Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)

"Experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows."


Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
Nicknames: Blue Blur, Speed King, Sonic Boom — take your pick.
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 3'3"
Residence: Sonic has an issue with 'settling down' anywhere, so most of the time, he probably 'lives' on some rooftop somewhere when he's not really on the move, which is rare enough as it is. However, usual spots include Tails' workshop, or the every so often popular hangout in Station Square. Otherwise, he can only be located whenever it's convenient.
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: N/A
Likes: Sonic enjoys exploration, and will go out of his way to make his own adventure if nothing's really going on. He likes a good chili dog, and probably has most of his fun agitating Dr. Eggman. The hedgehog likes hanging out with a select few childhood friends when time allows — namely Tails and Knuckles. He also has a slight affinity for anything in relation to some type of boarding sport. Skateboarding, snowboarding, you name it!
Dislikes: He can't stand swimming, and he really hates it when people try to teach him how. He doesn't like waiting around for too long, and contrary to what most people think, he doesn't really like racing all that much.
Played By: Tony
Theme: It Doesn't Matter - Tony Harnell


On the surface, Sonic is a pretty easy-going fella. There isn't a whole lot that gets under his skin; he says what's on his mind, and he just kinda goes through life doing his own thing. It's all about the freedom of choice, and he's livin' the dream. In a nutshell, he is what those around him would refer to as 'cool'. Or maybe even 'outta-sight'.

… Since that's what he tends to be, anyway, due to how everything else about him is just fast-paced. He doesn't like to waste time, or hang around in a single place for far too long — he prefers to keep things moving, and is always on the lookout for the next high-stakes adventure. Because of this free-form behaviour, it tends to be challenging enough just to -see- him, much less get a decent conversation out of the guy. Throw in a dash of impatience, and a pinch of attitude, and that about sums his true colours in a nutshell.

If there's one thing that he has always believed in, it is the aforementioned freedom of choice. Whenever possible, he's always willing to fight for the little guy, especially if it means getting a good laugh in the face of oppressive authority — something that he gets to partake in frequently due to the regularly occurring actions of the Eggman.


Sonic is capable of running faster than the speed of sound — a trademark feat that he has always been well-known for. This uncanny skill allows him to perform tasks normally impossible for living beings, such as running up walls, in loop-de-loops, or even right over the surface of water. Using his speed, he can also curl into a ball that spins so rapidly, cutting through robotic minions or walls is a walk in the park for him. While he's not exactly the kind of fighter built for strength, hi-speed kicks and attacks are adequate enough to compensate. He's rather skilled with grinding along rails, and has even figured out how to hone in on the energies of beings and objects, in order to deliver a near-unavoidable homing attack, a fate that Eggman's entire army is all too familar with.

Sonic has been witnessed to, on more than one occasion, manipulate or utilize the power of the wind in some form or fashion. Examples include creating a wind tornado in midair, and stirring up a blade-like vortex that is capable of cutting enemies and objects alike.

Another thing of note is his unbelievable stamina. Sonic could probably run forever if he truly wanted to — the exhaustiveness of extra effort hardly seems to faze him at all, especially during the heat of battle against the best Dr. Eggman has to offer. If he's knocked down, it's a certainty that he'll just get right back up and keep going. It takes a lot to take the wind out of his sails, which is probably a source of utmost frustration for the mad doctor.

In addition to his otherworldly stamina, his endurance is something to be feared. Because of all the friction and other related forces constantly being stirred up by the hedgehog, his own skeletal structure is extremely reinforced, to a degree that may even rival some of Eggman's own machinery.

He is also capable of piloting most vehicles — having flown planes, cars, and even one of Eggman's own trademark Eggmobiles. Running around is sort of a personal preference, though.


Water. Sonic does not know how to swim, a fact that has plagued him for as long as he has been able to remember. The moment he drops into a lake, or chemical tank of any kind, he'll simply sink like a stone. It's probably one of the few times that he would require assistance from somebody else, if it was a serious enough occurrence.

While he has a basic understanding of vehicular travel, the hedgehog isn't really the most intelligent personality around. Most of the time, he has to leave the heavy thinking to Tails, or even Eggman, in some rare cases. Sonic's more of a doer.

And while his hi-speed traits can aid some of his more physical attacks, he's definitely no Knuckles — he has stun factor, but nothing terribly powerful through pure, brute force. Most of his 'power' comes from his ability to slice-and-dice through Eggman's mechanical army, with the occasional powerful shot from his homing shots. Punches, kicks, or anything purely direct aren't really in his bag.

On a lesser note, Sonic also has a hell of an ego, and overconfidence has a tendency trip him up whenever he's in over his head — an event that usually transpires while fighting his main mustached archenemy.

Emerald Abilities

Whenever he has one chaos emerald, abilities with speed and strength increase, and based on prior experiences, he can also use Chaos Control, much like one of his well-known rivals, Shadow the Hedgehog.

It's when he has all seven emeralds that things take a turn for the interesting. Surging with Chaos energy, Sonic transforms into the entity known as Super Sonic — his fur takes on a shiny, golden hue, and his eyes go from green to red. In this form, his speed is unparalleled, and he even has the ability to fly. The only thing that anybody really can do to him when he's gone Super is to merely keep him at bay until the power finally dies down, due to an increased amount of utter invulnerability that this form possesses.

This is quite possibly Eggman's worst nightmare — except, of course, in situations where he can use this transformation to his own advantage.

Pre-RP History

Not much is really known about Sonic's past, due to the fact that nobody's really had much opportunity to ask him about it. As far as anybody can tell, Sonic was born on Christmas Island, and did little of any importance until renowned scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik came along, deeming himself "Dr. Eggman" and causing a great deal of trouble for everybody. After their first confrontation on South Island, it's been nothing but a series of conflicts between the Voice of Freedom and the Grip of Control ever since.

Sonic has been on numerous adventures fighting his egg-shaped nemesis, meeting several friendly faces along the way, as well as many new dangerous opponents, ranging from similarly-speedy hedgehogs, to full-fledged apocalyptic monsters of legend. He's been just about everywhere, though he's always looking for something new to dive right into.

His adventures have continued until present day, and will no doubt go on for much, much longer.

Post-RP History

To be written soon.

Crossover History

To be written soon.


Tails the Fox Sonic's closest friend, and closest ally. At times, the two are nearly inseparable.
Metal Sonic Metal was modeled in this hedgehog's image, and ever since the two have been constant rivals.
Knuckles the Echidna Sonic's gullible, temperamental ally. Though, sometimes, he is just as easily another rival of the hedgehog's.
Amy Rose Sonic's self-proclaimed 'girlfriend'. Another helpful ally, albeit a touch clingy.
Blaze the Cat The fire-based feline princess of Terra. Refused Sonic's aid at first, but now sees him as a valuable ally and friend.
Team Chaotix The quirky trio of detectives, Espio, Charmy, and Vector. He seems to know Vector the best out of the three.
Shadow the Hedgehog Gerald's creation, the Ultimate Life Form. Once a dangerous enemy, is now a semi-friendly rival.
Uncle Chuck Sonic's Uncle. Raised Sonic, and helped forge his appreciation for chili dogs.

Other Info

It's rumored that he's actually sometimes a D.J. in one of Station Square's most popular nighttime hotspots, though nobody's been able to prove it so far (Or get him to admit as much, anyway).

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