Silver the Hybrid (Sega)

"If you could go back into the past and stop a catastrophe from happening, wouldn't you?!"


Name: Venice Lito Corona
Nicknames: Silver
Species: "Hedgemink" - Hybrid of African pygmy hedgehog (father's side) and American mink (mother's side)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 3'3''
Residence: Space Colony ARK
World of Origin Gaia, from a now non-existant future
Occupation: Unoccupied
Likes: Nature, sunbathing, swimming, long baths, water in general, peace, freedom, entertaining others, helping people, the color cyan, coconut, ice cream, nighttime, hanging out. VERY artistically inclined - he's into all sorts of arts and crafts from painting, sculpting, weaving.. especially cooking, he's really into cooking
Dislikes: Getting himself dirty, waiting, boredom, being disturbed when resting, artist's block
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: "Dreams of an Absolution" - Lee Brotherton


Silver really isn't a complicated person to figure out. A young and idealistic dreamer, he's an optimistic and altruistic free spirit with a lot of integrity and well-defined morals. A loyal and honest, though also a painfully naive person, he can be a force to be reckoned with if the wrong person manages to manipulate him. Naturally generous but also gullible, he often feels a need to shoulder responsibilities that don't belong to him, which can easily lead him to be tricked and taken advantage of. And with a tendency to be singleminded and stubborn, this can mean turning him back on the right path can be difficult if he believes he's doing the right thing.

Typically, though, he's a fairly laid back and sensitive person. While somewhat of an awkward kid, he's very social, playful and enjoys meeting new people. Very ambitious and creative, he spends a lot of his time inside his own mind, creating his own worlds and scenarios, which can often blind-side him when the truths of reality sneak up. Silver has a tendency to be impulsive, often acting without fully thinking through the consequences of his actions. He gets frustrated easily when faced with a tough choice or situation, and berates himself fiercely if he thinks he's done something wrong or stupid. All in all he's still just a kid and as such has a tendency to be a bit on the immature side. He becomes extremely insecure if he feels alone or abandoned, and often requires the company of others to keep him content.


Silver is an indole in that he's an incredibly powerful telekinetic, able to lift multiple heavy objects, catch thrown objects and return them with decent accuracy and multi-task by levitating many objects at once. He can also generate psychokinetic blasts of energy and is capable of flight by levitating himself.

Silver is naturally a very skilled swimmer with partially webbed hands and feet and has quills mixed into the two long spikes of fur on the back of his head. His sense of smell, hearing and vision are both excellent. He's also naturally quite agile and extremely flexible, able to squeeze through pretty much any opening he can get his head through, and though having a natural aptitude toward digging and climbing, it's rare he does either. Because of the sort of world he grew up in he's skilled with hunting, gathering, scavaging and other overall survival skills and techniques.


TIN FOIL. Very gullible and naive. He's prone to tunnel vision, has a tendency to be impulsive, and can be taken advantage of with his inherent altruism. He has a fear of being alone or abandoned and becomes insecure when on his own too long. A tendency to be self-conscious about maintaining his appearance. He's also weak in many academic skills thanks to the setting he had grown up in. He relies FAR too heavily on his telekinesis where he could have done something physically. Due to his lack of adequate exercise, he has extremely slow reflexes and is incredibly clumsy. Thanks to his hedgehog heritage, cold temperatures slow him down and cause him to become lethargic the longer he's exposed. Overall the world tends to feel much colder than it would to the average person due to having grown up in a setting engulfed by magma.

Despite the strength of his telekinesis, when he does use it, it can take a lot out of him, causing him both physical and mental fatigue if overly abused. The more frequently he uses it, and/or the larger and heavier the object, the harder it is to maintain control and the more it strains him. There are also limits to what he can manipulate as well.

Emerald Abilities

Knows how to use Chaos Control. With the use of a time stone, he also has an ability he calls "Chronos Control".

