Snively Robotnik (SatAM)



Name: Simon Wardell
Nicknames: Snively
Species: Human/Overlander
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Stats: Physical: 3 | Mental: 12 | Luck: 6
Height: 3'3''
Build: Scrawny
Residence: Robotropolis
Occupation: Robotnik's assistant and frequent punching bag
Likes: The rare taste of power and superiority, soft paper towels, playing in Robotnik's chair when he's not around, finding unused areas to claim as his own, tinkering with the programming to serve his own purposes.
Dislikes: Robotnik, Cluck, the Freedom Fighters, being short, having so little hair left, feeling powerless,
Hobbies/Talents: Like Robotnik, Snively's got a natural inclination toward designing mechanical contraptions. Sometimes these are for his own amusement (see: Cluck eye-popper), while other times they can be to suit his own intentions (see: secret bunker, yet to be built in-game).
Played By: Leda


Quite possibly the best way to describe Snively is "devious"; he is bitter, passive-aggressive, and self-serving (even when serving others). He has a deeply rooted resentment for those around him, and for many years only trusted his uncle, Julian. Since the coup, however, he has since closed himself off to anyone and anything other than his own personal gain. Snively spends a large portion of his time swallowing his pride in the face of humiliation and repressing the rage it instills in him. This leads him to occasionally snap in the form of physical tantrums or infuriated screaming (usually the phrase "I HATE YOU!"). These outbursts are rare, however, as muttering his grievances below his breath is much safer.

During the times Snively is actually given an inch of independence, he tends to be very cold and calculating, and in the even rarer instances that he has power, he can be downright sadistic. He takes great pleasure in the pain and misfortune of those around him — especially those that are particularly hated, such as Robotnik or Sonic. Even when forming what appears to be an alliance, Snively never fully puts trust in anyone, and in fact is usually plotting a back-up betrayal plan in the back of his mind.



Snively has an exceptionally sharp attention to detail, as well as thorough memory, which allows him to absorb knowledge at a phenomenal rate, be it through reading, observation, etc. Additionally, Snively's size, though frequently a hinderance, can also occasionally be an advantage; being roughly the size of a Freedom Fighter, he's able to maneuver through their passages should he come across them.

Also, in spite of the fact that it's usually just a really bad joke, Snively does have an exceptionally great sense of smell.


Snively has excellent organizational and managerial skills, allowing him to work on several projects simultaneously. He's very adept with computers and mechanical devices, though he's much more skilled in the realm of programming than construction. He's also able to swim, though he's not particularly good at it, and he's an average enough pilot.



Snively suffers from several respiratory problems, undoubtedly from the years of breathing Robotropolis' smog. This mostly surfaces in the form of extreme coughing fits and shortness of breath. His respiratory problems also affect his physical stamina. Snively's size is also a huge detriment, as his short legs don't allow for much speed and small arms offer him little physical strength; in fact, he's been easily overpowered by escaping thropes on several occasions.


Snively is terrified of facing Robotnik's wrath, and can be reduced to a quivering, sputtering, persperating mass should the tyrant even cast him a dissatisfied glance. Ironically, he's also deeply afraid of many of the sick acts he himself takes so much pleasure in carrying out on others, including roboticization.

Pre-RP History

Snively's existence has always been one of frustration. His entire life, he'd been picked on for being short and having a big nose. Though he consistently backed down from the bullying in the moment, as he had no physical strength with which to fight back, on the inside Snively stewed and plotted. He grew resentful of the hand he'd been dealt, and began to desire two things: power and respect. It wasn't long before he'd found a way to obtain one of those goals; his uncle Julian happened to be a great political figure, and a major force in the Great War. When he was 15, Snively left his home to serve as his uncle's assistant, gaining him his first taste of power and leaving him thirsty for more. Eventually Julian shared his intentions to betray King Acorn and take control of Mobius. Snively never raised an objection; finally, the power and respect he craved so ravenously would be within his grasp.

To his great surprise, however, things did not turn out as he'd expected. When he was 23, Julian had helped the Acorn Kingdom to win the Great War, and Snively quickly set about orchestrating his uncle's plans to overthrow the monarchy. Unfortunately for him, just hours before the plans were to be set into motion, Julian made it painfully clear that Snively was not to have power OR respect in their new empire — which was not to be their empire at all, but Julian's, who was now known as Robotnik. Initially, the shock (and fear) was so great that Snively immediately rolled over to his uncle's will, but as his new life settled into normalcy, his old demons returned: Snively grew increasingly resentful of his uncle. Though he remained ever obedient to Robotnik's commands, and frequently strived to to win his approval, he also became prone to muttering discontentedly below his breath and following orders in his own way rather than as strictly directed.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

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Dr. Julian Robotnik Current dictator of Robotropolis, Snively's uncle and direct superior. Snively is both terrified and resentful of him.
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