Any sentient race on Mobius whom is not either a human, a mythrope or a merthrope is considered a generic "thrope". They are most easily described as an anthropomorphic animal; standing on two legs, they display human level intelligence and are able to speak. Thropes can be of virtually any modern animal species found today; hedgehogs, squirrels, dogs, lemurs, ocelots, etc. Some choice extinct animals, such as mammoths and thylacines, may also be found. It may also be possible to find thropes who are of unique or indiscernible species due to evolution and hybridism. Some examples of these are the pedigrees. While a rare trait, some thropes are known to sport unusual hair and body colours.

Thropes are seen as the dominant races of Mobius, found on every continent in almost every habitat. Their sociability depends largely on their individual species, and can either be found living in tribes of a single or similar species, or in multi-specie towns and cities.

"Beast" is considered a derogatory racial slur among all thropic races due to its obvious comparison to unevolved species. The only exception to this rule are among the native thropes found in Eden.


Unlike SatAMStH, SegaStH has no rift between thropes and humans. "Thrope" is mostly only used in place of terms like "mobian", "furry" or "anthro".

Term Origin

The term "thrope" was originally created specifically for the SatAMStH roleplay in the agreement that "mobian" encompasses ALL species on Mobius, including humans. It comes from a shortening of the Greek word "anthropos", meaning "man", which also gives us words like anthropomorphism. The roleplay members agreed not to default to a word like "anthro" or "furry" due to our disassociation with the furry community, as well as to avoid certain negative connotations that may unintentionally come attached. For this same reason the term "thrope" has also been adopted at SegaStH.

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