Tails The Fox (Sega)



Name: Miles Prower (though he despises it, mostly because it's a pun)
Nicknames: Tails (he prefers this name, and is more likely to respond to it), Foxboy (he dislikes this because it's usually Dr. Eggman who calls him this)
Species: Red fox, with a mutation that caused him to have two tails instead of one
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Alignment: Hero
Type: Flight
Height: 2' 7.5"
Build: He's slim and lightweight, but he has to have some sort of muscle somewhere in order to somewhat keep up with Sonic.
Residence: Mystic Ruins, in his very own Workshop. For details see Anything Else.
Occupation: Sidekick, mechanic, inventor, cute-thing that follows Sonic, object of manipulation.
Likes: Planes, machines, robots (that aren't Eggman's), Sonic, hanging around with Sonic, creating new weapons of mass destruction machines, flying, swimming… TOASTER CANNON. Merce.
Dislikes: Eggman, Metal Sonic, people mistreating old machines, being bothered when he's in the middle of something complicated, LIGHTNING, when no-one listens to him, when he has to do things on his own, being rejected. LOATHES being called Miles, and goes practically nuts when someone touches/grabs his namesakes. It's possible even Sonic might not be exempt from retaliation. Merce.
Hobbies/Talents: Loves to tinker and upkeep his beloved machines. Practically anything having to do with machines is a hobby of his. Enjoys flying, whether with his own tails or in his plane. Adventuring with Sonic is pretty much a hobby as well. EXCELS at Table Tennis.
Played By: Topaz Mutiny; former player was Wez.
Theme: "Believe In Myself/I Wanna Fly High" by Karen Brake (Canon Theme)
"Watch Me Fly" by Crush 40 (Classic Theme)
"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace (Corrupted Theme)


Tails is very shy. His years of growing up alone and shunned because of his mutation had given Tails a reason to fear people, and to feel ashamed of himself. With no self-esteem or social aspects about him, the kit could only turn to learning what he could, and his IQ quickly grew. Along with this came a realization that no one would probably accept him as he was, and soon determination sprouted within the orphan outcast. He is a very determined and dedicated fox, and likely won't stop until he gets something done just right. Afraid of failure and rejection, Tails tries his hardest to not give up.

Sonic, however, was a turning point in the kit's life. The hedgehog's acceptance of Tails is very special to the vulpine, and slowly but surely, his shell of shyness and waryness was chipped away, and out came an optimistic, happy, bright, and curious young fox, who no longer hated his namesakes. He views Sonic as a brother, and as such, can be rather clingy, since he regards Sonic (and Uncle Chuck) as his only family. With Sonic by his side, Tails appears much braver and sure of his actions, and is loyal to a fault. And since Tails was never really an expert on people, he can be slightly naive and too-trusting, and as such is easily manipulated and confused.

It doesn't help that the kit tries his best to not see the world in black and white, which means, given the opportunity to know them better, not being completely and solidly against even the most vile of evil characters.

Of course, old habits die hard, and Tails still has plenty of trouble not being shy around strangers, because he has a very deep fear of being rejected. When Tails is scared, he tends to either talk quietly, quickly, or not at all, and his fur tends to fluff up. And without Sonic around to help him get through troubling times, Tails occasionally reverts to his old, self-pitying, terrified self, much like a lost child. He is never comfortable with talking about family, since he knows he technically doesn't have one, despite what brotherly love Sonic and Tails share. And when he cannot escape his own past, he gets very upset and confused.

If pushed too much to the extreme, Tails is very likely to snap like a broken twig. Warning signs are often when he becomes particularly hysterical, enraged, or annoyed at something, or even extremely depressed. When the fox has gone past what he can bear, the results are frighteningly bloodthirsty. Morals and good teachings appear to be tossed out the cockpit, replaced instead with the need to release all the feelings of hurt and outrage the kit had bottled up over the years in a large display of violence.

And even during all of this, Tails always comes out as the kid who wants to see how the cookie jar was made, instead of being caught with his hand inside it. Extremely curious, yet always abiding by the rules, he's never satisfied with something until he figures out exactly how it ticks. If an obstacle blocks his path, he'll always try to find a way through it or around it.



Tails can fly by spinning his namesakes like helicopter blades, taking off into high heights and super speed for a short while. It exerts a lot of energy, however, so he'll eventually tire out and have to stop. Tails is very agile, fleet-footed, and flexible, enough that he can reach sub-sonic speeds.

He is an expert swimmer, and is a good climber as well, should he not simply fly over an obstacle. Due to his short stature, he can fit into small places (such as the emergency trapdoor exit in his Workshop).

