Solaris The Spirit (Sega)

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Name: Solaris or Guardian
Nicknames: Eternal Sun, The Flames of Disaster, Ifrit
Species: Deity / Fire Spirit
Gender: None; presumed female
Age: Technically infinite, older than the world of Terra itself
Alignment: True Neutral
Height: 4'
Residence: Flame Core, specifically the Solar Forge
World of Origin:
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Pre-RP History

In another timeline Solaris was an eternal sun God, an entity of the Sun and Time itself. The Duke of Soleanna attempted to control Solaris and the experiment went horribly out of control, resulting in his death. Solaris itself was split into two entities representing half of its true power; Iblis and Mephiles, Iblis being sealed away inside the Duke’s daughter in his dying act and Mephiles similarly being sealed in a sceptre.

Years later Mephiles was accidently freed by Dr Eggman and, finally freed, conspired to have Silver the Hedgehog travel back in time to kill Sonic the Hedgehog and thus cause the Princess of Soleanna enough despair to cry and release Iblis so the two could once again merge and become whole.

Though his plan with Silver failed, Mephiles ultimately got what he desired by attacking and killing Sonic himself.
The now completed Solaris unleashed its full power, decimating all of time and condensing the past, present and future into a single, eternal moment. It took the combined might of Sonic, Shadow and Silver in their Super forms to finally defeat the God and revert it to a small flickering, living flame. After the battle it was the Princess who blew out the flame and ended the threat of Solaris.

However Solaris’ nature as an eternal being could not allow it to be destroyed and the paradox of such a thing caused a massive reshuffling of reality to compensate. This resulted in the retroactive creation of an entirely new world; Terra. Thousands of years of history were forged from the paradox, all to accommodate Solaris’ new existence.

In this new timeline Solaris was the Terra equivalent to Chaos, a Guardian of living fire to protect the Sol emeralds and the Servant emerald.
At some point the ancient cats had stumbled upon the Flame Core, the volcano which housed Solaris’ shrine where the emeralds were kept, in their expansion of their empire and attempted to take the Sol emeralds for their own. This awoke Solaris and it manifested before them to scare them away. While Solaris itself bore no ill will to the cats and only intended to warn them the emeralds were not to be touched, the cats saw the God as a malevolent force that cursed them. Every natural disaster that befell them from then on, every eruption of the volcano, they blamed on Solaris who in truth had nothing to do with such events.

In an attempt to appease the God, the cats began what would become an annual ritual; they would pilgrimage into the Flame Core to Solaris and offer it their breath as a sign of sacrifice. To Solaris this was simply an act of worship and it had no idea that it was done in fear.
For generations this went on until Emperor Jahim and Empress Shayt’s pilgrimage where the pair finally sought to end the cycle by sealing Solaris away with the power of the Sol emeralds. Solaris lashed out to keep the cats from the gems once again but this time the cats were faster and Solaris was trapped within the Servant emerald which, as part of the ritual, bonded with the Empress, embedded in her forehead.

Thus a new tradition was born; every generation the member of the royal family who bore the Servant emerald would transfer it to one of their children, serving as a living lock to keep Solaris sealed away and their people safe.
This has continued for hundreds of years until finally the Servant emerald arrived with Blaze the Cat.

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