Smee the Dog (Sega)

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Name: Joey
Nicknames: Joe, Big Joe, Smee (online name that somehow managed to stick in real life), Geek Freak (affectionately by his sister)
Species: Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 3'5''
Residence: Eggmanland (Formerly Grand Metropolis… And what Smee usually insists on still calling it)
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: College Student, earning his Bachelors of Science in Game Design at Grand Metropolis Institude of Technology.

Of course, he's graduating within a semester, so he's been sending resumes everywhere in hopes that someone will hire him… here's hoping this field doesn't change to "Unemployed" soon.
Likes: His sister; Techy stuff; That "ah ha!" moment when he finally figures something out; Helping others out and the warm, fuzzy feeling he gets when he does so; Video Games (specifically, Platformers, RPGs, and Action/Adventure Games); Mac & Cheese; Lemon Ice Tea; Cream Soda; The color green; Cuddling/Pettings; Warm weather; Theme parks (yes, even Eggman-owned ones…); Gaia's Equivilent of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Dislikes: Eggman's takeover of Grand Metropolis; People assuming that Game Designer is the same as Computer Programmer and asking him to fix their electronics; Cultural, Political, or Religious extremisim of any kind (especially if it's something he'd normally agree with); FPS junkies; Grape or cherry flavored candy (but not actual grapes or cherries); Alcohol; Cold weather
Played By: Smee
Theme: N/A


Idealistic and hard-working, Smee always sees the best in people and the world around him. He genuinely believes in doing the right thing simply because it's right, regardless of if he gets any rewards or recognition in return (though getting at least a "thank you" is always nice).

According to Myers-Briggs, Smee fits the description of INFP to a T. He definately feels the need for a higher calling in his life than simply living from paycheck to paycheck, to leave the world a better place than when he entered it. While he is creative, he often has difficulty expressing his vision by himself and usually relies on working with a small group of close friends to achieve his goals. He's not shy around strangers par se, but he often avoids talking to people he doesn't know unless he has to. If you're close enough to gain his trust, he opens up considerably. When more social, Smee is usually very jovial, enthusiastic about everything, and has his own unique brand of humor (which is to say: really lame puns, often at inappropiate times).

Smee is steadfastly loyal to his friends and family (be they people he's met personally or only online), and it is very, very hard to break that bond once it's been made. Likewise, he is also very protective of them. While he has the patience of a saint around people he personally doesn't like, if anyone dares hurt someone he cares about, all bets are off. Despite this, however, he usually doesn't like conflict and will avoid it whenever possible. For him, compromise and tolarance is the name of the game. He accepts differing opinions, so long as people are polite about it.

However, his idealism, while an admireable trait, is also a severe flaw. His faith in his fellow man tends to result in him getting ripped off or manipulated fairly easily. Likewise, while he has ideals that he will defend to the end, if he is caught in a conflict where he has no stakes in either side (or worse, a stake in both), he will frequently end up paralyized with indecision, being unwilling to abandon one group in favor of the other. Furthermore, the fact that he thinks too well of those around him means he never blames them when things go wrong, leaving only one person: Himself. He will often fully take the blame (and the punishment) when things fail, and he'll often fully believe it, too.

Smee is also a perfectionist, sticking to one thing with the determination of completing it 100%. Whether he's working on a school project or just trying to get all the Achievements in a game, once he's set his mind on something, he won't stop until he's completed it to the fullest. This makes him a great worker… most of the time. However, this also has resulted in some self-esteme issues on his part, believing that anything and everything he does is only as good as the weakest link. If there is a flaw, it outweighs any and all good. Needless to say, this can quickly drive him crazy - especially if it's over something he doesn't quite understand how to do correctly - and is one of the few times where he can get really angry… and, of course, it is at himself. Ironically, he never has nearly as sharp a critical eye on anyone else, often being very generous and accepting of flaws in others' work and offering constructive criticism. It is only when it comes to his own goals that it is unacceptable.

In the end, though, what you see is what you get with Smee: A genuinely nice, funny guy who just wants the best for everyone… even if he puts himself through Hell to get it for them.


Smee is very good with numbers, understanding a vast range of mathematical fields such as algebra, calculus, statistics, and physics. He also paid attention in many of his other classes, too, and thus is also a wealth of knowledge in science, English, and history.

Outside of strict achidemia, Smee is also is relatively proficient in coding and creative design, hence his interest in the game industry. He finds it hard to code from scratch, but give him a framework or engine to start with and he'll be able to code whatever he wants… given enough time (which may be a lot). In terms of creativity, he's most at home with creative writing and knows the ins and outs of a good narrative thanks to lots of reading and personal experience and TV Tropes. He's also pretty comfortable when it comes to operating machinery and vehicles, so long as he reads the instructions first (which, to his credit, he usually does).