As a fox, Tails has great hearing and quite a decent sense of smell, and his thick fur makes him more comfortable in cold climates. And as smart as he his, Tails has a keen eye, excellent memory, and supreme critical thinking skills.


Tails is a mechanic and inventor at heart. He can take virtually anything and fix it, or else make it so it's more useful. He's made various bombs and such, and after the Tornado I met its demise, he created the Tornado II, which had a secondary battle-mode. And then he even upgraded THAT, so it now has a battle-mech-mode he has dubbed the 'Cyclone', as well as a car-mode, which bears the same name. Another infamous creation of his is the Toaster Cannon, which Tails modified from an ordinary toaster into a deadly chaos-powered laser cannon. His most famous invention however, is his Fake Chaos Emerald. No one but himself knows how he made it, and he only has a few important notes on it. The rest resides in his head.

Right along with knowing how stuff works and how to build them is how to USE them. Despite being only 11, Tails knows how to drive a car, ride in mechs, fly airplanes, and pilot mini-submarines, though he's most talented with planes. He's also quite the computer geek, and can generally decrypt most codes, hack into databases, and generally knows just how computers work. He's not as much of an expert in this as he is with mechanics, due to generally using this kind of work in emergencies.

Inventions and using said inventions aside, Tails has learned to use his namesakes as weapons, able to spin and twirl like a master dancer enough that his tails can give even solid steel a good beating.


Super Tails. He glows gold and four gold birds (that oddly look like Super Flickies, if there is such a thing) materialize around him and destroy any threats around him.



Tails is pretty young, and due to his young age and small size, he's not too strong, and lacks endurance and fortitude. If he's hit, he'll go down fast.


Tails is very naive, and is too trusting of others, even if he knows they're evil. His gentle nature makes him too quick to pity and help someone in need, even if they antagonized him in the past. Because he is too trusting and naive, Tails can also be easily manipulated, and his resolve easily shattered with the right words.

Tails suffers from very poor self-esteem as well as a lack of confidence in himself, making him meek and easy to put down. While he hides it well, he desperately wants his real family, and gets extremely upset when they are mentioned.

Has a terrible phobia of lightning. Strangely enough, Tails often has conflicts and confusion of characters considered "evil," such as Dr. Eggman and Talon, particularly if the evil character has given the kit reason enough to be friends with them.

Pre-RP History

Tails lived on Westside Island as an orphan, and was labeled as an outcast due to his two tails. When Sonic arrived in The Tornado, he instantly became his idol when he first witnessed Sonic's incredible speed. After Sonic saw that the young fox was actually able to catch up with him, he decided to let him tag along, which changed Tails' life and fortune forever. Being a mechanics buff, Tails took the time to look over Sonic's plane when he had gone away. However, around the same time, Dr. Eggman began demonstrating the power of his spacestation, the Death Egg, close by. Tails was more than willing to help stop Eggman, effectively teaming up with Sonic. They've been a partnership ever since, and Tails has relished in the fact that nobody seems to mind his mutation, besides the bad-guys.

Over the years, the hedgehog had helped boost the kit's confidence and sense of worth, enough that the kit eventually settled down in Mystic Ruins, where he built his own Workshop for building his creations, as well as a place to live. He was still quite shy and meek though, being easily defeated when the events of Sonic Adventure rolled around. It was near the end of this venture when a huge change occurred within the fox: Eggman had just launched a nuclear missile into the heart of Station Square, and while it was a dud, Eggman was soon going to rectify that. There was no Sonic, Knuckles, or anyone else to witness the event but Tails; no one to save the city but Tails. For once in his life, Tails put on a show of bravado and raced Eggman to the missile, managing to get there first in enough time to disable the bomb before it was activated.

With the thrill of the heroic save, and beating the crap out of Eggman in his spider mech afterwards, the kit's self-esteem soared to new heights, and his very being began to blossom. He created mechs, toasters, and even a Fake Chaos Emerald, a feat not even Eggman could achieve. He began to rely on himself more than he relied on Sonic.

Lately, Tails was last found admiring a buggy at Talon's base, contemplating Talon's motives.

Post-RP History


Topaz Mutiny's adoption of Tails begins here.

As of my adoption of Tails, he has been in Fini's base, looking around until he saw Fini watching TV. They talked a little bit, and when Fini said that Tails was welcome there, an ironic thing happened as Heat saw Tails. Tails was attacked, and scared senseless, by Heat, who was fortunately stopped by Fini.

