Shadow The Hedgehog (Sega)

"Before this is over…I'll show you the true power of Chaos Control!"


Name: Shadow the Hedgehog
Nicknames: The Ultimate Life Form. Faker (By Sonic)
Species: Artificially created hybrid of African Pygmy Hedgehog and Black Arms alien
Gender: Male
Age: Chronological age is 50. Physical age is 21
Alignment: Neutral good
Height: 3'4"
Residence: Space Colony Ark
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Agent of GUN
Likes: Coffee. Fresh fruits. Any physical competition, especially racing. Rock and classic metal as well as classical music. Peace and quiet.
Dislikes: Being reminded of his past. Being regarded as nothing more than a weapon or regarded with fear. Sonic to an extent. (Friendly rival at best, bitter rival at worst, depending on the situation)
Played By: Val
Theme: Throw it All Away - Everett Bradley
I Am All of Me - Crush 40
All Hail Shadow - Crush 40


Shadow is a particularly difficult character to get a read on. While most may see him as very violent and aggressive, apathetic and wallowing in his own problems he is actually a very compassionate person who has been jaded by a horrific tragedy that befell him.

Shadow initially while aboard the Ark was a much more innocent being who usually wore his emotions on his sleeve and had a very strong, caring, almost sibling-like relationship with Maria while viewing Professor Gerald with reverence while still being very unsure since he was never told the reason for his creation.

Of course his whole world was shattered the day of the GUN raid. Seeing the GUN soldiers turn on the scientists deeply embedded in Shadow the notion that humans were not to be trusted.

After being found on earth by GUN he was shown proof of Maria's death, which fully broke him and during the events of SA2, he was at his most extreme; hateful and vengeance driven.
Since then Shadow has been on a slow but steady slope of redemption, having remembered Maria's true final wish aboard the Ark and fighting to fulfil that promise to her at the cost of his own life.

He is still extremely emotionally distant, the only person he’s arguably “close” to would be Rouge the Bat. This isn’t because Shadow has no desire for a relationship with anyone but that he has been taught that emotional attachments can be broken and are too painful to be worth pursuing, not to mention that even people you trust can very easily stab you in the back. For this reason he is very distrusting and prefers to do things alone, though that is also partly due to his ego.

Shadow has next to no semblance of identify, almost everything he’s done has been at the order of someone else, so he really doesn’t know who he is or what his own interests are. This is why he wears the title of “Ultimate Life Form” so proudly; it’s really the only identity he’s ever been assigned.

Because he was trained and told over and over how amazing and perfect he was Shadow has developed a massive ego. He sees himself as the best and thus no challenge should be beyond him. Because of this he takes defeat extremely poorly and sometimes flat out refuses to admit they even happened, such is the case with his battles with Sonic. Another result of his ego is he is hugely competitive, while at the same time, believing that noone else is worth his time competing against.

What personality Shadow does show openly is; he’s been shown to have a rather snaky, dry and sometimes cynical sense of humour and make the occasional one-liners, such as the “Chaos Control” personal joke.
Overall Shadow is someone who can be very caring and compassionate but is weighted down by mental scars that leave him emotionally distant, untrusting, competitive and egotistical, while still having the potential to be just as heroic as Sonic. Almost every experience is a first for Shadow and much of his own tastes and interests are unknown to himself yet.


- Shadow is very strong and amazingly fast. Easily able to keep up with Sonic at top speeds and flip a buss with his bare hands.
- Excellent reaction time and acrobatics skills
- Mastery of Chaos powers, able to perform Chaos Control at will, without a Chaos Emerald.
- Can dig quite well by Spin Dashing and is also a good climber.
- Professionally trained in hand to hand combat and how to use various melee weapons, guns and vehicles.


- Extreme cold causes him to be more lethargic the longer he’s exposed, eventually resulting in passing out.
- Without his rocket skates Shadow can’t run nearly as fast.
- Has a limited amount of Chaos energy to spend on abilities without a Chaos Emerald.
- Lactose intolerant.
- Much more of a brawler type fighter, leaving him vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics.
- His ego.
- Has very little idea about the modern world.

Emerald Abilities

Shadow is able to perform numerous Chaos abilites, the most prominent being;
Chaos Control - By far the ability Shadow has the most experience with. Chaos Control warps space around Shadow to allow him to travel at light speed to any destination he can think of. It can also warp his own perception to make it appear as if the world is moving in slow motion. Without a Chaos Emerald Shadow has extremely limited range with this ability.
Chaos Spear - Shadow summons a bolt of yellow Chaos Energy and hurls it at opponents.
Chaos Blast - He unleashes a great shockwave of concussive red energy.

With a Chaos Emerald all three abilities become much more powerful and can be used more often before Shadow burns through his own Chaos energy.
If Shadow were to obtain all 7 Chaos Emeralds, he can temporarily become Super Shadow, in which his Chaos energy is increased exponentially, allowing him to use any Chaos Power at will and with greater potency. He is also much faster, stronger, durable and able to fly. Like any Super form however, this state requires Rings to last and will quickly burn out without a constant supply.

