Tikal the Echidna (Sega)

"The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the Chaos…"


Name: Tikal
Nicknames: Tikalbell
Species: Echidna
Gender: Female
Age: 3000; 14 at time of death
Alignment: Hero
Type: Balance
Height: 3'1''
Build: Slim and frail
Residence: Formally the Mystic Ruins, however her spirit is now at rest.
Occupation: Former princess of the Knuckles Tribe
Likes: Peace, tranquility, chao… Tikal tends to take the most pleasure in the simple things in life: sunny days, nice breezes, grass between her toes, etc.
Dislikes: Destruction, suffering, violence, greed…. pretty much everything her father, Pachacamac, stood for.
Hobbies/Talents: Given her aversion to violence, Tikal prefers more intellectual stimulation, such as reading and the arts. She also made a habit of visiting with the chao at the Master Emerald Shrine.
Played By: Restricted
Theme: "Theme of TIKAL" - Fumie Kumatani


A kindhearted and gentle pacifist, Tikal is extremely compassionate and non-discriminatory. She strongly opposes greed and conflict and wishes to see nothing more than peace, harmony and tranquility. Despite this, she does seem to have her moments of oversight. She often chooses the quickest path that will restore immediate peace, rather than what might restore harmony and be for the greater good of everyone involved. Still, her heart is in the right place and she's quick to forgive and forget.



As an echidna, Tikal naturally has the ability to dig, although she isn't particularly skilled at it. She can also curl into a ball.


From her grandmother she's learned much of the lore associated with the Master Emerald. Tuning into its power she can communicate with Chaos and the chao.

As a spirit she's able to float around as a mystical ball of light as well as project her physical form. She can physically share her memories with others.





Physically Tikal is extremely weak and frail. Apparently she's also weak to being trampled by a bunch of rampaging echidnas.


Tikal was often under a large amount of stress due to the pressures of her father and her attempts to stop Chaos' rampage. Her self-sacrificing nature was what ultimately lead to her own death.

Pre-RP History

Tikal was very young when her mother had died, and so relied on her grandmother to raise her. Her grandmother had passed on to her all her knowledge of their culture's literature and mythology

When her grandmother died, Tikal's father, Pachacamac, assumed the role of chief. He was a greedy warmonger, and had soon transformed his tribe into a group of warriors that easily subdued their rivaling tribes. But land and control over its people wasn't enough. Soon he turned his sights to the old legends and sought the power of the Chaos Emeralds for his own.

While her father was out waging war on their neighbors, Tikal came to be friends with the chao that lived in their land, and by chance she discovered the mysterious water spirit that was said to guard the Master Emerald. Chaos initially startled and frightened her, but soon they formed a connection with each other and became friends, and Chaos eventually revealed the Master Emerald shrine and the Chaos Emeralds to Tikal. It was here that she would from then on often seek sanctuary.

This fit perfectly into Pachacamac's plans, as now he knew where he could find the legendary gemstones. Disregarding the dignity of his people's lore, he and his soldiers charged the shrine, intent on seizing the emeralds for their own. Tikal tried to reason and plead with her father, and as a last stand she and the chao tried to blockade them. But it was to no avail; Pachacamac ordered his warriors to charge, trampling Tikal.

Before the soldiers could seize the Master Emerald, however, Chaos intercepted them. The water spirit was enraged by the insolence of the tribe and their treatment to its chao kin. As the warriors shrieked in surprise and fear at the appearance of the monster, Chaos went berserk, absorbing the power of the emeralds and transforming into Perfect Chaos. He proceeded to utterly decimate the tribe and its land.

Despite her wounds, Tikal awoke and was immediately terrified at the carnage being wrought. Running toward the Master Emerald, she began to pray, reciting an ancient mantra her grandmother had passed to her and begging the powerful gemstone to end the destruction. Using her spirit as a catalyst, she sacrificed herself to seal Chaos within the massive emerald.

The subsequent influx of power tore the land itself from it's resting place, and in repentance the remaining echidnas that had survived vowed to protect the master emerald to prevent Chaos from returning and destroying the world. It was then that Chaos was given its name and subsequently became both worshiped and feared as the God of Destruction.

Fast forward 3000 years. The last remaining survivor of the echidna race had been sitting before the emerald alter in contemplation. In a flash Dr. Eggman, having heard of the old legend, appeared and shattered the massive gemstone, freeing Chaos its imprisonment. Unintentionally, a ball of light also shot forth from the broken shards.

This ball of light was Tikal; now an ethereal ball of spiritual energy. She journeyed the land, seeking those she felt would be the most able to heed her warning and cry for help; Chaos had returned, the world was in danger, and if not stopped the spirit would complete the task it had set out to do all those centuries ago.

Eventually Chaos stopped obeying Eggman, and upon gathering the seven emeralds once again became Perfect. Sonic and co. arrived to see Station Square be wiped out by the beast's wrath, and it was then that Tikal finally revealed her true form. She begged Sonic to return Chaos to the Master Emerald before it could destroy the world, but Sonic refused. Determined that simply patching the problem wasn't going to sooth Chaos' anger, Sonic took on his super form using the positive energy of the emeralds and proceeded to pummel Chaos into submission. Finally defeated, Tikal showed Chaos that the chao it so cared for were safe, cared for and protected by the people of earth. Pacified, Chaos finally calmed down, and it and Tikal vanished.

Post-RP History

-Tikal has since been in hiding in the afterlife, desperately trying to flee from King Boom Boo who is determined to steal her undergarments.

Crossover History

To be written.


Pachacamac the Echidna Tikal's blood-thirsty father who sought control of the ancient world. He was killed after attempting to steal the Chaos Emeralds and angering Chaos.
Chaos Guardian of the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos is a water spirit that Tikal has managed to form a close friendship with.

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