Scourge The Hedgehog (Sega)

"Hail to the King"


Name: Scott Ashura
Nicknames: Scourge. Scourge of the Track. Snot.
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Height: 3'3"
Residence: Metal City
World of Origin Terra
Occupation: Professional Extreme Gear racer
Likes: Heavy metal. Speed and racing. Being praised and respected. Spicy food. His jacket.
Dislikes: Being shown up. His parents. Sonic and Jet. Overly clingy fans.
Played By: Val
Theme: TBD


Scourge can be summed up in a single word, “Punk.” He’s a loud mouthed, selfish, abrasive, egotistical brat who has no empathy for others and is purely out for himself. He wants glory, he wants fame and fortune, people on their knees acknowledging his superiority.

His ego ballooned over the course of his racing career, the fame and admiration only making him feel more and more entitled and arrogant. Only ever concerned with himself, he brushes off even the most loyal fan the moment they become a nuisance, only ever keeping people around to lap praise onto him. Still living in a world devoid of real emotion satisfaction, this time by choice, the glamour of celebrity became what Scourge lived for.

After he lost to Sonic and Jet however Scott fell into a downward spiral, obsessing over his failure as his life became consumed with a burning need to hurt the two and prove himself as better than them.

Armed with a new purpose in life he began searching, looking for a way to become faster. Sonic was known for his speed and Scourge wanted to beat the blue hero at his own game.

Now recruited as a member of the Nega Empire, Scott views the entire thing as a means to an end. He has no loyalty to Nega or indeed anyone but himself and will do whatever it takes to be seen as the best, no matter who it means stepping over or allying with.


Twitch reflexes.
Quick thinker.
Excellent awareness of his environment.
Physically athletic.
Has the Indole ability to teleport short distances with an ability he calls 'Glitching.'


Arrogant and prideful.
No combat training at all.
Short temper.
Easily loses focus when angry.

Emerald Abilities

With a Sol emerald in his possession, Scourge is able to increase the range of his Glitching.

Pre-RP History

Scott Ashura grew up spoiled but isolated. His parents were wealthy but distant, not particularly caring about Scott’s needs. His entire childhood was spent wrapped in a superficial blanket of hollow comfort and Scott, even as young as he was, became aware of this and began lashing out at other children, bullying them and doing whatever he could to get attention.

As he grew older and was able to process his situation better he grew bitter and spiteful of his parents and broke away to prove himself elsewhere. The eternal pampering had instilled in him a sense of entitlement but the lack of any real emotion development combined with that to give Scott a bottomless need to be the best, to have all eyes on him. He wanted, needed to be seen and acknowledged by everyone and he soon found such a position when he was picked up by sponsor for Extreme Gear racing.

Scott had a natural talent for racing and had spent a great amount of time thrill seeking with his custom made board which carried him into a regional qualifier. His “Too cool” attitude made him an ideal face to be sponsored and sure enough, he won the qualifier and the next few years became a parade of praise and opportunities to walk all over the competition. He became a celebrity with fans asking for autographs and selfies and finally he could bask in the adoration and attention he craved.

Then Dr Eggman announced his Grand Prix to race for the Chaos Emeralds. Scott’s manager signed him up immediately and hearing that the world renowned hero Sonic the Hedgehog would be competing only sweetened the deal. Scott saw it as a chance to stamp out someone who was earning more praise than he was but unfortunately Scott was knocked out of the competition.

Though his manager and fans seemed to not take the lost as a huge deal, Scourge obsessed over it, locking himself away for days and stewing in his rage and indignation until something in him finally snapped. Scourge truly hated Sonic and Jet and wanted to watch their worlds burn. In his eyes, they had stolen his pedestal, his crown and he wanted to do the same to them. He would beat them both into the ground until noone in the world would believe in them or care about them.

Hoping to investigate the origins of Extreme Gear for any kind of edge, he ventured to the Sol Dimension where he eventually fell into Eggman Nega’s hands, who goaded Scott, playing on his hatred and spite to convince him into joining the Nega Empire, promising all of Scott’s, now calling himself Scourge, dreams would become a reality.

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