Pre-RP History

Silver's story began as a bleak one. Born into an already ravaged post-apocalyptic world, normal life for him consisted of little more than hiding, scavaging and struggling to survive. As luck would favor him, he had been born with an advantage in that he had the power of telekinesis. This would prove a tremendous help in his day to day survival, as he could reach places and lift objects inaccessible to most others. As time wore on, like so many others, he became frustrated with his lot in life. Often asking why the world had come to be in the way it was now. He had known legends of a much safer and happier world in the past and dreamed of being able to see such days for himself. The only answer he would ever receive, however, was a gesture toward the flames - toward the beast that made the world the place it was; Iblis.

In the struggle, people would come and go from Silver's life. Eventually, both of his parents would become lost to the flames, and he decided he had had enough of this world. Choosing to fight back, he used his formidable powers to track down wherever Iblis appeared and helped to drive it back. Most people who would try this perished, but Silver's telekinesis allowed him a more even playing field. The years of being alone in his short life accumulated, and loneliness mounted up. At one point he discovered an old and surprisingly well-preserved library. Choosing to rest there, he poured himself through the history section, wishing to know more of the happy times the world once enjoyed. It was there he learned about a monarch known as Blaze the Cat. Seeing her photo, something resonated deep down with him. As a coping mechanism to his loneliness, he began to speak to her and developed hallucinations of what he thought to be a real person.

It was one day that a strange person calling himself Mephiles appeared. Offering Silver a way to prevent this future from happening, Mephiles told Silver of a historical figure supposedly responsible for releasing Iblis in the first place. A person he referred to as the Iblis Trigger - Sonic the Hedgehog. The very idea that he could travel to the past and prevent the disaster - Silver was immediately invested. Mephiles sent him to the past, and from there Silver began to hunt Sonic down in spite of his own self-doubts. Eventually, he would learn of how he was deceived, pulling a 180 and choosing to side with Sonic in defeating Solaris. Afterward, he returned to the future to finish the job he had started with Iblis, saying goodbye to his dearest, if only imaginary, friend in the process.

The loneliness would catch up to him again though, causing him to think of the people in the past he had managed to make connections with. With Chaos Control no longer seeming to work for time travel, Silver followed the legends of a miracle world called the Little Planet. Using one of the Time Stones, Silver has now returned to a past world with no memory of him or any of the events that had taken place, from a future that's no longer plausible…

Post-RP History

To be written

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Blaze the Cat While never having met the real Blaze, Silver became friends with a hallucinatory version of her that, in his mind, was a real person. Since this imaginary version of Blaze's "death", Silver has been mourning her loss and has yet to realize he now lives in the same timeline as the real Blaze.
Shadow the Hedgehog Having found Shadow after traveling back to the present day for the final time, Shadow, while initially distrusting Silver and his story, took pity on him and offered to let him stay with him on the ARK. The two have now become roommates.
Sonic the Hedgehog Initially sent into the past to assassinate Sonic, Silver eventually learned he had been deceived and chose to side with the blue hero. While he considers himself on friendly terms with Sonic, he has yet to get to know Sonic better.

Other Info

Silver is now the only person with any memory of the events of Sonic 06, or any knowledge of what the future would have become for it. He is now an anomaly existing outside of time that by all rights should not exist at [i]all[/i] any longer. In the original 06 timeline he was a full-blooded hedgehog and thanks to the paradox and butterfly effect he has emerged into the present day as a hybrid. Due to the retention of his memories he is fully aware of this change.

His telekinesis often manifests in his sleep. He's been known to levitate himself or lift and move objects around him. Which sounds amusing, but when you're never quite sure what condition your room will be in when you wake up or you wake up to find yourself on the ceiling, this can become a problem very fast. He once managed to break his arm and a couple of ribs dumping himself out a window.

Silver talks out loud and holds complete conversations with himself… a lot. Even when it may not be appropriate. This is due to the years he'd spent alone and the crippling loneliness he'd felt from it, and also where his imaginary version of Blaze eventually manifested from.

Silver loves singing, but he's completely and utterly tone deaf. And is either equally completely and utterly unaware of this fact, or simply does not care. Much to the chagrin of anyone who happens to be in listening range


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