The Chaotix

Unlike Team Chaotix, the collective term "Chaotix" includes five members rather than three. The group met in Neutronic High Zone, when Dr Eggman began taking over the area with the help of Metal Sonic. Using his latest invention, The Combi Catcher, Eggman captured and sealed off anyone who would stand in his way, including Mighty, Espio, Vector, and Charmy. (This experience became the source of Espio's currently severe claustrophobia.) Upon finding the machine, Knuckles freed its prisoners (much to Espio's eternal relief), and together the group defeated Eggman. The ordeal became known as "The Chaotix Incident", since the group's teamwork "was chaotic at best".

A couple of years later, Vector attempted to round the group up again to form the Chaotix Detective Agency, but could only get Espio and Charmy to commit to the idea. These three form the current Team Chaotix.

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