Topaz Mutiny

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SegaStH Characters

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Tails the Fox

icocardboard.gif Sonic's diehard sidekick. An extremely talented boy with the ability to fly with his two tails. His expertice in mechanics is possibly a match for Dr. Eggman's, and is only outdistanced by his kindhearted, curious, and tenacious spirit. He's also a bit shy around people who ogle him. Former player was Wez.

Wave the Swallow

icocardboard.gif Jet's know-it-all bossy, and sassy mechanic. Her quick and cutting wit can cut down anyone, and if that doesn't work, her giant wrench will. Only seems to be sympathetic towards her friends, as they're the only ones who see the real her… which isn't much different from the regular her.

Storm the Albatross

icocardboard.gif Jet's right hand man and bodyguard. His bulk will cull any threats towards Jet, though this is probably offset by his slow movement and thinking. He's kind-hearted, though quick to anger and will stop at nothing to complete any task given to him.

Tails Doll

icocardboard.gif THE CREEPIEST THING IN THE WORLD. It knows only to please its master, Eggman, and to frighten the soul out of any enemy it sees. Was retconned from a gag joke.

Amy Rose

icocardboard.gif Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend/wife/bearer of babies. While tenderly sweet, unshy, bold, and rather girly, her manic disorder and disturbing obsession with Sonic frequently turns her into some kind of mindless abomination, so determined to get Sonic's affections that she has even resorted to violence. Beware to ever make her angry. Former player was Gale.

SatAMStH Characters

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Antoine D'Coolette



… Actually, he's a clumsy little coward who is practically scared of even his own shadow. Incompetent, unlucky, and French, it surprises almost anyone that he still manages to be an ASSET to the Freedom Fighters.

Rotor the Walrus

icocardboard.gif Rotor is a sweet guy, nice and thoughtful. He is a bit bumbling at times, and is quite a junkie, as his ever-infamous closet would suggest. While this tinkerman is a bit timid in the face of battle, he's never one to give up. Former player was Perfect Chaos Zero.

Lupe the Wolf

icocardboard.gif A charismatic wolf who took over as leader of the Wolf Pack tribe when her father was captured by Robotnik's forces. Wise, motherly, and compassionate, she takes extreme care to ensure the survival of her pack, and leads the way in strikes against Robotnik.

Amy Rose

icocardboard.gif A sweet, innocent little girl who lost her parents at a young age. Brought up by Knuckles, she can act a bit tomboyish at times, but much prefers to play cute little games and just… well… be a little girl. Former player was Sipp.

Uncle Chuck

icocardboard.gif Sir Charles Hedgehog is a very kind and caring person who just wants the world to be a better place. But due to this line of thinking, his charming and gentle nature is now marred by the crushing guilt of letting the roboticizer plans get into Robotnik's grubby fists. Former player was Leda.
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