Tails Doll (Sega)



Name: Tails Doll
Nicknames: TD, The Doll, Dale, OH GOD NO, That Thing, Creepy-floaty-doll-thing, Why The Hell Did I Make You, etc.
Species: Plush fox modeled metallix. Prototype android.
Gender: Nothing. Male oriented.
Age: 4 years approximately. Inactive for three of those four years.
Alignment: DARK.
Type: Balance.
Height: 2'3.5"
Build: Cushiony action-figurey. Doll-like, with a robotic endoskeleton.
Residence: Formerly the Final Egg Base in Mystic Ruins, now in Eggman's current base.
Occupation: Experiment gone wrong, Eggman's ex-race robot, People scarer.
Likes: Pleasing Eggman, doing missions, its various hobbies, causing mischief. Glowing objects.
Dislikes: Failing Eggman, people who mock him, being defeated, people trying to grab at his life crystal. It likes dark places and small areas such as corners, shelves, and ambush spots. Its favorite reading materials include those about torture, fears and phobias, the biology of animals, the brain, and surgery.
Hobbies/Talents: Thinking up of ways to kill Sonic and Tails and steal the Ma- oh wait, that's not hard enough. Playing psychological games with people is its chosen pasttime. Following Eggman's orders. Reading the dictionary and wikipedia. Often spends time looking up psychology and psychiatry, and occasionally biology.
Played By: Topaz Mutiny. He had a former player I think but nothing was ever done with him beyond being dumped in a trash bin for comedic relief. I have since retconned this.- Topaz
Theme: "Can You Feel The Sunshine?" - Richard Jacques
Can You Feel The Sunshine? (Acid Mix) - Naofumi Hataya
Livin' In The City - Richard Jacques


The Tails Doll is much like a stupid dog at first glance- all it wants to do is please its master. But that changed after the events in Sonic R. It became determined at all costs to defeat Sonic and the others, and soon became vain when it discovered that it can scare the living daylights out of people. It believes that it can do anything it wants to if it tries hard enough, and will get very frustrated if it fails. It is obsessed with glowing objects, thanks to the glowing gem that keeps it alive. It is a worker and a pleaser, and is frustrated whenever its attempts fail.

Despite its looks, The Doll is highly intelligent. It often spends idle time looking up fears and psychology, and figuring out the best way to manipulate various personalities through their fears. Because of the way it manipulates others, the Tails Doll does not trust anyone outside of the Eggman Empire, and even then will only take orders from very few people. Its high intelligence, coupled with its fascination with organics and how it can manipulate them can often become dangerous… for the other people. Its curiosity can lead to the psychological torture of some organism.

While very rare in the early stages of emotional development, getting the Tails Doll angry is a death wish, as it will use its vast knowledge of fears, emotions, and biology against whoever slighted it, often to the point where there is no other objective it will accomplish beforehand. It has no qualms about the pain it inflicts upon others, and would care very little if its master perished. For morals, the Tails Doll only has one: Follow Eggman's orders. In the Tails Doll's souless eyes, nothing else matters.



It can float indefinitely due to the glowy red crystal attached to its forehead, even across bodies of water. It mirrors to an extent Tails' ability to fly, as the Tails Doll can also let loose a burst of energy that flings it into the air, where it will then slowly descend. His glowy gem gives him a wireless capability so he can speak through computers and hack them, as well as communicate with other robots. The gem, being a failed replica of a Chaos Emerald, gives the Tails Doll some insulation against chaos powers, but can be overpowered. Due to being a robot, its critical thinking and memory are astounding.

It can cause a screech similar to that of nails on a chalkboard or a fax machine when it tries to use its synthesizer, and can be used as an attack. Similar to a pillow, the Tails Doll can suffocate people by enclosing itself around their face. As a former metallix designed for racing Sonic and his friends, it can float at incredible speeds. It also has excellent agility, though tends to 'dirft' when makes sharp turns or hard stops. It can swim, though its stuffing will become waterlogged.


Has mastery of Tails' attacks and abilities, though rarely uses them. While its AI is similar to Metal Sonic's and has developed somewhat, it is only on the fringe of knowing emotions. It has learned to hide the truth. Knows how to play psychological games with people, can turn a person's fears against them, and is excellent at reading people's emotions as well as predicting reactions.

It excels at ambush tactics and preemptive planning. Can hack into moderate-level computers, and knows how to pilot cars and boats and would be able learn to control other vehicles it is unfamiliar with. Vehicles with robotic interfaces he can hack into and control without manual interference.


Chaos Fear: Everyone within a 10 foot radius wees their legs in absolute terror… or maybe just runs away in terror. The amount of terror inflicted on a person increases with each emerald the Tails Doll has in its possession. Having all seven would cow even the strongest-willed characters. The Tails Doll cannot obtain a Super Form. If it got a hold of Sol Emeralds, it would possibly start acting controversial to its personality.