Tails was allowed to leave Fini's base after the evil doctor planted seeds of doubt into the kit's mind. He went to his workshop in Mystic Ruins hoping to find Sonic there. When he wasn't, Tails tried to relax, but couldn't as Sally Acorn had mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. After managing to elude the persistent Saul, Tails and Sally got a lead on where Sonic might be, thanks to Uncle Chuck.

They fly out to Chuck's Chili Dog Stand to find Sonic there with his fur burnt off. Tails was yet again delayed from his talk with Sonic as Blaze the Cat appeared along with Cream. Tails went to take a shower, then went downstairs for some food and ended up conversing with Katie. Tails discovers that Mina has some fur growth formula, and wants to use it on Sonic so they will be able to have a chat much quicker. They go into Uncle Chuck's home, but unfortunately, Tails does not convince the spray painted hedgehog to try the formula. This seems to crush him, as Tails is still heavily conflicted from the chat with Fini. Sonic notices, and decides to pull Tails over for a private talk. Finally, Tails is able to let loose the storm of emotions he has been holding in, and tells Sonic everything. After a long speech from Sonic (OMG GET THE HISTORY BOOKS), Tails is finally convinced that he's right at home with Sonic. It also convinced Sonic to try the hairspray, which worked… but caused him to grow TOO much fur. This causes Tails to be a fully happy fox again, as the scene was just absolutely hilarious.

After Sonic the Blue Pom Pom flees the scene, Tails gets a call from none other than Knuckles, who tells Tails that a friend of his needs a ride back to Angel Island. Tails gets the giggles once again when Knuckles tells him that this freind of his is female. Once Tails flies over to the General Hospital, where Knuckles is, the fox meets Shortcake, who is the friend Knuckles spoke of. He keeps himself from making fun of the red echidna, and takes the wheelchaired Shortcake into the Tornado 2 and flies off to Angel Island. On the trip, they have a nice little chat, with Tails reminiscing about how great his adventures with Sonic were.

Tails flies back to his workshop in Mystic Ruins, where he hoped to get some sleep, seeing as he couldn't remember the last time he actually got any sleep. Unfortunately for him, that was not to be, as Barby and Vize barge into his hangar-made-home on urgent business. He was woken up by Barby, and almost hit her for startling him. Sleepily, he noticed that Knuckles had appeared in the doorway as well. And then Sonic, with fur almost back to normal (as Tails noticed it was slightly singed in places) appeared as well. Getting a migraine, Tails tried to figure out why everyone wanted to see him right now. It turns out that Knuckles forgot he needed a ride home himself, Sonic was in a race against Shadow in finding the rest of the Chaos Emeralds (because another plot with them had apparently risen), and Barby says that her friend Mina had been captured by one of Eggman's robots, and taken to his base. She and Vize also mention that Mina had a Chaos Emerald in her possession the last time they saw her.

Tails had agreed to help Sonic find the emeralds, the first one on their list being the one Mina had, as going after Mina would mean rescuing her as well. Unfortunately, as the others began talking about stuff, Tails, who was still extremely tired, fell asleep while standing. Of course, he wasn't asleep for too long, as Amy Rose barged in and latched onto Sonic, trying to persuade him to go to the movies with her. Tails gets into a conversation with Vize, and learns that the robot that had kidnapped Mina was headed for the ocean, which proposed a serious dilemma as to how to get (Sonic, mostly) to the base. Tails left the workshop to think about this, though nothing in the vicinity seemed good enough to travel to the open ocean to what was obviously an undersea base. All of a sudden… Tails was…

KITNAPPED. By GUN. Despite Sonic coming out to try and rescue him. The reason? Tails found that out on the helicopter ride to Station Square, where a heated trial of epic proportions was taking place. Tails learned that EGGMAN, of all people, filed a suit against some random squirrel guy for attempted murder, and as evidence, submitted Metal Sonic. The problem was, the Defense requested an unbiased third party to extract the data from Metal Sonic… and that's how Tails got roped into it.

Needless to say, Tails was shocked and intimidated, though secretly thrilled at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spelunk through the harddrive of what he thinks is possibly the most advanced robot in the world. Not to mention he finally got to meet world-famous Wright the Phoenix, an attorney whom Tails watches fanboyishly on TV, in person. To make things even more shocking for Tails, the feed that Tails was told to show to the court revealed the part where Metal saved Eggman's life, a feat which Tails never expected Metal to do.

