Station Square

Station Square is a massive, sprawling metropolis full of many tourist attractions such as casinos, expansive hotels, as well as Emerald Coast and the famous Twinkle Park. It's considered one of the many hubs of the Sonic world, where many characters call home and make their living. Pretty much anything has been known to happen here and it's also where the most shit blows up.

At one point Station Square had been all but destroyed when Perfect Chaos spread its fury, causing many casualties and millions in property damage in its wake. Since the incident the city has been mostly restored to its former glory.

Notable Locations


Chuck's Chili Dogs

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Emerald Coast

A large beachside resort lined with condos and hotels. It's also home to a particularly irate orca.


A large ritzy hotel, Casinopolis spares no expense at its image and is most notable for its large golden statue of Sonic in the lobby. It's best known for its pinball games.

Twinkle Park

The dazzling seaside amusement park of light. Twinkle Park has everything from roller coasters, kart racing, bowling, carousels, swimming - you name it! The park is best known for its marketing gimmick that allows "cute couples" in for free - much to Sonic's chagrin when Amy Rose manages to get ahold of him.

Parkside Square Apartments

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City Hall

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Central Station

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Station Square Hair

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Nook's Cranny

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Cosmo's Flower Emporium

A small flower shop located near Town Hall. Recently opened, Cosmo's flowers are already known throughout the city.

Firefly Dance Club

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Egg Carrier Ruins

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