The Tails Doll is physically weak, and can be easily restrained. Vocally it is unable to communicate, and cannot communicate with organics unless a hackable system with speakers or text formatting is nearby. After swimming, its movement above water is hampered until the stuffing dries out. Will shut down if the gem on its forehead is removed or destroyed. As a robot, strong magnets can restrain the Tails Doll, it is prone to EMP blasts, can be given viruses or be hacked if its firewall is successfully breached, and can even be reprogrammed.


The Tails Doll is extremely vain, and tends to underestimate its opponents despite how much it learns about them. As its AI develops more it will become arrogant because of its vanity. It feels EXTREMELY vulnerable about the gem attached to its forehead, as this is its source of power, and its obsession with other glowing gems can lead it to trouble. The Tails Doll has trust issues, only feeling secure with orders from Eggman, Metal, or RK. It has tunnel vision when it wants to complete an objective, and will sometimes over calculate a situation. It cannot stand true, unchangeable failure, and will do anything to rectify the situation, which can lead to extremely dangerous scenes and mounds of trouble.

Pre-RP History

The Tails Doll was created in Eggman's sleep entirely as a mistake. Its original purpose was to be the host of various experimental technologies that Eggman was creating at the time. As a mockery of his enemies, Eggman gave this experiment a parodied look of Tails the Fox: a cutesy little doll (which ended up looking not-so-cute) that looked utterly (not) harmless, which ended up leading into being one of the good doctor's first forays into androids.

Technically, all of the experiments worked. However, all of them placed inside the Tails Doll had apparently caused conflict within the doll-bot, causing some to work improperly and others not to work at all. The synthesizer for a voice with no robotic overtone was permanently damaged, and the emotional matrix failed to even initiate. One of the few experiments that did work was a modified version of the Fuzzy Logic AI, making the Tails Doll surprisingly intelligent. Still, not much else was functional. The large amount of failures was due in part by yet another experiment: a prototype Fake Chaos Emerald that was to be used as a powersource. Though it was deemed a failure, Eggman used it to power the Tails Doll regardless. It had worked, for the doll was activated, but at the cost of most of its experimental technology becoming dysfunctional.

And still, to the Tails Doll's credit, the experimental monstrosity had its uses. Its first purpose was to help Metal Sonic, Egg Robo, and Robo Knux defeat Sonic and the gang during the Sonic R incident. It didn't do too terribly despite its shortcomings, and the Doll found itself fascinated when it saw people react to it with fear, even those among the Eggman Empire. However, the Doll's luck would soon run out, and Eggman finally had an excuse to scrap it once it failed to help procure the Emeralds by the end of Sonic R. The Doll tormented itself on its failure, and vowed that if it ever got re-activated, it would do something so great, that Eggman would never be mad at it again. The Doll began to call upon the internet, reading dictionaries and wikipedia and other such information archives. It wanted to learn as much as it could so it knew how to defeat any obstacle it came across.

But it couldn't do this forever. Eventually, the Tails Doll idled in the depths of the Final Egg base, doubtful that it would be released soon. The events of major times passed quickly for the Tails Doll, before being reawoken by a certain intruder. This time, however, the Tails Doll had decided it was done idling, and needed to be proactive. And so begun its escape back to Eggman.

Post-RP History

Crossover History

None yet.


Dr. Eggman The Tails Doll's creator and master. It only ever wants to please him.
Metal Sonic Dale's favored 'brother'. Tails Doll has yet to become jealous of him.
Robo Knux The Doll's other 'brother' that had also been abandoned for a time. RK's eccentricness confuses The Tails Doll.
Sonic the Hedgehog Beat the Tails Doll and its comrades in the Sonic R fiasco. Caused The Tails Doll to be abandoned.
Tails the Fox Also was the demise of The Tails Doll, and is also the organic Tails Doll is based off of.
Inari the Wolf Irate organic that needs to know the meaning of fear.
Mina the Mongoose Organic that released the Tails Doll. Had a Chaos Emerald. Kidnap fodder.
Scratch Eccentric badnik.
Grounder Eccentric badnik 2.
Silver Sonic Mk2 Another Sonic metallix. Seems devout to Eggman.

Misc. Info

Wrapped in OH GOD NO with a topping of FACEHUG.

While The Tails Doll has a vocal synthesizer, it had been damaged due to its prototype power source, and can only send out sounds similar to radio static, fax machines, and garbled words.

The gem attached to its head is a prototype Fake Chaos Emerald Eggman had created and soon dubbed a failure. It eventually came to use as the powersource for the Tails Doll.

The Tails Doll does not know how to loot Hammerspace.

Finally, this is a serious adaption. I've always liked the Tails Doll, and I've always thought how interesting it could be to play as it.


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