Sally Acorn (Sega)

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Name: Sally Alicia Acorn
Nicknames: Sal
Species: Ground Squirrel
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Alignment: Hero
Type: Balance
Height: Average, the SatAM/Archie version was about the same height as Sonic.
Build: Very slim.
Residence: Westopolis, though her job makes her travel alot.
Occupation: Special Agent of GUN.
Likes: Kids. When things go right.
Dislikes: When people don't follow orders. Rushing into things without thinking.
Hobbies/Talents: Archiology and Ancient Cultures
Played By: Lans


Sally has a take charge kind of personality. She is a natural leader, but doesn't flaunt it very much. She prefers it when things go according to plan and is very much on the cautious side, acting as the voice of reason when she's acting as part of a group. Though she mostly shows the all-business GUN agent side of herself, she does have a soft spot, especially for little kids.



Sally is very smart, able to come up with plans of action on the fly, though she prefers to plan things in advance.


Been trained in various forms of martial arts and weapons use. Computer Hacking skills.


Chaos Movement - With a chaos emerald, Sally gains the ability to run at super sonic speeds and to fly.



Other than he smarts, she doesn't really have any super fantastic abilities.


Phobias, bad habits, tempers…

Pre-RP History

Sally was born into a rather wealthy family in Central City. Her father, a higher up government official, was a little overprotective of her, and genreraly was a bit of a control freak with her life. Finally getting fed up with this, Sally ran a away from home, and eventually joined GUN, becomming one of their top covert field agents.

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