Special Zone

The special zone is a drug-induced hallucination kind of limbo. It's situated directly between the Gaia and Terra and may be entered either through Warp Rings, Star Posts, or places where reality has become weak and/or unstable. While natural tears in reality occasionally occur from either dimension, until the events of Sonic Rush, no single tear had ever been known to be deep enough that it penetrated through to the opposite dimension. Dimensional Gates are the only things known to be able to pierce directly from one dimension into the other.

The special zone is highly unstable. It doesn't seem to have any particular set shape or form. This may be due to its speculated function; it's believed by some to act as a ballast, keeping the two dimensions separated from each other and stable while absorbing the excess energy they create. It's also theorized that the Chaos and Sol Emeralds may have been formed here in this ever warping and twisting reality.

Those who have the misfortune of becoming lost here are known for never being seen again as they often are unable to find their way back out, or, in exceptionally rare cases, may accidentally find themselves in the opposite dimension via a second rip. Entering the special zone, even if one has some idea of what they're doing, is considered extremely dangerous and recommended to be avoided.

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