"Semi-Canons", or SCs, are characters who aren't canon but aren't fanchars either. They're fan interpretations, more often than not used in AU stories (but not always). They aren't OOC, per se, but are more like an experiment of different circumstances. Whether those circumstances be physical, in their surroundings, or from going into more AU territory with things in their history or world setting, etc… They're still themselves, technically, just developed differently based on what's thrown at them. SCs can vary greatly from the source material in personality, history, appearance, etc. and are intentional creations, not the product of someone with a poor grasp on character portrayal. More importantly, they never appear in any kind of official material.

All characters in either roleplay who have been adapted from other continuities, but do not originate from either Sega or SatAM, are considered semi-canons.

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