Sydney The Funnel Web (Sega)

"Step into my parlor."


Name: Sydney Maison
Nicknames: Syd
Species: Sydney Funnel Web Spider
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 3’8’’
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Private Detective
Likes: Reading, specifically romance novels. Solving any kind of mystery or puzzle. Tea. Classical music. Showing off. Chess.
Dislikes: Loud noises. Modern culture. Modern Technology. Vector the Crocodile. Being outsmarted. Prejudice against her being a spider.
Played By: Val
Theme: Hunter's Dream - Bloodborne OST
Sherlock Holmes theme


An eccentric obsessed with refinement and class, Sydney is all too concerned with the details. A devotee of the Victorian age, she does everything she can to surround herself in it, owning an entire wardrobe of such clothing. Her choice in lifestyle stemming from a lifelong adoration of books, specifically detective novels which helped sharpen her abilities to notice and deduce.
She is all too quick to tell someone her opinion of them with little regard for tact or harming their feelings. She has seen the line between black and white blur constantly in her career but still holds true to the law being, not absolute due to corruption and abuse, but generally to be upheld.

Despite her mostly logic driven mind, Sydney has a nasty habit of letting her imagination run away on her. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than with the frequency with which she finds herself smitten with some mysterious figure who shows the slightest capacity to keep up with her intellectually. She is a hopeless romantic, searching for love in every possible location.

Completely absorbed in her work to an unhealthy degree, Sydney makes excellent use of her brilliant mind, utilising a vast store of information she has cultivated over the years. She’s in control often (or acts as if she is) and needs a good mystery to solve to keep life interesting.

Steeped in a bygone time, Sydney can seem dismissive of the modern age but people in general, she still cares for. Despite the prejudice against her species, she seeks to help people just as much to make a difference as she does for her own excitement.


An excellent climber, able to stick to walls and ceilings and dash along surfaces rapidly.
Able to spin strands of web with incredible tensile strength and able to stick to surfaces or be fashioned into several forms, if given the time to construct them.
With so many eyes, Sydney has a much wider field of vision than typical Thropes or humans.
Sharp fangs capable of injecting copious amounts of venom resulting in a victim suffering headaches, abdominal pain, extreme sickness and nausea, heavy sweating, coughing and difficulty breathing and muscle spasms.
Extremely fast reflexes and agility.
Able to “feel” vibrations in the air.
A keen intellect.


Easily blinded by bright lights.
Extremely sensitive sense of smell and “hearing.” Strong scents can disorientate and make her uncomfortable and loud noises can even cause pain.
Her extra eyes can detect movement but can’t make out detail without focusing her primary eyes on whatever she’s looking at.
Her vision is very poor in the dark.
A very low pain threshold.
Despite her supposed refinement, once something riles Sydney up she can quickly turn to verbal rage with little thought to any consequences.
Arrogant in both her mental superiority and her high class.

Emerald Abilities

Chaos Web - Sydney gains a perfect 3D sensory map of the environment and every living thing in it for up to 50 yards in all directions.

Pre-RP History

Life did not begin easy for young Sydney Maison. When she was only a toddler, her mother was sent to prison for the murder of her father in a domestic dispute turned violent.
She grew up with her uncle who, despite being quite well off and affectionate, could do little to fill the void this caused. The confusion, the demand to understand what had happened and why.

Sydney found herself almost living in her uncle’s vast library pouring over fiction as an escape from bleak reality and it was here she discovered the tales of Sherlark Holmes, a brilliant mind who understood how everything fit together. This man would become her hero as she developed a ravenous appetite for mystery stories.
As she grew older this turned to criminal psychology, human behavior, forensics, chemistry, she learned everything she could about the science and mathematics behind the world and the people in it.

Unfortunately all this study left her with little time to socialise and when she was forced into social situations they were found to be uncomfortable all round. Others found her strange and repulsive both by her mentality and her species. So she retreated further from this world into one held now only in pages. An age Sydney longed to’ve seen firsthand; the Victorian age. The manor she lived in was an echo of the style, the decedent lavishness of that age and she was beyond infatuated with it.

As she reached her mid teens, her uncle offered to help send her to college to pursue this passion for criminology she had become so consumed by, albeit with some worries of his own that it was all a way of coping with the tragedy of her youth.
Sydney enrolled and a few years of the most draining and intensive study she’d ever endured, she graduated.

Initially intent on becoming a Crime Scene Investigator, Sydney found the job far too distant from what she wanted. She wanted to be in the thick of it, not just collecting data but using it to track down the culprits, to see the whole picture. And so she invested in opening her own Detective agency, Funnelweb Investigations. The name chosen to put her species upfront, to be clear on what she was with no shame.

Her goal in life is to find her own personal Moriarty and prove herself to be a real life detective just as brilliant as the one who inspired her.

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Other Info

Sydney carries with her a walking cane which is in reality a sheathe hiding a blade. This blade is also capable, with the press of a button, of splitting and transforming into a segmented whip.
Hidden by her coat she often also carries a pair of twin daggers, laced with her own potent venom which she calls the Widows Fangs.

Sydney speaks with a distinct French accent.

She has tried boxing and learning the violin as to mimic her idol but found the former too blunt and painful and the latter simply not to her taste.

The name Maison is French for Home, intended as an homage to Holmes.


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