more than her own skin and the air in her lungs. She's conditioned herself to hold her breath for slightly under two minutes.

Rouge quickly learned that chattering at certain frequencies upset the ears of those around her. Over time, she's specialized this epiphany into a concentrated sonar blast she refers to as a "Black Wave." In most cases, her only goal with this attack is to disorient her opponents; however, if she's feeling particularly spiteful, she can intentionally damage someone's hearing with it, usually giving her victim headaches or a bad ringing in their ears.


While in possession of a Chaos Emerald, Rouge's typical Black Wave attack is cranked up to what's known as Chaos Sonar. It's basically the same attack, but with much more devastating results. Rouge's sonar waves become several times more powerful, which gives her the ability to shatter glass and some forms of stone purely with the power of her voice. Chaos Sonar can also cause permanent hearing loss in an opponent if Rouge really wanted to; luckily for others, she's yet to reach this level of ire with anyone.



While Rouge doesn't necessarily use her wings as a crutch, it does become problematic if her wings are incapacitated in some way. Her arms are also a particularly weak part of her body; if one can restrain her arms behind her back, it's very unlikely she'd be able to free herself.

Although having sensitive hearing is a great advantage, it's also a great weakness. Rouge has learned to tolerate the general volume of the world (as, naturally, it sounds much louder to her than to most others), but there is a threshold for where it becomes unbearable. Unexpected loud noises that she's unable to block in time can cripple her, resulting in headaches, temporary hearing loss, or in extreme cases, complete disorientation to where she can't even keep her balance.


Rouge's most crippling weakness is by far her fear of frogs. If she so much as suspects there may be frogs in the area, she becomes so distracted by her anxiety that she can barely accomplish anything else. In the event that a frog actually appears, let alone comes in contact with her, Rouge will shriek at the top of her lungs and do anything within her power to flee the area.

She also has a pretty deep-seeded fear of intimacy, both platonic and romantic. This is a twofold phobia; Rouge fears the potential loss of anyone she might allow herself to become attached to, yet also fears that person themself eventually hurting her. To help distract herself from her lack of interpersonal relationships, Rouge overindulges in material possessions, but even that has led to an unhealthy obsession with having only the best and nothing less. If any of her belongings become ruined, Rouge's temper can become unrelentingly volatile.

Speaking of her bad temper, she has one other serious trigger: unwelcome physical contact. Despite her constant flaunting of her looks and figure, this is meant to be a tease, and a tease only. Unless her target has the special elevated status of being one of her boy toys, an unwanted advance will quickly result in a boot to the face at high speeds.

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Shadow the Hedgehog A frequent partner in her various works. Has a sibling-like camaraderie with him, and is rather protective of him.
Knuckles the Echidna Rouge's favorite boy toy, despite their frequent bickering. Has had several incidents where close got a little too close.
Fang the Sniper Another flirting partner that's earned her favor. Rouge occasionally teams up with him for heists.
Dr. Eggman One of Rouge's occasional allies. Despite opposing him from time to time, they maintain a mutual respect.
Sally Acorn The closest thing she has to a rival, but more like a frequent thorn in her side.
Sonic the Hedgehog An acquaintance, and often enough a headache.

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