At about the size of a dairy cow, terrapods are the descendants of modern day tapirs. Over time they have evolved a triceratops-like frill over their necks for protection and their short noses are prehensile. Females are slightly smaller than males and only males grow tusks. They range in color from grey, rusty orange and muddy brown and some are known to have spots. They have long powerful semi-prehensile tails, hoofed toes and very thin coarse hair.


Highly social and intelligent animals, they live in family groups known as pods and are typically gentle enough to approach. They're semi-aquatic and prefer lightly forested areas near large water sources where they feed on fruit, berries, leaves and aquatic vegetation. They're excellent swimmers, their large bodies making them buoyant and their long noses allowing them to be almost completely submerged. They have an advanced communication system, and with the right equipment, their series of grunts and roars can be translated into words. A migratory species, once a year in the summer they travel to Boulder Bay for their breeding season. Because of their gentle nature terrapods sometimes used as beasts of burden by thropes and humans.

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