Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

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Name: Nicky Maurice Olgilvie Parlouzer
Nicknames: Sonic (preferred), Blue Blur, Blue Dude with a 'Tude, Quickster… you get the idea
Species: African pygmy hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 3'3''
Residence: Knothole
Occupation: Knothole Freedom Fighter
Likes: Running of course. Himself… of course. Chilidogs, sports, rock and roll, playing his guitar, pinball, clear sunny weather, being the center of attention (when it's not overwhelming), the wind, freedom, doing his hero thing, and of course, the love of his life… Sally Acorn
Dislikes: RoBUTTnik, Being forced to stay in one spot too long, being bothered to think harder than he feels he needs to, politics, foot racing (seriously, there's no competition in it), water
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: Ready to Roll - Jet Black Stare


Faster than fast, cooler than cool. The very first thing you're likely to notice about this hedgehog is the sheer size of his ego. Second to that, Sonic would be best described as a free spirit. He's an outgoing soul with a love of adventure and a need to go wherever he feels the wind is calling him. He has a relaxed and upbeat take on life, looking to quench his ever-present thirst for thrill and excitement. Hyperactive and fun-loving, he can be overwhelming for even the best of people. This isn't to say he doesn't appreciate a more relaxed style, however, during the times he slows down. He does what he feels is a good idea at the time, and cannot tolerate being held down against his will. In a way, he's like the wind itself - including the fact he can be airheaded. Sonic is much more intelligent than he might let himself on to be, but a combination of adrenaline addiction, ADHD and a moderate lacking in common sense can make him appear otherwise.

In addition to his ego, he's also stubborn, cheeky, and sports a sarcastic sense of humor. He also often appears to have a death wish. He'll fearlessly leap head first into danger - to him, there is no "try", and his morals are very black and white. Sonic is a very impatient person. When he wants something done, he means NOW, and he can be an outright handful to keep in line long enough to see reason - and even then, unless it gels with his way of doing things, he won't hesitate to let his displeasure be known. That said, He is difficult to anger, normally responding to antagonism in kind. But during the rare times he loses his temper he can be a sheer force to be reckoned with. He is determined, stubborn, and once having zeroed in on a goal is difficult to steer away, even when a more sensible approach might be available.

Of course, he is also prone to his down times, and despite how loud and proud he makes himself to be, a good chunk of it is actually a coping mechanism for PTSD that he's carried since childhood. Robotnicization is easily Sonic's biggest trigger, having witnessed the roboticization of his beloved uncle at only five years old. He also suffers from related anxiety in terms of the war itself - he recognizes how important he is, and realizes fully what it would mean should he ever fail. To combat this, he puts on his ego and doesn't allow himself to sink too deeply into his own subconscious. Most often his PTSD manifests in nightmares and in crippling flashbacks that can be difficult to snap him out of.

All in all, Sonic's just a guy looking for adventure, and most importantly, he's a hero.


First and foremost, as his name would imply, Sonic is fast. Capable of reaching several dozen miles per hour from a dead standstill, and able to tear through the sound barrier at a blistering mach 1, this hedgehog can run. As would naturally be crucial for such a skill, Sonic is incredibly agile with excellent balance and an almost limitless amount of stamina. His reflexes are a fine tuned engine, able to make tight dodges and weaves at such speeds to borderline precognition, and using his momentum he can race up vertical surfaces, dash across water, and when curled into a ball turn his body into a spinning buzzsaw that can power through solid surfaces. As he runs, a shield of wind forms around his body, protecting him from most minor debris and knocking away people and objects too close to him alike. The constant friction his body endures has overtime reinforced many of his bones, especially those in his legs and feet, protecting him from fractures during the rare times he suffers a wipeout at high speed.

His speed can be used in many resourceful ways. If not simply using his momentum to plow through objects (or people~), he can kick up a wind tunnel by running in circles, break an otherwise harsh fall creating a vortex of wind below him, or even snuff out flames. It's worth noting that Sonic's speed is actually due to inherit wind elemental abilities his indolism grants him, as he subconsciously reduces wind resistance around his body and creates a vortex that propels him forward. However, due to his lack of realizing this and his general impatience, it's unlikely that he'll ever harness his abilities beyond uses in running, since as far as he's concerned, his running is purely physical. His idolism also allows him the ability to use Power Rings and other Power Stone by-products, tremendously increasing the amount of speed he's able to run at.

