Types & Alignments (Sega)



Characters who are of Hero alignment will go out of their way to help others. They might either follow a personal code of honor or pledge their allegiance to a benevolent leader. Characters of the Hero alignment will rarely ever associate or ally with people of the Dark alignment, usually having to be forced together under extreme circumstances.

Hero characters are chiefly concerned with making the world a better place, though they are strict in the way they do this. They will never harm or kill any innocents, regardless of how effective it is for the current situation. They also have qualms about killing Dark alignment characters, usually giving them a chance at redemption, which they hardly ever take.


Characters who are of Neutral alignment are typically out for themselves, not following any set of rules or guidelines. If they have a personal code of conduct, it's usually just that - personal. Neutral characters have their own agenda and don't have any qualms with associating with Hero or Dark characters if it's relevant to their interests.

Neutral characters can be good or evil in nature, but are neutral in the fact that they don't restrict themselves to good or evil behavior. Neutral characters hardly ever feel the need to influence others or take them out of their element, and they're content to let good stay good and evil stay evil.


Characters who are of Dark alignment will stop at nothing to achieve their own goals, having few inhibitions about using violence or thievery. Their goals usually have to do with upsetting, overthrowing, or dominating society. They will hardly ever work together with hero characters unless manipulating them or forced to work with them by extreme circumstance.

Dark characters rarely have any regard for the well-being of others, and typically only show mercy or kindness when it's useful for them to do so. Whatever their motivation is, Dark characters are all the same in the way that their methods are uninhibited by morality.



Sonic is *the* example of the speed type. Speed type characters are known for their… well, speed and agility.

Pros: The fastest type by far, able to avoid many attacks by speed alone.
Cons: Speed types are generally built for speed… not strength or durability. Not to mention, high speeds aren't always a blessing… man, can you imagine tripping while going at 600 MPH? It wouldn't be fun.


The ability of sustained flight can be a very profitable ability indeed! The ability to pick off enemies from above where (most) can't reach tends to be very beneficial.

Pros: The ability to literally travel as the crow flies means flight types can get where they're going nearly as fast as speed types, not to mention travel where others can't.
Cons: Light weight is generally a requirement for flying, and light weights generally don't fair well in one-on-one combat.


Power types are comparatively slower then any other type, but what they lack in speed they make up in brute strength. Pulling sign posts out of the ground or rolling a boulder out of the way is no problem for a power type.

Pros: Pure strength can batter down most resistance. Brick walls? No sweat.
Cons: All that muscle power doesn't leave much room for much else… speed isn't the best.


The tanker, the living shield… able to take a licking and keep on kicking, these types will still be standing even after everyone else was knocked out of the game far before hand. While other types rely on their skills, the fortitude runs on pure stamina.

Pros: Difficult to beat in battle, being nearly impossible to keep down for long periods. A lot of damage needs to be done before a fortitude type has to sit out.
Cons: This type's strength comes from their amazing stamina, but when it comes to offensive abilities, they don't do as well as others.


The mind can be a very powerful thing. Characters with the gift of intellect would be of the logic type, able to create or mend things to their liking with the right tools.

Pros: Able to create/find ways to make up for their physical short comings.
Cons: Generally frail, and easily defeated if out of their element.


Jack of all trades, master of none. The balance type can be handy to have around, since they have all of the advantages, but then again they have all of the weaknesses, too.

Pros: Has an even grasp on speed, strength, intelligence, and defense.
Cons: Isn't particularly great at any of them, however.

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