On the physical side of things, he has quite a bit more strength and endurance than one might expect a "nerd" like him to have. He may start to complain about how much physical labor he's currently doing (… a lot…), but rest assured, he will keep at it until it's done. This is particularly true when it comes to hiking, as he is more than capable of covering a good couple of miles of rough terrain without resting if he mantains a casual pace. He also has exceptionally good hand-eye coordination and is a great swimmer. Finally, being a canine and all, his sense of smell is sharp.

Oh, and he's really darn good at video games, too.


Smee's biggest physical weakness is Low Muscle Tone, which he was diagnosed with at a very early age. While he has made tremendous leaps and bounds towards overcomming it (doctors had originally said he may not even gain the strength to walk, talk, or even pick up a pencil), it still affects him in subtle ways. In particular, he has lowered reaction times (making him utterly useless at fast-paced sports) and very loose joints. While the latter means he's flexible to an extent, it also means that his joints pop in and out very easily, usually resulting in an immediate shot of intense pain that, thankfully, goes away quickly.

His other major physical weakness is a severe tree nut allergy. Thankfully peanuts are not included on that list (they're actually a type of bean, natch), but walnuts, almonds, coconuts, and the like all cause his face to swell up like a balloon if he touches them, and Heaven knows what would happen if he actually ate them… Thankfully, he keeps an EpiPen on himself at all times in case of emergencies. Lastly, he's nearsighted, so he requires glasses to view things at a distance. He's not "blind without 'em" as it were, but things that are far away would still be blurry enough to be a hinderance.

On the mental side of things, while Smee is creative, he's not particularly good at artistic things. His mind is too neat and organized to really create something with an artistic "flow" to it, which is why he prefers written word over picking up a paintbrush. It's particularly frustrating for him, as he has lots of great artistic ideas, he just has a hard time expressing them. Furthermore, his idealism, while admireable, means he can be pretty easily taken advantage of, and his pacifism in debates usually means he ends up being used as a doormat by both sides.

His greatest flaw, however, would most likely be his intense perfectionism combined with a low self-esteme. While he has nearly eternal patience for others when they fail, he gives himself no mercy at his own goof-ups. Likewise, whenever something goes wrong, he is often the first to shoulder the blame for it, regardless of how much involvement he really had in it. Overall, no matter how good he does, he's only able to focus on his failures, which often leads into a neverending spiral of frustration.

… He's kinda loud and over-enthusiastic at times, too. Some people find that a bit annoying. Especially if he's right next to you.

Emerald Abilities

None that he's aware of. If he got a Chaos or Sol Emerald, he'd probably just hand it off to someone he trusted ASAP. Having one of those things just leads to trouble.

Pre-RP History

Born to a loving family in the suburbs of Empire City, Smee faced medical drama very early in his life. Doctors diagnosed him with low muscle tone, saying that it would be very unlikely that he'd have the physical strength to do anything beyond crawl. In response, they encouraged his parents to get him a computer at an early age, as pressing keys on the keyboard might've been the only way he could communicate since he'd be too weak to speak or hold a pencil. Because of this, he became very familiar and reliant on technology early on and quickly found edutainment games to be his prefered method of learning. Incredibly, it turned out that the doctors were wrong: Thanks to the hand-eye cordination he gained from the computer, he was soon able to develop the strength needed to overcome his low muscle tone and, while he was never quite physically capable enough to do very well at sports, he otherwise managed to be able to live like a normal kid. Because of this, he had a strong respect for what the power of electronic games could do and knew from the start that he wanted to "give back" by working in the industry himself.

From that point on, his life was relatively normal, but he always remained focused on that goal. He studied hard both in school and while playing games, quickly gaining a "designer's eye" for good and bad gameplay as well as the achidemic skill to actually impliment it. Once he graduated high school, he applied for Grand Metropolis Institude of Technology, knowing that it was the premier school for game design degrees. He was accepted, much to his excitement, and soon moved there to continue his studies. Life was good.

And then Eggman had to go and take the place over.

Granted, life in "Eggmanland" is proving to be… not all that bad, but Smee still doesn't feel exactly comfortable living in a city owned by a guy like Eggman. Fortunately, the doctor apparently had no issue with the Institute (probably because he is a fan of technology as well), and has let them continue unhindered. Smee plans to graduate this year, upon which, if Eggman allows him, he will move out.

From there? Well, he still wants to be a game designer, of course, but beyond that, the future is entirely up to him.

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Other Info

Along with other necessities like money, phone, and EpiPen, Smee carries his 3DS around with him at all times and will play it if he's got some time to kill. Gotta collect those StreetPasses, after all!

He also speaks with a very noticable Jersey Brooklin Empire City accent, making it pretty clear that's where he originally hails from. Despite spending lots of time elsewhere, that accent still hasn't gone away.


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