In terms of his other natural abilities, being a hedgehog Sonic is naturally good at digging, climbing, can curl himself into a spiky ball, and is resistant to most poisons and toxins. In terms of his senses, his hearing and sense of smell are both quite keen. Between the muscle in his legs and reinforced bone from years of running, his lower body strength is deceptively powerful, able to throw incredible kicks even without the momentum of his speed.

Having spent most of his childhood in the woods, Sonic has picked up a number of survival skills, ranging from navigation, hunting (when necessary) and tracking, fishing, and so on. Despite his loud and proud attitude, he's also learned how to be stealthy. In a more modern setting, Sonic knows enough about computers and electronics to get by, but with his short attention span he's more liable to break them. He can also use a self-learned style of martial arts that resembles breakdancing.


As a hedgehog, Sonic is prone to cold weather. If unable to keep his body temperature up he becomes sluggish and tired. Despite how nigh-limitless Sonic's stamina seems to be - simply put, it isn't. He requires a high calorie diet to sustain his optimal level of energy (which may help explain his love of chilidogs), and he lacks upper body strength. While he can swim, he's extremely weak and can't hold his breath for long. Take his shoes away and he can't run, as his skin and fur cannot stand up to the friction.

Sonic also suffers from near-sightedness which he compensates for by wearing corrective contacts. If necessary he's capable of navigating without his contacts, but the further away objects are the more difficult it becomes for him to distinguish beyond shapes and color. He has a pair of glasses for emergencies, but he refuses to wear them in all but the most dire circumstances. As he'll put it, "He'd rather run half blind than look that 'uncool'."

In terms of mental weaknesses, Sonic has a massive ego, a lack of common sense, is impatient, has difficulty staying still for too long, is headstrong, stubborn and has an addiction to adrenaline. He suffers from ADHD. He has a very black-and-white view of "good" and "evil". He also has a fear of water due to his weak skills at swimming, avoiding it wherever possible.

Sonic is considered uneducated - his reading skills are just so that he can get by for the most part, but he doesn't understand a lot of large words. His skill in math is poor at best, and his knowledge of history and the sciences are virtually non-existant. This isn't to say that he's stupid though, as what he lacks in academic knowledge he makes up for in street smarts and skills in survival. Talking in big words or in "techno babble" usually confuses and frustrates him.

In addition, he also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after having witnessed the roboticization of his Uncle Chuck, as well from underlying stress he hides concerning the war in general. While he's developed his own coping mechanisms for handling it and is good at managing it for the most part, he's prone to nightmares and crippling flashbacks.

Pre-RP History

For the first five (almost six) years of his life, Sonic lived safely within Mobotropolis, capitol of the Kingdom of Acorn. He had barely known or gotten to see either of his parents - his father, a military sergeant, and his mother, a combat medic, were both killed during the events of the Great War during the span of Sonic's first three years. As such, his custody was handed over to his paternal uncle, Sir Charles, whom at the time was a respected and renowned scientific inventor and close friend of the king. Helping in raising Sonic was the royal caretaker Rosie, who in addition to the young hedgehog also helped in raising the crown princess, Sally Acorn, as well as other children of varying social classes - Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine.

Sonic's unique abilities first began to surface as a baby. The first sign was when he had started walking at an unusually early age, and soon progressed into running. But not just ordinary running - the child was fast. Unnaturally fast. He had been gifted with an ability to manipulate the air around him, allowing him to support his balance and propel him forward. As his speed and balance increased with practice, his uncle began to take notice. Intrigued by his nephew's indolistic abilities, he encouraged the youngster, beginning to take an interest in indolism and the study of power stones. As Sonic grew older he began to test the limits of just how fast he could potentially go.

The peace that the young hedgehog enjoyed would not last though. In a swift and calculated assault, the king's warlord, Julian, overthrew the kingdom and established himself as its dictator. Sonic, his friends, and even his uncle were all captured. But as they were placed in line to be among the roboticizer's first victims, two mysterious strangers he had only just met earlier that day, Juice and Alicia, came in and rescued him and his friends.

