Sally Acorn (SatAM)

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Name: Princess Sally Alicia Acorn
Nicknames: Sal (from Sonic), Sally-Girl (from Bunnie), Bean (from King Acorn)
Species: Squirrel/Chipmunk hybrid
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Alignment: Lawful Good
Stats: Physical: 5 | Mental: 10 | Luck: 6
Residence: Knothole Village
Occupation: Leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters
Likes: Instrumental music, the colour pink, sunny days, solving puzzles, "girl talk" time with Bunnie, making Sonic jealous (it makes her feel loved).
Dislikes: Robotnik, pollution, childishness from anyone not a child, recklessness, obnoxiousness, special treatment because of her royal background.
Hobbies/Talents: Archeology, inventing, teaching and playing with Tails, playing Tetris on Nicole, reading, writing in her journals, botany (and science in general, really).
Played By: Leda


At first glance, you probably wouldn't even know that Sally was part of the royal family, let alone the current heir; Sally has a very down-to-earth style of presenting herself and relating to those around her. Although she had a bossiness problem as a child, as she matured the Acorn Princess grew into a humble, cooperative, and empathetic young woman. Sally makes a conscious effort to keep her opinions unbiased and to respect all parties involved in any given situation. She does not hold herself on any kind of pedestal because of her lineage, and it frequently embarrasses her when those around her do so. Still, upon further examination, the fact that she was raised as a noble becomes more clear, as her general behavior is best described as "diplomatic". Sally is by no means stiff, but clearly tries to keep formality first at all times. She rarely expresses extreme emotion in front of others, save for when she's angry with either Sonic or herself.

Sally, as an appreciative person by nature, tends to be very forgiving of those around her for their mistakes, and instead praises the effort they put forth — that is, of course, unless the folly is her own. With the weight of the war and the fate of her citizens constantly on her shoulders, Sally allows herself no room for error, and is excruciatingly hard on herself should one ever occur. She's not necessarily a private person, but she still bottles many of her feelings, in the mindset that she needs to be strong for those around her. To help herself deal with the stress, Sally spends a lot of time writing in her journals.

Despite her consistently high stress levels, however, the princess is generally a happy person and able to keep a positive frame of mind in most situations. She cares deeply for her friends, and considers the safety of every person in her kingdom her own personal responsibility. She has especially close bonds with Tails, whom she regards as somewhere between a little brother and a son, and Bunnie, whom she feels is like the sister she never had. As for Sonic… Well, Sally's never really hidden her affectionate feelings for him in terms of body language, yet at the same time she smirkingly reminds him that she is "not his girl" and isn't afraid to pummel him if he's being a doof.



As the child of both a squirrel and a chipmunk, Sally naturally has an excellent sense of balance, and can climb almost any textured surface. While she doesn't necessarily have an exceptional amount of physical strength, Sally's body is extremely athletically fit (largely due to favoring gymnastics as a child); this allows her to pack a considerable punch when preceded by a momentum-building maneuver. Additionally, she's very flexible (though by no means a contortionist), and her slender build allows her to fit through some tight squeezes. Her greatest attribute, however, is easily her intellect. Sally's mind is naturally left-brain oriented, and even from a young age her critical thinking skills were honed by her interest in academics.


This could go on for a while; Sally lived in the palace for nearly six years, and they teach those royals everything. Abilities of significance are things like gymnastics, swimming, science/engineering, biology, and cartography. During the years since the coup, she's also come to accel at battle strategy and computer use/programming/hacking, thanks to constant work with her personal computer, Nicole. Sally has also learned to pilot most aircrafts, and the ones she can't immediately fly she can usually figure out.



While her body IS mostly composed of muscle, she can't inflict much damage from a dead stand-still, which makes her relatively easy to overpower if caught. She's also not all that heavy, making her easy to toss. Additionally, Sally happens to be ticklish, which could potentially be used against her if one actually knew what they were doing.


Sally's usually under a great deal of stress, and could easily be called a workaholic. This frequently leaves her teetering on the brim of exhaustion. Additionally, Sally has a deep fear of failure, given that the stakes are so high and she's had to step up and lead from such a young age. When she does happen to fail, she takes it very, very harshly. She has an incredibly deep ache for the presence of her father, both for personal comfort and for want of his guidance. Most of the time she's able to distance herself from the pain, but at the times she does allow herself to feel it, it all but incapacitates her.

Pre-RP History

Sally's early life was just what one would expect for one born into a royal family: elegant parties, fine dining, exotic entertainment, and lavish doting from her father. However, the young princess never developed a seniority complex thanks to the very wise move to raise her alongside other children, both noble and common. Sally knew Sonic, Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine from a very, very young age, as they were all other wards of her nanny, Rosie. Instead, Sally reveled in the fact that she could share elements of the life she lived with those that would otherwise never get to experience such things.