Crossover History


In the Crossover, Tails was portaled over to the SatAM world, near Saul in the Great Forest. He asks Saul about it, but the raccoon is as clueless as he. Tails then notices Nack, and is immediately on the defensive. Just after Nack replies to Tails' outburst, Mina appears via a portal. Tails becomes confused at Nack's lack of recognition of him, and asks him a few questions. Unfortunately, all those questions did was incense the kit further. To see where he was, Tails flew above the canopy of the trees, but couldn't see anything remotely recognizable. Tails then learns (although very skeptical still) about a city that turns people into robots (Robotropolis), and a place called Knothole which is some sort of safe haven. Tails then sees Nack disappear into a portal. He and Mina decide to steal Nack's bike and search for Knothole.

While on the search, Tails runs into chaos unleashed, where GUN agent Sally, Bunnie, Dash, Lance, Vanilla, Cream and Cheese, and both Sonics are fighting. Tails then realizes that he is in an alternate dimension. It's then that Satam Sonic wakes up, and Tails tries to explain why he looked different, but Sonic doesn't get it. Apparently, he offends Dash by calling him a hedgehog, who turns aggressively towards Tails. Angered by everyone's fighting and arguing, Tails pulls out the TOASTER CANNON, and threatens to use it. Dash is unphased, and attempts to destroy the toaster cannon, which infuriates Tails, and he blasts Dash with it just as he yanked it away from the tenrec's claws.

Once Dash was defeated however, SatAM Sonic disappeared into a portal, and in his place Angel Island appeared, floating above where Knothole was located. Sally, Bunnie, Mina, Sega Sonic and Tails decide to use the Freedom Stormer to get up to the island, and so travel to Knothole. They were about to find it when Sonic realizes that he forgot about Blaze, and so Tails and Mina go along to help him find her. Unfortunately, they could not find her, and Sonic freaks and leaves Tails and Mina behind. Tails goes back to the girls to tell them of this, and sees the Freedom Stormer. He thinks it's an air jalopy. He then gets mad at Sally, for she had taken the pilot's seat. Bunnie, Mina, and Arron the Lemur are with them when they take off.

While flying over Angel Island they get attacked by Satam Metal Sonic, and crash-land in Mushroom Hill. They are then assaulted by SWAT Bots as well as Metal, and Tails challenges them bravely. His is extremely distracted by Sally however, as she had grabbed one of his tails, and he gets blindsided by an electric grab from Metal. Metal then grabs Tails by both his namesakes and threatens to kill him. Infuriated, Tails whips out the Toaster Cannon and fries him. They start to fight, each side dodging the other, and neither really winning. Eventually, Tails lost due to sheer exhaustion, and the fact that his last attack landed himself with a concussion.

Tails woke up later in a crummy jail cell, with a terrible headache, and hacking lungs due to the terribly polluted air. As he oriented himself, Metal Sonic, who had been guarding his cell, takes him out and begins dragging him somewhere, but not before punching the kit in the ribs for trying to resist. Tails is placed inside the Roboticizer, and after a brief discussion with Metal Sonic, Tails tries to blow the machine up with the Toaster Cannon. Unfortunately, it failed, and Tails was roboticized. Tails is shut down then reactivated as a chip was inserted that would give him semi-free-will. Tails was then forced to tell Metal Sonic about the Toaster Cannon, which led to Tails spilling everything he knew about Chaos Emeralds to the robot. The robo-fox is then led away to a new room, where he finds a roboticized Finitevus. Tails realised that Fini must have told Robotnik about him, and demands some answers. Fini answers some of them, including how the ruler here is making them build a portal to their dimension, when they are both interrupted by Robotnik. After Tails' outburst at how fat and ugly Robotnik is, Robotnik orders him to make a list of materials for the power source he wants (Fake Chaos Emerald), so that materials could be sent in and he could construct it. Once Robotnik is gone, Tails' pent-up anger is unleashed, and he attacks Fini. Fortunately for both their sakes, it turned into a game of pissing off Robotnik, who reprimanded them after he realized what was going on.

After a while of Fini and Tails discussing portals, counterparts, swiss-army-knife-fingers, and the history of this alternate world, Tails' list of materials was sent in, and the programming set into motion, making the fox as still as stone. With the help of Fini's logic, he managed to overcome the programming for a little while. That is, until along came Sally and Bunnie. With all the loathing of Robotnik, the programming forced Tails to attack the two, until Fini intervened. After an extremely intense struggle, the fox managed to break the programming binding him, though it did little to comfort him.

After updating the girls on the current situation, they left, and Tails once again began to brood… until Fini began shrieking because Anansi the Web had downloaded into his head, naked. Tails only saw her as she uploaded herself to a computer monitor, and watched as Fini updated her on all that had happened.


