Silver Sonic (Sega)

"I am Silver Sonic Mark 3, GUN Refit Model Protection Unit."


Name: Silver Sonic Mark 3
Nicknames: Silver, Silv
Species: Metallix
Gender: N/A but male oriented.
Alignment: Neutral (at first, may change as character develops)
Type: Speed
Height: About 4'
Build: While not exactly skinny, Silver is designed to be a little on the thin side, to help with speed.
Residence: Mobile
Occupation: None
Likes: Wandering, Learning.
Dislikes: People wondering why he's named Silver when he's blue.
Played By: Lans
Theme: "Cosmic Eternity ~ Believe in Yourself" - Naofumi Hataya


Silver's personality is very basic, having been online for so little time, his A.I. while free willed, has had very little time to develop. Therefore his personality is very stiff and, well, robot like, but tinged with curiousity.



Silver mk3, as a robot has better strength then most flesh beings, and being made of a steel-titanium alloy, also increased durability.

His hands incorperate an adapted guard robo combat system, allowing them to morph into electric pincers, capable of delivering shocks by touch, or charging electric projectiles.

However Silver's main ability is still his speed. His "shoes" contain popout rocket boosters on their sides, allowing him to run and move at speeds around 500 miles per hour (rockets off he can do maybe 90). These rockets can also be turned vertical to allow for limited flight capabilities.

The index fingers on his hands can also adapt themselves to computer input ports, allowing him to hack into computer systems.


Reading, writing, arithmetic…


A chaos emerald wouldn't do much, just probably boost his systems a lot (making him faster, more durable, etc.)



Physical ailments, allergies, poor skills…


As a fresh mind, he's very naive at this point in time, and could be easily tricked.

Pre-RP History

Silver Sonic Mk 3, is the third (technically 4th, read on) model of the infamous Silver Sonic, originally deployed against Sonic the Hedgehog on the first Death Egg, prior to it's crash on Angel Island. Silver Sonic Mk 2 was used during the Angel Island invasion in an attempt to delay Sonic and Tails in Sky Sanctuary.

This version started 'life' as a design very similar to the first Silver Sonic, the main difference being the green optics. This unit was stored alongside it's successor robot, Metal Sonic, in the Final Egg base on the far side of the Mystic Ruins. However Eggman never got around to using him, abandoning him along with the base shortly after the Perfect Chaos incident, though he apparently took Metal Sonic with him.

Flash forward a few years. GUN, in an experiment to create their own (effective) anti-Eggman weapon, begins experimenting with captured Eggman robots. Chief among these was Silver, having been recovered from the Final Egg sometime after it was abandoned. They gave the robot a complete makeover, upgrading and remodeling him into something maybe slightly over the midpoint between the original model Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic.

They also completely overhauled Silver's operational software, incorperating an experimental free-will operating system, gleamed from their own research, and what data they were able to get from several abandoned Eggman base computers.

Unfortunatly this potentially unstable operating system may have been the cause for what happened next. Soon after his inital activation, Silver Sonic got simply up and left, using his hacking skills to override the base's security and vanish without a trace. He had decided that he'd rather find his own purpose, rather than one that someone else had made for him.

Post-RP History

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Crossover History

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Misc. Info

Silver is preprogrammed against killing, even though he is fully capaple of it. Also he will usually try to prevent harm to innocents because of this.


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