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Name: Sonic Maurice Hedgehog, formally Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog
Nicknames: Blue Blur, Blue Dude with a 'Tude, Speedster… you get the idea
Species: African pygmy hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: Chronologically 18, but considers himself 16
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Stats: Physical: 11 | Mental: 05 | Luck: 05
Height: 3'3''
Build: Slim, athletic, and built for running
Residence: New Mobotropolis
Zone of Origin: Mobius Prime
Affiliations: Knothole Freedom Fighters, Most other known Freedom Fighter groups, Kingdom of Acorn
Occupation: He pretty much rides on his "hero" status
Likes: Running of course. Himself… of course. Sports, rock and roll, clear sunny weather, being the center of attention (when it's not overwhelming), the wind, freedom, doing his hero thing
Dislikes: Being forced to stay in one spot too long, politics, Eggman's villainous thing, racing (contrary to popular belief. seriously. he's sick of being challenged), water, orcas.
Hobbies/Talents: Sonic loves to play guitar and sing, and is surprisingly good at both, once having played in a band. He also enjoys anything that involves giving him an adrenaline rush, ranging from various sports, to, uh… extreme sports. He also loves exploring, camping, and in contrast to when he feels a need to run, enjoys lazing about.
Played By: Jamie "SwiftRunner" Lee
Theme: "Endless Possibility" - Jeret Reddick


If Sonic had to be described in one word… we'll cheat and say that word is "free-spirited". Sonic is an outgoing soul with a love of adventure and a need to go wherever he feels the wind is calling him. He has a relaxed and upbeat take on life, looking to quench his ever-present thirst for thrill and excitement. Hyperactive and fun-loving, he can be overwhelming for even the best of people.

This isn't to say he doesn't appreciate a more relaxed style, however, during the times he slows down. He does what he feels is a good idea at the time, and cannot tolerate being held down against his will. In a way he's like the wind itself - including the fact he can be somewhat airheaded. Sonic is much more intelligent then he seems, but a combination of adrenaline addiction, mild ADD and a slight lacking in common sense can make him appear otherwise.

In addition he's also stubborn, egotistical, cheeky, and sports a sarcastic sense of humor. Often times Sonic appears to have a death wish. He'll fearlessly leap head first into danger - to him, there is no "try", and his his morals are very black and white. Sonic is a very impatient person. When he wants something done, he means NOW, and he can be an outright handful to keep in line long enough to see reason - and even then, unless it gels with his way of doing things, he won't hesitate to let his displeasure be known.

He is difficult to anger, normally responding to antagonism in kind, but during the rare times he looses his temper he can be a sheer force to be reckoned with. He is determined, stubborn, and once having zeroed in on a goal is difficult to steer away. Of course, he is also prone to his down times, but these are few and far between and generally kept hidden. He rarely allows his fear or anxiety to be shown.

All in all, Sonic's just a guy looking for adventure, and most importantly, he's a hero.



First and foremost, as his name would imply, Sonic is fast. Capable of reaching several dozen miles per hour from a dead standstill, and able to tear through the sound barrier at a blistering mach 1, this hedgehog can run. As would naturally be crucial for such a skill, Sonic is incredibly agile with excellent balance and an almost limitless amount of stamina. His reflexes are a fine tuned engine, able to make tight dodges and weaves at such speeds to borderline precognition, and using his momentum he can race up vertical surfaces, dash across water, and when curled into a ball turn his body into a spinning buzzsaw that can power through solid surfaces. As he runs, a shield of wind forms around his body, protecting him from most minor debris and knocking away people and objects too close to him alike. The constant friction his body endures has overtime reinforced many of his bones, especially those in his legs and feet, protecting him from from fractures during the rare times he suffers a wipeout at high speed.

In terms of his other abilities, being a hedgehog Sonic is naturally good at digging, climbing, can curl himself into a ball, and is resistant to most poisons and toxins. In terms of his senses, his hearing and sense of smell are both quite keen. Between the muscle in his legs and reinforced bone from years of running, his lower body strength is deceptively powerful, able to throw incredible kicks even without the momentum of his speed.

With a Chaos Emerald in his possession, Sonic can use Chaos Control, as well as an elemental control over air he's dubbed "Sonic Wind". He has an un-trained link to the Chaos Force. With all seven emeralds in his possession, Sonic can transform into his Super form. In this state his fur changes to a golden color and he gains the ability to fly, nigh-invulnerability, as well as increasing his speed tenfold.


Having spent most of his childhood in the woods, Sonic has picked up a number of survival skills, ranging from navigation, hunting (when necessary) and tracking, fishing, and so on. Despite his loud and proud attitude, he's also learned how to be stealthy. In a more modern setting, Sonic knows about about computers and electronics to get by, but with his short attention span he's more liable to break them. He can also use a self-learned style of martial arts that resembles breakdancing.

His speed can be used in many resourceful ways. If not simply using his momentum to plow through objects (or people~), he can kick up a wind tunnel by running in circles, break an otherwise harsh fall creating a vortex of wind below him, or even snuff out flames.



As a hedgehog, Sonic is prone to cold weather. If unable to keep his body temperature up he becomes sluggish and tired. Despite how nigh-limitless Sonic's stamina seems to be - simply put, it isn't. He requires a high calorie diet to sustain his optimal level of energy (hence his love of chilidogs), and he lacks upper body strength. He suffers from mild ADD, and while he can swim, he's extremely weak and can't hold his breath for long. Take his shoes away and he can't run, as his skin and fur cannot stand up to the friction.


Sonic has a massive ego, a lack of common sense, is impatient, has difficulty staying still for too long, is headstrong, stubborn and has an addiction to adrenaline. He has a very black-and-white view of "good" and "evil". He also has a fear of water due to his weak skills at swimming, avoiding it wherever possible, as well as, strangely, a fear of orcas. Being called Olgilvie is one of the few things that can set off ghis temper.

Pre-RP History

Sonic was born in Old Mobotropolis during the Great War. As that war waned to a close, Sonic's parents were among the very first lost to the roboticizer. Raised by his Uncle after their loss, he was tutored alongside Princess Sally and several other children. As the war ended and Robotnik seized his coup, Sonic were ushered away by Rosie toward the secret refuge, Knothole.

As the children grew they were inspired to fight back, Sonic being one of those at the forefront. Having spent years honing his speed, Sonic fought hard alongside his pals, until Robotnik's death by the Ultimate Annihilator. With the war seemingly over and peace restored, Sonic and his adoptive brother Tails went on a journey around Mobius.

They returned in time to see the rise of Robo-Robotnik, an inter-dimensional counterpart to their own. As the second phase of the Robotnik War began, many things were changing around them. The king had returned, the robians were deroboticized, and despite the threat of Eggman, even Mobotropolis was restored, thanks to nano-tech used by Nicole.

Time will tell if they can defeat Robotnik for good.

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Post-RP History

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Misc. Info

Sonic's birth name was Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog. However, as soon as he turned 18, he spring to have his first name legally changed to Sonic. Being called by his original first name IS his berserk button, and he WILL tear you up if you call him that.


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