Shard the Metallix (Sega)

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Name: GM-001: "Metal Shadow"
Nicknames: Shard, Project Shard
Species: African pygmy hedgehog modelled metallix
Gender: Physically genderless; male pronouns
Age: Less than a year
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 3'3''
Residence: Whatever GUN base he's currently assigned to
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Special ops metallix unit
Likes: Having freedom, exploration, surfing the web, video games, being acknowledged as a person
Dislikes: Being regarded as simply a replica of Shadow, being treated as nothing more than a weapon or object, boredom, solitude
Played By: Jammerlee


(this field will be updated frequently as I learn more about Shard in-game) Self-confident when it comes to his abilities and generally easy-going, Shard was modeled after the Ultimate Lifeform and he does he best to live up to everything that implies, looking up to Shadow more as a role model than as a rival. Shard is curious about the world and finding acceptance within it, but also deals with insecurity due to the knowledge that as far as said world is concerned, he's little more than a weapon. He carries with him a snarky sense of humor and isn't above playfully ribbing at his companions.


Having been designed in an attempt to equal Shadow, Shard is easily a match for Shadow in both speed and strength. In addition to this, he's equipped with various abilities such as a canon that allows him to shoot blasts of energy that mimic Shadow's Chaos Spears and the ability to generate a fiery shield that he can erupt into a localized blast. He's even capable of inducing a mimic of Chaos Control thanks to the nature of his power supply, allowing him to warp for short distances. His body is also equipped with rockets that allow for flight.


Shard's technology is experimental and at times can prove to be unstable. His warping ability takes a lot out of his battery, especially if used in succession. While his power gem is capable of self-recharging itself, should it ever be drained entirely it is unknown if it could ever be charged up again, causing Shard to have to carefully monitor his power output.

Shard is also egotistical and it's not beyond him to let his guard down and be blindsided because of it.

Emerald Abilities

Using an emerald would help to fuel Shard's power gem and allow him greater range and use of his abilities.

Pre-RP History

Shard's conception was a simple enough one. Though Shadow the Hedgehog was willingly working for GUN, the higher-ups knew that Shadow's willingness to cooperate was tenuous at best. They needed something reliable, something they could call upon whenever Shadow wasn't available. Thus, using various experimental technology, including a power source that was capable of self-recharging, Project Shard was greenlit and sent into production.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


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Other Info

Shard's power gem is the result of GUN's failed attempt at creating their own fake Chaos Emerald. The result is essentially a super chaos drive.


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