Super Hyper Mario 128 III (also known as "SHM 128 III" for short or "Smee" for even shorter) is a young man currently attending DigiPen Institute of Technology in hopes of obtaining his Bachlor of Science in Game Design. He started out as a fanfiction writer before being dragged into the Sega RP by AnT after the rather untimely demise of the offical Nintendo NSider Forums. Since then, he's been further roped into nigh every RP formed by this merry band of RPers, the most prominent being the SatAM RP, the Mushroom Kingdom RP, and the Super Smash Bros. RP.

A devout Christian of no specific denomination, Smee is optimistic, kind, and tries to be helpful in any manner he can. He is incredibly slow to anger and doesn't like in-group fighting, either trying his hardest to play peacemaker when conflicts come up or bailing out entirely so he doesn't have to witness the mess. However, he is also a bit of a perfectionist, and while he'll willingly forgive nearly any wrong against him, he's exceptionally critical of himself, constantly feeling as though any minor screw-up makes him a complete failure and shouldering the blame for other people's mistakes. Also, due to his upbringing, his morals are a bit tighter than most, resulting in some amusing quirks, such as being probably the only male of the group to respond negatively to bossoms.

When he's not RPing, Smee is usually focusing on his studies or playing video games (which seem to serve as a sort of venting mechanism for him, as they are really the only things he gets genuinely angry at). Don't expect to see him on other video game related forums, though: He has a strong dislike for the blatant fanboy-ism that runs rampant on most of them.

SegaStH Characters SatAMStH Characters

SegaStH Characters

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Liz the Lizard

lizthumb.jpg A female lizard (yes, she is aware of the pun with her name), Liz was constantly tormented growing up over some of the… "features" her mammal peers had that she was lacking. She has appeared to have gotten over it after she joined her friends on their adventures, but it still haunts her from time to time.

Nate the Ferret

NateIcon.jpg Nate is an adventurer at heart, always ready to investigate the world around him. After accidentally getting sent from the Sol Dimension to the Chaos Dimension, he helped form an "expedition group" with his new friends so they could set out and explore the world together.

Shaun the Deer

shaun.jpg The resident "nerd" of Nate's exploration group. Shaun is quite bookish and actually rather "genre savvy," but his being a clutz and a bit of a coward tends to hide this.

Axe the Hyena

AxeIcon.jpg Living on the streets since he was very young, Axe slowly turned from a wide-eyed and hopeful youth to a cynical and sarcastic petty thief who unwillingly works for the Underground Syndicate. While he usually only participates in small-time crime, there's always the chance he may get in a wee bit over his head…

SatAMStH Characters

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Matt the Wolf

icocardboard.gif Matt is a Freedom Fighter from the Wolf Pack who can almost always be seen fighting beside his girlfriend on missions. Woe betide everyone should something happen to her…

Nate the Ferret

icocardboard.gif One of the most active and willing members of Lower Mobius' Freedom Fighting group, Nate is always willing to lend a hand, especially if the person asking happens to be a certain young sparrow.

Dr. Luke Giatros

icocardboard.gif A doctor who takes care of the myriad of thropes that live in Eden. The many years he's worked with them has made him quite sympathetic towards them, perhaps even more so than towards his fellow "Overlanders".
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