Any sentient race on Mobius whom is not either a human, a mythrope or a merthrope is considered a generic "thrope". They are most easily described as an anthropomorphic animal; standing on two legs, they display human level intelligence and are able to speak. Thropes can be of virtually any modern animal species found today; hedgehogs, squirrels, dogs, lemurs, ocelots, etc. Some choice extinct animals, such as mammoths and thylacines, may also be found. It may also be possible to find thropes who are of unique or indiscernible species due to evolution and hybridism. Some examples of these are the pedigrees.

Thropes are seen as the dominant races of Mobius, found on every continent in almost every habitat. Their sociability depends largely on their individual species, and can either be found living in tribes of a single or similar species, or in multi-specie towns and cities.

While the true history of how thropes came to be has long been lost to time, they are the result of genetic manipulation by modern day humans (the ancestors of mobian humans), and as such share a large portion of their genetics with the human race. These shared genetics are what allow for the hybridization of some species and may be accountable for such anomalies as hair on their heads that is different from their fur, a shortened tail or failure to develop a tail at all, or unpredictability in height for generally shorter races. While a rare trait, some thropes are known to sport unusual hair and body colours. For more information on the true history of thropes, please refer to this article.

"Beast" is considered a derogatory racial slur among all thropic races due to its obvious comparison to unevolved species. The only exception to this rule are among the native thropes found in Eden.


Unlike SatAMStH, SegaStH doesn't try to explain the origin of its thropic races. This is mostly due to the fact the world the games take place in appears to be set in more modernized times and not in the future as Mobius is, making an explanation without ethical and racial issues entering the story problematic. Because of this, the fact no explanations have been offered, and the fact modern normal animals appear, we just… decide not to bother with the headache and treat them as though they've always been. Because of this "thrope" is mostly only used in place of terms like "mobian", "furry" or "anthro".


Thropes are what are best referred to as 'anthropomorphic animals', as they share many things in common with ancient human beings, including, but not limited to, a sizeable percentage of human DNA (more then 50%, but less then 75%, varying from 'species' to 'species'). It is because of these shared human-like traits that thropes are mostly regarded towards more being one class of organisms, rather then many separate ones. This is not to say there are not differences between each 'specie' or 'race' of thrope, and that will be spoken more of in length shortly. First, the shared characteristics of all thropes will be described.

All thropes, regardless of 'specie', are predominately bipedal (with a singular exception of 'snake' thropes). However, their bidepalism does not mean that they couldn't comfortably (or at least somewhat comfortably) use a quadrupedal position, it means that by default, it is preferred to stand and walk on two legs instead of four, due to their human ancestry. This erect posture allows them, just as humans before them, to freely use their hands for any tasks that may strike them. Their five fingered hands are also another of their borrowed human traits, allowing them to manipulate their environment even more so. However, the structures of their arms are not identical to those of humans. Generally, a thrope's arms are much longer proportionally then humans, mostly due to the other, animal, half of their ancestry. It's because of these lengthened arms that they can assume a 'proper' four-legged position, if the desire so strikes them. Their hands are also generally dissimilar to a human's, as it's not unusual for a thrope to have clawed hands.

All thropes also share the trait of being omnivorous, despite what 'specie' they may be- as in any thrope can, if needed, digest both animal and plant matter and possess the teeth that may be needed for it. However, this says nothing of what is preferred by any given 'specie' of thrope. For example, thrope's who share genetics with carnivorous species, such as a wolf, would greatly prefer and reap more benefits from a diet consisting of a great deal of meat. Likewise, a 'horse' thrope would prefer a diet more rich in plant material. There are, of course, exceptions, but that is more or less the general trend. It should also be mentioned that while all thropes have sets of teeth suggestive of an omnivore that for any particular 'specie' of thrope the teeth may lean more in a herbivorous or carnivorous direction. Using the earlier example, this would mean that while 'wolf' thropes have molars and other 'generic' teeth, their canines are sharper then say, that of the 'horse'.

Term Origin

The term "thrope" was originally created specifically for the SatAMStH roleplay in the agreement that "mobian" encompasses ALL species on Mobius, including humans. It comes from a shortening of the Greek word "anthropos", meaning "man", which also gives us words like anthropomorphism. The roleplay members agreed not to default to a word like "anthro" or "furry" due to our disassociation with the furry community, as well as to avoid certain negative connotations that may unintentionally come attached. For this same reason the term "thrope" has also been adopted at SegaStH.

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