Pronounced as "sah-lah". These creatures are native to Terra and bare a striking resemblance to the Chao of Gaia. Similar to the way chao are worshiped in many cultures as water spirits due to their affinity to water, sola are seen as fire spirits. Most often they prefer and can be found in warm dry places. Generally they're hot (not painfully so) to the touch and have a rough but pliable texture similar to hardening clay. Like chao they've developed a the ability to manipulate their genetic structure to mimic non-morphic animals they've recently had contact with as a survival trait. As such they're extremely adaptable and capable of surviving in a variety of different environments, developing whatever skills or protection they need.

Generally silent creatures, sola have been known to communicate in hisses and grunts. They're also known to mimic animal calls to lure prey and are considered extremely intelligent. (May add 'emoteball' information onto this.)

Sola each have their own distinct personalities, but in general they seem to be solitary, independent and sometimes aggressive. They don't form clusters the same way as chao and are territorial. Normally the only time they can ever be found in groups of more than one individual are to mate or raise young. Due to how difficult they can be to tame and train (and how dangerous their bite is) they're not generally kept as pets, though for sola that are domesticated there have been known behavioral exceptions. Generally they only take to a person if they choose to… and if one dosn't like you no amount of pampering will make the difference. They're far less demanding than chao and require much less attention to be kept content.

Known Sola

(Information on colors, life cycle and mating to be added.)

Sola are carnivorous, hunting and feeding on pretty much any creature smaller than it. They devour everything; bone, hair, even teeth and have extremely powerful jaws for this task. Because of this domesticated sola may be kept as pest control, domestics often killing purely for fun rather than for survival purposes.

As sol drives are still extremely new and experimental it's unknown if they would have the same effect on sola that chaos drives have on chao.

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