While multi-species communities can, and do, exist on Mobius, these are actually fairly new to history and have only existed for roughly a hundred and fifty years or so. As such, they are considered something of an oddity. The standard are groups of an individual species, or similar species, banded together into their own individual tribes, clans and villages. The culture of these settlements can vary widely; from law, to religion, and even language. Many rival each other, and specism can be very high - especially so between predator and prey-based species due to their natural instincts.

Known Echidna Tribes

Arakkis Tribe
Altithronus Tribe
Nocturnus Tribe


A peaceful tribe, the Arakkis were a tribe of nomadic Mayan-esque echidnas renowned for their skills in divination. Devoted followers of Quartalism, their roots were deep in mysticism and had produced one of the highest and most respected Quartalist priests, Athair. The tribe has since been scattered by Robotnik's forces. Many of its population has been captured and roboticized, leaving only a few sparse groups to wander lost from each other.


The Altithronus had at one time been the most powerful and influential of the echidna tribes. Living on the Miracle Planet they were devote Quartalists, believing themselves to be direct descendants of Astal himself and having the strongest genes that resulted in the guardian mark. Almost all, including Knuckles' mother, the guardian at the time, were wiped out by the rivaling Nocturnus clan, leaving only Knuckles, his father and a handful of other survivors remaining. Eventually the line gradually died out until only Knuckles remained.


The most feared of the echidna tribes, if only for their reputation. Valuing knowledge and the advancement of technology, the majority of Nocturnus are vehemently anti-Quartalist, seeking to destroy what they see as fairy tales hindering their kind. They succeeded in decimating what was considered the hub of Quartalist beliefs, the Altithronus tribe, and while managing to kill its currant guardian, they failed to kill her son or secure the Chaos Emerald before Miracle Planet vanished for another year. They are militaristic in how they operate and generally wear lightweight armor, as opposed to the tribal garb of most echidna tribes.

Other Known Tribes

Meicoh Tribe
Leucrocotta Tribe
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Nasty Hyenas
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A tribe of wolves who live in a series of ancestral caves hidden within the Great Unknown. They were at one time a large and prosperous Native American-esque tribe, living off and depending on the land humbly for their needs. When Robotnik seized control and wiped most of the clan out it gave rise to the Wolfpack freedom fighters.


A civilization of hyenas, they are practitioners of sacrifice and cannibalism for the purposes of good fortune and to mourn the loss of the deceased. Devote followers of Vertroue, they are a matriarchal society - their woman believed to possess the best traits of both man and woman - and their leader is believed to be an avatar capable channeling their goddess. While not necessarily hostile under normal circumstances, they are wary of other species and outsiders of their tribe. This feeling tends to be mutual due to their practices of blood and sacrificial rituals.

Nasty Hyenas

More of a roaming street gang that a true tribe, the Nasty Hyenas are the modernized descendants of the Leucrocotta, using modern technology such as motorcycles and wearing modern biker clothing. Hostile and roguish in nature, they are highly specist and have little regard for the old beliefs and traditions, having corrupted them to their own purposes. Nomadic, they roam in search of those unlucky and gullible enough to be tricked into becoming their "king" - corrupting the old Vertroue legends by devouring him soon after. They are known to go through at least three "kings" a month.

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