The Tornado 2

The Tornado's successor. It is a blue bi-plane with orange trimming, a supposed symbol of Sonic and Tails' friendship and teamwork. It is sleeker, faster, and more versatile than the original, having several alternative modes to transform into. Reminiscent of the original bi-plane, it is well balanced with medium fire power, medium speed, and medium endurance. It originally required a Chaos Emerald in order to have maximum power, but Tails supposedly fixed this.

The Cyclone


It is the walker form of The Tornado 2. Legs fold out from under the plane and the wings fold in to create a battle mech that could make Dr. Eggman jealous. Conventional bullets, missiles, and plasma homing missiles up the wazoo, this baby is jam-packed with heavy-duty robot-smashing action. Although it has superior armor and heavy duty weaponry, the walker's legs and the machine's weight make it annoyingly slow. Has hover capabilities in order to slow a fall or jump a small gap. Also has a beam attack, but this drains the batteries a lot, so it is only used in the most dire of situations.

Battle Mode


The Tornado 2 learned from its predecessor that conflict can make a biplane go boom. Because of this, Tails' next aircraft was also built with a combat mode.

The wings turn and fold in towards the nose as the spinning blades recede and are replaced by a hover unit. The back folds up and out, giving the gunner more room to maneuver. It's super fast and maneuverable, and has homing missiles along with conventional bullets, but its sleek design makes it easier to take down.

Car Mode


Take the Tornado 2, fold in the wings and tail fin, tuck in the blade, and get out the landing gear, and that's basically what this mode looks like. It's a super-speedy car form that can get you a speeding ticket faster than you can say "WTF". The car form has no weapons, but it has decent armor and enough speed to put those NASCAR morons to shame.

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