It was a good thing they appreciated the privileges while they were able, because Sally was only five (going on six) when her father's war adviser overthrew the monarchy. Robotnik sealed King Acorn into the Void, and probably would've done the same to his heir had Rosie not escaped with the children to the secret village of Knothole: a refuge built deep in the Great Forest for just such an emergency. With their lives turned upside down, the residents all struggled to adjust to the new era in which they lived. Sally struggled through many lonely nights aching for a hug, a whisper, even a glance from her father… But she knew as well as anyone that it would not come.

The agony of King Acorn's absence eventually morphed from a crushing depression into an unrelenting motivation to restore him to his throne. Sally poured herself into her studies more than ever, and accelerated her education even further with the assistance of her handheld computer, Nicole. By age eleven, Sally had the confidence that she could begin leading the war against Robotnik herself — much to the dismay of many of her caretakers. However, the princess quickly proved herself competent, and her determination to succeed inspired those around her. Now at age sixteen, Sally continues to lead the resistance, and is more focused than ever on restoring the kingdom to its former glory.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


King Acorn The current ruler of the Acorn Kingdom and Sally's father. Sally does her best to lead in his place during his absence.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sally's life-long best friend, and though she doesn't say so out loud, she's very much in love with him.
Bunnie Rabbot Sally's closest girlfriend, roommate, and frequently enough, her agony aunt. Thinks of her as the sister she never had.
Tails the Fox A kit that Sally's nurtured since he was very young. She regards him somewhere between a little brother and a son.
Nicole Sally's handheld computer, designed specifically for her by King Acorn, with an extraordinary AI. Sally relies on her heavily for her work.
Antoine D'Coolette A friend from childhood that has a rather obvious crush on her. Sally has no romantic interest in him.
Rotor the Walrus A childhood friend that shares her interest in technology. Frequently works side-by-side with him on computer projects.
Uncle Chuck Close friend of the family and Sonic's biological uncle. Sally looks up to him for wisdom and guidance.
Ray the Flying Squirrel A small child found abandoned in the Great Forest and brought to Knothole. Sally does her best to take care of him, but can't seem to relate to him well.
Rosie the Woodchuck Sally's life-long nanny. Considers her a member of the family.
Dr Zachary A scientist based in Lower Mobius that Sally looks to for wisdom and acient lore.
Dr Robotnik Former military advisor to her father during the Great War until overthrowing the kingdom 10 years ago. Sally leads the rebellion against him.

Misc. Info

As a young princess in Castle Acorn, Sally was everything one would expect a young heir to the royal throne to be: cordial, polite, cooperative… and bossy. She wasn't necessarily obnoxious or spoiled, but simply used to getting her way. After the coup, Sally gradually learned to exert her will in a more considerate manner, yet every now and again that bossy streak does still emerge when she very, very briefly loses her temper.

Sally also finds it morbidly amusing when guys compete for her attention, and occasionally even goes so far as to subtly provoke such things — although she would never, ever admit to it. She particularly enjoys making Sonic jealous, and will frequently allow other guys to make passes at her just to watch his reaction. Partly this is out of just finding his jealousy amusing, but moreso the fact that he does get territorial makes her feel loved and worth fighting for.

Despite her scientific outlook and frequent scoffing of superstition, Sally has been known to occasionally cross her fingers for good luck. She doesn't necessarily believe that the act will actually affect reality, but there's no risk and it helps calm her nerves. However, it does make her a very mild hypocrite. But we don't talk about that.

In a sharp (and rather amusing) contrast to the stereotypical princess, Sally is completely and utterly tone deaf, and could not vocally carry a tune if her life depended on it. For this reason, she's never taken much of an interest in playing music (even via an instrument), and avoids putting herself into situations where her inability would show. She also doesn't seem to have much luck with wild animals, either, frequently scoring an array of small injuries from them rather than the princess-esque instant connection.

Having been born to an interspecies family (her father a squirrel and her mother a chipmunk), Sally shares traits from each lineage, although she's lucky to have bloodlines that work together. While she was never necessarily discriminated against for her mixed background, she still takes interspecies issues rather personally, and has made it a quiet mission for herself to help in ending the negative stigma.

Sally's appearance is not always a constant. For two thirds of the year, her fur favors darker, earthier colours (as shown above). However, when winter approaches, she grows in a second layer of fur to protect her body from the cold. This winter coat, in stark contrast to her normal one, is a vibrant pink colour. While this layer of fur is in place, a pair of stripes become easily visible down her back. (They are in fact there in her normal coat, but are so close in colour to the surrounding fur they're barely visible. They do become slightly more visible when bright sunlight hits them correctly.)

Her hair also changes, but not via nature. In an attempt at emulating her mother, Sally prefers to dye her naturally black hair red. However, red hair against a pink winter coat just doesn't look right together, so when the seasons change she allows the dye to fade until the winter passes.

Despite her usual lack of it, Sally doesn't really have anything against clothing; in fact, when she was younger, she had a rather extensive wardrobe, and indulged in it often. However, growing up in the midst of an oppressive war caused her to mature into a more practical young woman. As a result, she rarely wears more than boots (and the occasional backpack, if that can be considered apparel) on the note that most clothes just get in the way. She does, however, bundle up in the winter. So far the blue vest from the second season of the cartoon has yet to appear.


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