But not before baring witness to the roboticization of his beloved Uncle Chuck.

This may have very well crushed the young boy's spirit, were it not for the words of encouragement Juice shared with him. Chuck would be okay. It would take awhile, but he would be okay. Sonic took these words to heart as Rosie ushered him and the other children away to Knothole.

Sonic proved himself a hard to tame wild child after that. Too eager to grow up and kick some "Robuttnik", and insisting he was grown up enough to do it all by himself, it was all Rosie and the other adults in the Knothole refugee camp could do to keep him under control. It wasn't until one night when he snuck out of Knothole and got himself lost in the woods - neverminding even making it to now-christened Robotropolis - that the small boy realized just how out of his league he was. When he was found the next day by members of the village, he made a promise to himself. He was going to work hard to make himself a master at controlling his speed, and when the time came, he was going to break out and prove himself to be the threat he knew he was capable of being.

Five years later, he finally got that chance. At age eleven, he, along with Sally, infiltrated Robotropolis for the first time. It had been the first time in years since Sonic had seen what had once been his home, and the sight that greeted him shook him to the core - no longer was it the beautiful pristine city that it had once been, but a dark and poisonous cancer upon the land. Worse still came when he laid his eyes upon the roboticized citizens for the first time since witnessing his uncle's roboticization - the shock of which triggered a post-traumatic flashback. Unable to complete their mission, Sally was forced to call a retreat and it was only through her that he was snapped out of his stupor.

The weeks that followed were a rough road to recovery for Sonic. But he was determined. He had to do something. And somehow, he knew - he just knew - he was going to be an important part in winning this war. As a coping mechanism, Sonic threw himself into a variety of activities designed to distract his mind and keep himself from dwelling on the horrors Robotnik had created - playing guitar, pinball, and of course honing his speed. He couldn't let himself think too deeply. Thinking was for people who could afford to slow down, and Sonic the Hedgehog could never slow down. Content to let Sally be the brains of the operation, he willfully blocked out his ability to fully take the situation too seriously.

Over the years his outward confidence in himself grew - as did his inward insecurities. Having pretty much mastered his running skills, he has proven to be among the most important members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Post-RP History

Their track record since they've been in the game.

Crossover History

Their track record in the crossover.


Sally Acorn Leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the love of Sonic's life. Although the two quarrel often, they are extremely close.
Uncle Chuck Sonic's beloved uncle and parental figure. He acts as a spy in Robotropolis.
Bunnie Rabbot A partially roboticized member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Sonic is good friends with her.
Antoine D'Coolette Barely a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sonic more-so tends to tolerate him more than he considers Antoine a close friend
Rotor the Walrus The tech specialist of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Sonic considers him a relaxed and cool dude.
Dr Robotnik Dictator of Mobius, Sonic and his FF buds fight tirelessly to end his reign.

Other Info

Sonic speaks with a Southern Californian accent that employs the use of a lot of 80's and 90's slang.

Sonic's most prized possession is a photo album he keeps in his hut, featuring various pictures of himself, his friends and his Uncle Chuck from before the coup. He keeps a group photo of everyone (including Rosie) beside his bed, and while on missions he always carries a photo of himself, Uncle Chuck and his dog Muttski in his backpack as a good luck charm - as well as to serve as a reminder of exactly what it is he's fighting for.

Sonic is known to carry a hand mirror around with him during missions to Robotropolis. While often using it to tease Sally, he's proven that it serves more purpose than to bolster his own ego - that is, to deflect lasers he can't dodge when being shot at.

Sonic has "anti-gravs" built into the soles of his shoes. These are most often used for allowing him to walk vertically and even upside down on surfaces - within reason. They can also give him a controlled descent while falling, as well as help him cover extraordinarily long distance leaps.

"Nicky Parlouzer" was the name of Sonic's alter-ego in the first manga published about Sonic. Maurice was Sonic's middle name in Archie and Olgilvie was stated by Ken Penders to be his first name, but as it never saw print it was unacknowledged by later writers. He absolutely hates it when anyone calls him by his real name, having pretty much adopted the name "Sonic the Hedgehog" as his moniker.


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