Sue Danta

"…Don't make me break out th' duct tape!"


Name: Sue Danta
Nicknames: none
Species: Tapir
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Alignment: Lawful Good
Statistics: Physical: 9 | Mental: 8 | Luck: 4
Height: 2’11”
Build: Large (65 lbs.: slightly muscular; overweight)
Residence: Meadowood
Occupation: Freedom Fighter; freelance architect/builder
Likes: Fruit, wisecracking, sports, flowers, companionship (either with a friend or boyfriend)
Dislikes: Chauvinists, loneliness, cheese, Robotnik, “as if you had any doubts!”
Hobbies/Talents: Swimming, scuba diving, building houses and/or other items, all kinds of sports.
Played By: Gatorman
Theme: The Who, “Going Mobile”


Sue is perhaps the most gregarious Mobian in all of Meadowood, to the point where anyone is free to come in without knocking on the front door of her lodge.

She tries to maintain a perfect balance between having fun and concentrating on serious manners, such as assisting her fellow Freedom Fighters. Sue has a tomboyish nature; as a child, she wanted to fit in with her male classmates, hoping to become “one of the boys.” That nature, however, causes her to hide her true feelings from her friends on occasion. However, she is not afraid to tell others what she thinks of them.



Sue is excellent at moving quickly through rough/over terrain. Sue’s strong toe and finger claws are useful for scaling certain walls, especially wood, dirt, and mud. She can also subdue enemies with her powerful jaws, although she prefers using them only as a last resort.

Sue's hearing and smell are acute, as typical of all tapirs. She is likely to take advantage of these abilities to detect the presence of food, or other Mobians. While Sue's stamina is a far cry from that of an average Mobian, it is above average for someone with her build.


In addition to her vast knowledge of architecture and construction, she owns a vintage 3195 Ecco, the only hovercraft in all of Meadowood with a flatbed, allowing her to haul important supplies into certain areas. She is an able swimmer, allowing her to travel easily across the water. She is computer-literate, but does not believe in hacking. She can also use a hammer in more than one capacity—preferably to connect with someone’s head.



Tapirs have poor sight, and Sue must therefore rely on wearing specially-created pair of goggles for her to perform construction work. Due to Sue’s weight, she tends to slow down whenever she runs long distances. Sue sometimes loses her balance due to her stocky build.


She is temperamental, and known to get into grudges with anyone who crosses her, although she refuses to stay mad at anyone whose intentions were good. She has a fear of being alone, which could affect her work performance.

Pre-RP History

Sue Danta and her fun-loving, kind, hard-working parents, Fred and Frida, were Mercians up to the time of Robotnik’s invasion of the city. Her parents were both blue-collar: her father was an architect; her mother, a construction worker. Sue, fascinated by their jobs, wanted to succeed them after they retired. Their parents taught her all the tricks of their trades, and eventually learned enough to join the workforce.

Unfortunately, retirement never came. Fred and Frida, the sort of Mobians who would build a shelter in two hours flat, were killed in the invasion. Sue, ordered by her parents to hide in a tree, survived. Sue then became a wanderer, traveling from city to city in her father’s 3195 Ecco. Other Mobians offered her room and board in exchange for her services, only to be kicked out on a few occasions when the workflow dried up! The only items in her truck: her hard hat, goggles, tool belt, tool box, leather gloves, and a few pictures—the only mementos Sue had of her old life.

Post-RP History

Crossover History

None yet.


Melinda Mouser "She's a damn fine technowhiz, but I wish she'd smile once in awhile!"
Espio the Chameleon "That boy's constantly lookin' for trouble…but I like th' kid, anyway!"
Robert Hedge "Th' leader of our group…I usually have a friendly conversation with him here an' there."

Misc. Info

THE 3195 ECCO: Sue's trusty hovercar is parked in the base of one of Meadowood's trees. It seats two in the cab, with room for four more in the flatbed. The car runs on a rechargeable electric battery, and can haul up to 1,800 pounds without causing damage to the car itself. The Ecco has no special gadgets such as weapons and radar; such gizmos never entered into the Dantas' mind at all, as they were too busy working to really worry about Robotnik.


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