Spider Silk

Spider silk is produced from a certain species of cave-spiders (insert name here), and can be harvested with relative ease, so long as there is a healthy population of tame spiders nearby. This variety of spider silk has unique properties combined with the already useful attributes of spider silk, and as such it has a wide range of uses. Currently the only ones producing and using this silk are the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters.


The properties of (name) spider silk are listed as such:

  • Super Strong: Compared to steel of the same width and length, spider silk is naturally 100 times stronger, though it can be cut like corded rope, and is susceptible to fire.
  • Flexibility: While silk is stronger than steel, it has the conformability of liquid-like proportions. Its extreme flexibility allows it to be used either as taut as steel, or as flowing and loose as delicate thread. Like all matter, the flexibility lessens the thicker it becomes.
  • Liquid Activated Adhesive: Severe humidity or any kind of liquid will cause the silk to become extremely sticky and binding, withstanding pressures up to 1000 pounds. This property only stays so long as the silk remains wet. Originally used by the spiders to trap prey.


Spider silk has many uses. It can be woven into string, rope, or cable, which can then be used as stronger substitute. It can be used to make anything normally made of rope or steel, like hammoks, bridges, fuses, and chains. Like cloth, it is easily dyed.

The silk also has a medical use. When suturing wounds with silk thread, the silk binds with the plasma, giving the wound additional clotting aspects. Mats of spider silk can be used to temporarily patch massive wounds. Combined with honey, it is an extremely effective gause.

The most recent application for spider silk pertains to its adhesiveness when wet. Applied to bombs or grenades, it effectively creates 'sticky bombs' which are extremely hard to remove from the surface it is attached to. The bombs could be easily removed once the silk dried, but they tend to explode before that happens~

Spidersilk clothing is a possibility, though it would be highly recommended to not wear it while it is very humid or raining.

Attempting to chew through or eat spider silk is NOT RECOMMENDED.

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