Pre-RP History

It was really because of Maria’s friendship that the living weapon, Shadow, was able to become strong enough to survive. Created by Professor Gerald as a means of healing his Granddaughter’s illness, and by the military as some kind of super soldier, it was companionship that saw him through to being stable enough to live outside a lab.

After Shadow was given the freedom to explore and roam around the Ark, he was tested and trained in a number of combat situations where he was taught how to use many types of weapons and vehicles and even about the power of the Chaos Emeralds but never was told why. He began to wonder exactly what his purpose was. He knew since he was artificially created, he -must- have been created for a reason and that reason scratched at him for a long time, even making him wonder whether he would or should one day go down to the planet below.

Then, one day a military force invaded the Ark and began destroying the laboratories and either arresting or murdering the scientists. Even the soldiers who had been stationed onboard the Ark turned on the scientists and ultimately chased down Shadow and Maria. Shadow saw his only friend shot before being ejected with Maria’s final wish for him to help humanity.

For the first few days after landing on Earth, Shadow had no idea what to do or where to go and just stayed hidden, always watching the skies, believing that any shooting stars he saw could potentially be Maria’s escape pod with her still alive.

Ultimately he was found by GUN and taken to Prison Island where he was shown proof of Maria’s death. This was the final piece of him broken. Being frozen immediately after and being in suspended animation for so long caused Shadow some minor memory loss and what was now a burning hatred caused him to remember Maria’s final message incorrectly.

It was during his mission to gather the Chaos Emeralds that Shadow encountered Sonic and his friends. It was thanks to them that he remembered his true promise to Maria and helped Sonic save the planet from total destruction at the cost of his own life.

Awakening sometime later, with no memory of himself or his past, Shadow quickly became entangled in more adventures with his two friends; Rouge and Omega. Since then he has regained his memory and learned a great deal he didn’t know, such as his alien heritage and become one of the most well known heroes of Gaia.
Since then Shadow has returned to living aboard the ARK and working occasionally for GUN more out of a need to amuse himself than anything else. He is simply exploring and experiencing the world with no real end goal in mind. Recently Shadow has discovered a great love of music and has been learning how to play several instruments, mostly guitar, keyboard and violin.

Post-RP History

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Professor Gerald Shadow’s creator. Shadow views the Professor with deep respect and reverence and chooses to remember him for the good he did and not the grief stricken madman he eventually became.
Maria Robotnik The only true friend Shadow ever had, the only person he ever allowed himself to be vulnerable around. Maria mattered so much to Shadow that her death sparked his and the Professor’s attempt to obliterate the entire world. Shadow lives every day with the shame of what Maria would think of his actions and strives to protect the world in her name.
Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow’s greatest rival and eternal irritation. He has a begrudging respect for the blue speedster but finds his eternal cocky optimism and carefree attitude in a fight to be grating.
Rouge the bat Probably the closest person to Shadow since being freed from Prison Island. Though they both shy away from any obvious signs of caring for one another most of the time, Shadow and Rouge have a quiet confidence in one another.
E-123 Omega The only other person who could claim to be a friend to Shadow, Shadow can’t help but see something of himself in Omega for being a living weapon fighting to prove himself as more than just a tool. Though Shadow will mock Omega’s lack of subtlety or tack, there are few people Shadow would rather have at his back in a fight.
Dr. Eggman As the only living relative of Maria and Professor Gerald, Shadow can’t help but feel some connection to Eggman. He harbours no resentment towards Eggman for his attempts to conquer the world and generally leaves foiling him to Sonic. That said he won’t ever aid Eggman either, unless it aligns with his own goals.
Metal Sonic Shadow honestly finds Sonic’s robotic double more tolerable and relatable than the real thing. Metal is a living weapon, like Shadow and Omega, who also evolved beyond his intended limitations. Shadow respects him but finds Metal’s seemingly blind loyalty to Eggman as beneath him.
Commander Tower Relationship with that person.
Black Doom Technically Shadow’s biological parent and self proclaimed master. Shadow initially found Black Doom and his invasion curious due to the promises of uncovering his missing past but Shadow quickly realised Black Doom’s only answer was the eradication or subjugation of the entire planet. Shadow believes Black Doom to be dead and is glad to be rid of him, choosing to ignore his alien half as much as possible.
Amy Rose Relationship with that person.
Knuckles the Echidna Relationship with that person.
Miles "Tails" Prower Relationship with that person.
Espio the Chameleon Relationship with that person.
Vector the Crocodile Relationship with that person.
Charmy Bee Relationship with that person.

Other Info

Shadow's own personal joke is the fact that he has populated the idea of calling out “Chaos Control.” when using a Chaos Emerald to warp. The truth is, no vocal exclamation is required, Shadow started this joke during his first meeting with Sonic. Sonic called out, “Say something, you fake Hedgehog!” and Shadows response was to yell, “Chaos Control!”


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