Skater the Fossa (Sega)

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Name: Galen Kirindy
Nicknames: Skater
Species: Fossa
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 4'1"
Residence: Resort Island
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Xtreme Gear, an Extreme Gear shop where he works as a cashier and part time mechanic
Likes: Hot dogs, ice cream, awesome waves/turbulence, hanging out with his friends, and listening to music. He gives EVERYTHING a shot, when it comes to music.
Dislikes: Country music (it's just not his thing. He tried listening to it, really.), getting his Gear busted up, people messing with his friends.
Played By: Vize
Theme: Pressure Drop - Toots & Maytals


On the surface, he doesn't appear to take anything seriously, but finds unique ways of dealing with everyday problems. He tends to approach things at a slow, suitable pace, and is a good person to share problems with, usually being able to help calm his friends (or even people he's just ran into) down when THEY'RE "freakin' out". He's almost always easy going, but also gets bored easily with slow work, like working the register at the Extreme Gear shop he works at. As a result, he tends to slack off, but he's actually REALLY good at selling the Gear when customers come in, so he has et to lose his job. It probabl helps that the owner and him both like boarding. "We gotta stick together, bro!" While speaking to people, Galen usually addresses them as "dude" or "bro" in reference to males, and "dudette" or "chica" in reference to females or calling everyone as a whole "dudes".

The only time he DOES get serious, in fact, is when he's ANGRY, which takes a LOT of effort to do. You see, Galen's trust is easy to gain, but once lost… it's pretty much GONE unless you manage to redeem yourself… and that can take a LOT of effort. So it's rather fortunate that he has a VERY long fuse, usually blowing off insults to himself, even telling people that ma have bumped into him or wiped him out on purpose "It's cool, accidents happen". Don't expect the same reaction if you do that to his friends though. That's the quickest way to tick him off.


Physically, Galen's REALLY agile. Downright squirrel-like, in fact. His senses in general are fairly sharp, with his hearing being especially keen. He's actually flexible enough that, if he really wanted to, he could be a contortionist, but he mainly uses that ability with his extreme gear riding. He's slightly below average strength-wise, but is above average on foot, even if he's more likely to be using his board. He has fairly sharp claws, but doesn't use them except maybe as toothpicks.

In skills, though, he's nothing really special, except he seems to be an exceptionally gifted skateboarder and Extreme Gear rider. He has a nearly photographic memory of the stats on the "standard" EG, and even knows how to modify them. He's learned, usually through trial and error, most of the little tricks a person can pull on an Extreme Gear. He has experience in both surfing and skateboarding, a combination that, with his well-developed reflexes, helps make him an above-average Gearist. Beyond that… nothing really, except common sense, know-how type stuff most people have.


Galen's a pretty healthy guy, and keeps himself in shape, but he's not as strong as most people. His body's built for speed and agility, after all. He has, however, had more than a few accidents on Gear, the worst of which was a fall that broke his right shoulder. As a result of this, sometimes that shoulder bothers him now and then, feeling much like someone stabbing him. He's tried all sorts of things to keep it from happening, but what works best is just not overextending that shoulder.

And on top of that, he's easily distracted, tends to forget things unless regularly reminded, and doesn't -seem- very smart, simply because of an inability to keep his attention on anything he finds boring. This HAS cost him jobs, but now that he works with something he likes, this problem comes up a bit less.

Emerald Abilities

Chaos Dialation - When in possession of a Chaos Emerald, Skater can, with focus, adjust his perception of time, slowing everything he perceives to a much slower, easily avoided pace, boosted his reaction time immensely. Each additional emerald lengthens how long this affect lasts, starting at three turns, with an additional turn for each emerald after the first.

Pre-RP History

Born in Station Square, Galen's first taste of cold reality was when his father ditched his mother and himself when he was five. After that, his mother did a fairly good job raising him, teaching him to not let things bother him for long, and instilling in him a resilient love of his fellow man (thrope, etc). Eventually, when he was ten, he and his mother moved out to Resort Island, where he's been living quite happily for the last seven years. He found out about Extreme Gear fairly quickly once they came out, and soon fell in love with the machines, already an intense skateboarding and surfing fan… and this was both! So he learned everything he could about them, even at the cost of his own classwork.

Now, though, he works in an EG shop, putting that knowledge of his to good use. He's been there for about 6 months now. A new record!

Now, he even works on Extreme Gear for his friends, making the job on the house.

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Other Info

Extreme Gear
Name: Hang Ten
Type: Board
Class: Flight
Rider: Skater the Fossa
Description: Skater's personally modded Extreme Gear, it's based on a surfboard.

[Extreme Gear - Hang Ten]


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