Shadow The Hedgehog (SatAM)

"We're all soldiers now."


Name: Shadow Terios
Nicknames: Blackarm (nickname in the military), Edgelord.
Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 3’4’’
Residence: Area 27
Occupation: Leader of the Area 27 Freedom Fighters. Former soldier of the Acorn Army. Former Mercenary.
Likes: Maria, classic metal music, playing cards, guns, motorbikes, black coffee, looking like a badass.
Dislikes: Deep water, people harassing Maria, robots, people disobeying orders.
Played By: Val
Theme: I Am All of Me - Crush 40


Whatever Shadow had been like originally has since been lost and buried as he began to change towards the end of the war and after, taking on a persona that’s conceited, completely concerned with presenting a “badass” self image and has a propensity for bad puns and one liners. The phrase “I’m the coolest” is thrown around often but with the impression it’s more to convince himself just as much as anyone else.

Years of fighting have drilled into Shadow a love of combat, the thrill of being in a gunfight and he relishes in indulging himself in the battles against Robotnik’s army, especially due to his deep-seated grudge against robots. Any machine made by Robotnik, he takes great joy in seeing blown to pieces. Robians he feels bad for but has no illusions of them regaining their humanity on their own. He’s not one to fall into getting emotional over them and would rather stay on mission. That said he won’t destroy Robians unless he absolutely has to. He does have a sadistic streak that shows itself when he’s winning a fight, enjoying drawing out his victory to revel in it.

Small talk and casual conversations are definitely not anything Shadow’s comfortable with. He’d rather stand in the corner trying to look mysterious than have an actual conversation, one of the very few exceptions to this being if it’s Maria talking to him. When he does engage with someone he’s blunt, logical and stilted
Given his insistence on his own coolness however his ego can be easily bruised at which point logic goes out the window. Likewise on missions logic can take a backseat to him trying to make a spectacle of himself to show off how skilled he is. (He lives for the moments he can walk away from an explosion.)

Shadow for the most part is not particularly empathetic. In his mind people in this war need to stand on their own or fall. That said he won’t refuse to help people if they need it, only berate them and see it as a sign of weakness. This is completely at odds with how he is with Maria, constantly trying to build her up. But he is not someone anyone else would want to lean on if they feel bad.

Given his military background Shadow is able to put aside any of his own issues or objections and follow orders issued by his superior. He will voice his opinion but if his commander puts their foot down he will carry out orders to the letter loyally. Unless they put Maria in harms way of course.


While nowhere near as fast as his Sega version, Shadow has very sharp reflexes and is extremely agile. A master at hand-to-hand combat and experienced in all manner of guns and vehicles. With his rocket skates he’s able to push his speed higher but only for bursts at a time.
As a hedgehog Shadow is able to curl into a spiked ball for defense or offence and is a decent climber and digger. Being a hedgehog also makes him resilient to many poisons and toxins.
As a former Lieutenant Shadow has a tactical mind and is able to plan a few steps ahead in most scenarios. While he generally prefers to do things on his own he can be mindful of the capabilities of those around them and consider how to utilize them.
While he may not look it Shadow is quite strong physically, able to handle the recoil from his shotguns with ease.

Shadow also has the Indole ability to teleport which he calls “Shadow Step.” He is limited to teleporting to places he can actually see infront of him but can instantly blink from point A to point B. That said the greater the distance the more strain it puts on him to teleport and if the distance is too far he can’t teleport at all. If he uses his power too much in too short a time span he is struck with a debilitating headache and must wait before using it again.

As an Indole Shadow is also naturally attuned to the Power stones and able to sense when they are close by. Once a Stone is in his possession his physical abilities are increased significantly and his Shadow Step has a much greater range and can be used more often.


Shadow has an ego that, if challenged, can quickly lead to him being brash and reckless.
He is unable to swim due to never having needed to. He is very sensitive to extreme colds, causing his body movements to slow and eventually he will pass out.
In a fight Shadow prefers to be up close, which carries greater risk for him.
Shadow is a bit of a gambler, having a poker set in his room.
Due to years of service in the war Shadow does suffer from PTSD and mental trauma resulting in regular nightmares and occasional lapses into violent tendencies.

Pre-RP History

Shadow joined the military as soon as he was old enough to, being the youngest in a family line that had faithfully served the Acorn lineage for years. He trained his body and mind to become the best soldier he could be and rose to the rank of Lieutenant shortly before the Great War began. Back then he was ruthless against enemies but was much more compassionate to those caught in the crossfire and overall idealistic, believing that the war could be resolved soon without much fallout. As the years rolled on Shadow grew more and more jaded, cynical and harsh. After numerous people he’d tried to forge a connection with fell to the war machine he accepted that it was just easier to become a weapon, not a person. To let each soldier stand alone so that their death wouldn’t hurt. Emotionally he shut down, the only personality still showing being dry, dark humor at the hopelessness of their situation.

Then the Warlord Julian unveiled his Swatbots and began replacing standard infantry with machines, Toy soldiers that would fight and die in place of living people. While this was undoubtedly better than sacrificing real people, it resulted in Shadow being honorably discharged from the Acorn Army. The life he’d grown used to was taken from him and, unable to move on, Shadow turned to mercenary work in the waning years of the war.
He still knew most of his old contacts and it was through them he was contacted and offered a unique task directly from the office of the Warlord Julian himself; to venture to a city near San Grandia and meet with Julian’s Half-Brother Gerald and his granddaughter Maria. Shadow was to serve as a bodyguard and liaison to the Professor during his defection to the Acorn Army. Shadow was taken to Area 27 where Gerald was staying however due to the stress and workload, the Professor was unable to tend to his duties –and- watch his granddaughter and reluctantly, that duty also eventually fell to Shadow. The young girl was essentially raised by the hedgehog and he grew extremely attached to her, moreso than to anyone else he’d known.

Then Julian Robotnik played his hand. The world was thrown into chaos as Mobotropolis fell and was transformed into the technological hellscape that Robotnik called his capital; Robotropolis. Fearing for his granddaughter’s life, Gerald ordered Shadow to take girl and run, to take her far away where she’d never be found. Always one to follow his orders to the letter, Shadow agreed and bid the Professor farewell.
The pair fled and waited out the initial takeover in hiding but as time rolled on and the various Freedom Fighter factions became more and more infamous Shadow felt the pull of war again. He led Maria, now in her late teens, back to Area 27 where they found the base abandoned and forgotten, unknown to Robotnik it seemed. From here Shadow began his own crusade against the tyrant and recruited anyone willing to help.

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Shadow has a collection of leather coats and jackets and is never seen without one or the other on.


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