Sonic the Hedgehog Tails' super fast hedgehog hero. Tails loves him like a brother, and has followed in the hedgehog's steps of being a hero.
Uncle Chuck Best chilidog-maker, storyteller, and inventor EVER! Also very much like an actual uncle to Tails.
Dr. Eggman He's a villain with a goofy mustasche. Used to be scary, but he isn't so much anymore since Tails was able to defeat him several times on his own. He still has some respect for the doctor though, as Tails knows well enough that he shouldn't be underestimated.
Silver Sonic Mk3 Originally met on the Death Egg. A silvery-colored Sonic metallix that got a makeover in recent times, obviously still trying to harm Sonic.
Knuckles the Echidna An old rival of Sonic's who turned out to be not-so-bad. He's okay when he's not being angry and/or gullible.
Amy Rose A girl that is FAR too obsessed with Sonic for her own good.
The Tails Doll I lied. This is actually the SCARIEST ROBOT IN THE WORLD. Definately gives Tails nightmares.
Robo Knuckles The other metallix robot seen during the events of Sonic R, modeled after Knuckles.
Fang the Sniper No-good thief.
Big the Cat A gentle-giant cat who Tails bumped into while the fox was looking for Chaos Emeralds.
Shadow the Hedgehog The not-so-nice guy who always seems to try and kill Sonic. Scary.
Rouge the Bat A crafty thief who also uses her womanly wiles to get her way… most of the time on Knuckles. Tails doesn't like her much.
Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao A polite little rabbit who also knows how to fly, who always has her companion chao Cheese nearby. She's nice, though Tails doesn't see her often.
Gemerl A sentient robot that follows Cream around a lot.
Team Chaotix A goofy and somewhat dysfunctional trio of detectives, made of Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy the Bee. They do seem like decent folk, even if they tend to be clumsy, dysfunctional, and sometimes on the wrong track.
E-123 Omega A very trigger-happy E-Series robot that Tails encountered during Sonic Heroes. Tails is very nervous around him, due to his hulking stature and tendency to ANNIHILATE first and assess the situation later.
Blaze the Cat Crazy cat that KEEPS SETTING SONIC ON FIRE.
Sally Acorn GUN agent that keeps calling him Miles. >:|
Scythe the Mantis and Zizzle the Unicorn Two weird guys. Tails helped take Zizzle to the hospital while he and Scythe escaped from the clutches of Eri.
Eri the Spurious A really scary evil weird guy WHO HE OWNED WITH A TOASTER. Not so scary now.
Talon the Reptile The bad guy who Tails had found badly injured and rescued. Tails is interested in his technology but is too wary of him. Whenever Tails interacts with Talon when Sonic isn't around, he has many mental conflicts. Tails' former source of mental torment, though the fox does not yet know that Talon is dead.
SR-1412 Heat OH GOD NO. Made Tails piddle in UTTER TERROR
Mina the Mongoose A shy, nice girl. "… Gee whiz, she's shyer than I am! She's okay to talk to."
Barby the Koala The only girl that actually INTIMIDATES Tails… besides an angry Amy.
Katie Tal A fellow Extreme-Gearer that Tails would like to talk with more.
Saul the Raccoon A male version of Amy. Also spilt soda all over Tails. TAILS ATE HIM FOR DINNER.
Shortcake Little hedgehog girl who he flew out to Angel Island. Tails thinks she's Knuckles' girlfriend, or at least he teases about it.
Vize the Squirrel Another one of Mina's friends. He seems nice.
Wright the Pheonix … If you honestly don't know who this is based off, then you FAIL AT LIFE. Tails is apparrently a big fan of Wright.
Merce Shandar A rather "interesting" character Tails met at the Chili Dog stand. While he lacks quite a bit of common sense, and in general acts a bit… weird… Tails still likes him, and values Merce's intelligence even if he is a bit of a grouch. And no, Tails doesn't know it's actually METAL SONIC IN DISGUISE.

Misc. Info

Tails is unspeakably cute, especially when scared.

Tails' Workshop: One part of the workshop contains living quarters (normally in a state of chaos, like all boys), while the other, much larger part, is the actual workshop, with workbenches, spare parts, half-finished thingamajigs, you name it, it's there. There is also a hanger connected to this workshop above and underground, which contains his beloved Tornado II/Cyclone, and the Sea Fox, respectively. In case of an attack, the workshop contains a secret trap door leading to a tunnel that opens up somewhere in Mystic Ruins, small enough for Tails to get through but nothing bigger.


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